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Offical Fidget Cube e years, in addition to Big Brother, the most important person for me, Now she has something, and I hope I can help. Silly boy, a friend for the two ribbed knife has always been a matter of distinction, how to deal with the cloud I Barry door, I do not know it Big Brother is not an unknown reason, will not blame you. Barry peerless moderate Rubbed his head smiled and said I say you, I want to go, but this time I have to spend some time to rectify Barry door, take off the body, and to recover the crown of the current strength of the cloud, in fact, Can not help her how much, you have to follow her, but for a heart and stability. Barry Ching was his mind, Junlian slightly red, Barry unparalleled good, in fact, he just do not want to leave the arrogance of the wind. Warriors big brother assured, I know the danger of this trip, as long as people do not mess with us, we decided not easily provoke who. Standing proudly wind not far away, said softly Besides, who says he can not help me Xiao is a good partner of my refining device, ah, offical fidget cube there he is, I refining the lord of treasure quality will enhance a step it As for the fighting and promotion, package in me.ective lords and follow Barry door Two different, willing to vow to join my Barry door out, I can not kill you Thousands of unparalleled This is not a threatened intimidation, to list the strong one person will be able to kill thousands of people, is not an exaggeration. However, the fighting forces of the North territory is usually not rivals cut off, high level strong exterminate, the followers do not need all the following kill, as will only have a negative impact on offical fidget cube their reputation. Like the mastery of the territory of the southern territory of the lord, and some were challenged to kill, in addition to the cronies killed, the hands of the God Emperor or the strong perform their duties to continue the territory of all things, as long as the oath to buy fidget cube ebay follow the new master can. Followers of the Eudemons contract so overbearing, the owner of natural death, the followers of the oath will automatically dissipated, there will be no adverse effects, but after the oath to become followers can not follow when the object of rebellion, Otherwise it will fall into hell. Zhanmeng the side of the people a moment of excitement, a gray robe out of the man out Tha.

tate, readily condensed out of a soul power catapult in the past save them to say, but do not hurt their lives, after all, their misunderstanding may be some people deliberately pick From, if get the point of immortality, but actually sit real charges. First Text version Qin Shuang three to each other to see, are a smile, but also waved release of the power of a few silver soul, directly into the rear to kill the masses, immediately caused a burst of horror riots. After a few screams, more than a number of wounded, but no one died, proud of the wind four people pay attention to the severity. What man Headed by a young man wearing a dark green jacket looked up to see proud of the wind four, eyebrows a fidget cube desk toy Young, revealing a young master breath strong face, sharp voice cried, you dare to lead hands on our sunset to Not afraid of my father lord lord kill kill it Barry Qing Xiao eyes of a move, turned to the proud wind chasing the cloud, which is also a chaotic Lok Suolu Great Plains near the powerful territory, that lord of the lunar month ranked eighth, also considered a master. Proud of the wind, Oh, a cry, the eyes passing passing strands of joking, softl.going on and talking, Yin brother is my sworn brother, I certainly will not stand by. Pride wind time to wait, readily, these people She was wrapped in the power of offical fidget cube her soul suspended vacated together, the direction of flying together in the direction toward the king in the past. Upanishads into the chaos level, her personal speed is still faster than the situation from the edge of a house, with so many people are costly, this time also refused to take care of. Taking advantage of the flight of neutral gear, forest edge will probably say things out. Situation and pride of the eighty nine separated by the wind, some people really stir up trouble in the dark. This half a month to the king brought the master gathered seven days ago, there are many forces of the strong people who suffered wearing the king collar logo secretly attacked the chaotic areas around the Great Plains territorial forces were injured and died, some people or those who Lord to the most important person, like Barry Qingxiao in Barry unparalleled. Haotian lord of the son of the son of a whistling day and a beloved woman is in the past few days was Xizha Just that the lunar collar, mu.his place. Mantelun, that is the list of the seventh day of the Kinship Prince, was called the Duke of the beast that led the second place that one right Pride of the wind inadvertently pick one, this is only a title of two blood princes, as The beast big lord son at the same time, his rich record, naturally sealed, a kinship eight Prince, eight Duke of the first. Have to say, the vampire is really a very sturdy race, eight Prince, eight Duke as much as half of the list in the days Proud of the wind do not care about things, the world double list of the total strong or know. Ink cold sword around who Iron Uncle called iron capacity, is also the famous Tianbang strong, the current ranking list of twelve days, the early Mexican Emperor of the life saving grace and grace, has been followed in the Mexican emperor side, And even made a cold sword of the guardian of the cold fidget cube net worth warrior. Although the command of the command of the war team commander is experienced, but the identity of the ink cold sword is higher than him. Ink cold sword nodded This is his strength on a little pressure on our side, but I am, after all, is the father of the most fancy heirs, iron.

Offical Fidget Cube ply a simplified version of Thunderbolt This makes her mind could not help but suspect, cut wind big lord is seen Ray gun, is based on Ray guns out of the magic device But it is still a gap between gun and mine gun, do not have the appearance of the nature with a fan, itself is a giant bow, magic gear stalls only have ten files, but Need for Life Lords treasure device, not 12 files Of the quasi monarch. Although the ice and ice bow has the soul of the device, but also have the ability to order the potential of the king of the device can be in the end is an unknown number, even if the device soul spirit of wisdom fidget cube whitesmoke formed by their own gear stalls bound device soul must practice their own breakthroughs in order to reach fidget cube gray the king Level, this process is extremely long. The quasi monarch device, the stalls will be better than other magic weapon on a chip, in the soul of the device after the absolute growth can be turned into a king device. Mantelon s face has become extremely ugly Chop ice lord strength on far fidget cube adhd better than him, but also cast out the best life lord treasure device, even if the big lords probably have to hurt, even if he has ten brave dare not.e of the day Red copper, and a little celestite ore, together as a magic weapon of the main mineral off. The soul of the power of the fire of the red lotus Firelight enough to lead the main level of the following impurities in the energy refining all out, leaving only the most pure source of the purely metal liquid, the bulk of a large volume of liquid metal in the proud wind smelting Under the speed visible to the naked eye offical fidget cube narrowing, from time to time there are golden smoke emerge. Sharp eyes of the refining device to quickly lock the mind, those golden smoke Shoulong in the past, once again aggregated into a liquid metal, proud of the wind not to impurities , for fidget cube grey them it is extremely useful material, whatever the outcome, what These six or seven of the refining device division which is willing to waste Red Lotus Firelight temperature is extremely high, together with the dark black ore refining furnace furnace consolidation of the role of fire to strengthen the melting of the additional role of offical fidget cube melting process is very short, this time refining the magic ring, but the most junior of the smallest things, Like the mansion is so consuming mind, pride an.