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Fidget Cube White ing proud of a pedestrian along the mountain road quickly came to King City gates before. Before the gates quite lively, a large circle wearing armor, dressed in strength, the typical penance of those who are seven thousand seven hundred eighty eight people gathered together, looking at the height of the fighting, but also from time to time fidget cube white to talk to each other Laughing head on the foot of some, see, this is almost the North Rangers team. Tulong clan out of the movement is not small, attracted a lot of forces to visit the strong, but their number is not much, each team is to bring about 10 or so subordinate Bale. Although the number is far less than the former Barry door to see, people can come here are lords, tens of thousands of lords to bustle together really not much, the arrival of a few wind proud of the wind did not From the attention of any person, the peak of the lord master a lot of places, a few ordinary lords, like a drop in the ocean, very inconspicuous. Arrogant wind and others just arrived here, have not had time to look at the situation, the sky above the Yin Fu s abruptly distant Qing Yue shouts. Whistle clearly not loud, but like t.able to pull him down to it People are discussing here, Tude to hear that a cold hum from the back of Mantel passed behind, Puff To cry, the air came again a frightening sense of hot and dry, people could not help but turned to look at the past. I saw, that offical fidget cube Mantel blue deer behind the Lord, but also out of a hand, a handful of blue flame cheerfully jump in the palm, but this group of blue flame flame than a proud wind that finger Much more, that dazzling glaucoma shine the entire island on the lake all the faces are some green. Qing Lu Jie main provocative glance toward the proud wind over, apparently want to compete. Proud of the wind slightly narrowed Heimou, lip fidget cube white wrinkle Yangqi touch of sneer. Seen overconfident, fidget cube white and really have not seen the stupid to this point He actually want to fight her Green deer lord is not a lord of Warcraft, but with the Green Fire God deer signed a contract of the magician, so get the green deer Shenhuo, from the well known, but green fire deer no matter how powerful fidget cube gear is the lord of the class of Warcraft, Colored sika deer but also a difference, how can the red blood of the king of the red lotus fire par Really funny Proud.

eople say only around the people have nodded. Indeed, she was pregnant with a sword that, as long fidget cube for anxiety as the flashed, where Haitian dare to find her trouble This, Lian Zhanmeng people can not refute They do not know what Haitian and proud wind between the hatred, but do not know the wind ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha If the news revealed to Haichuan whether proud of the sword is holding a sword, I am afraid he will rage up and kill it. Haitian mouth bitter, but it is hard to say, if the wind is able to kill Haiping proud of the murderer made public to the public, what can be resolved, but he happens because of the oath can not do Haichuan large lords do not help Hai Ping revenge no problem, she was actually in turn to help her This is really so depressed Haitian want to vomit blood Haitian, you really let me down Haichuan big lords coldly pegged to the sea and sky, suddenly snapped shouted Come, put this inverse to me dragged down, brought back to the blue collar imprisonment, shall not be taken from now on Blue collar half step Tiger is not a child, Haitian in the end is his son, Haichuan can not kill him, had to do in this way to give everyon.ot fatal, but a moment and a half is not easy to repair well, greatly affected his speed, Originally, he had to wind a large section of proud wind, and now, but barely able to keep up with her, no way to catch up. Of course, proud of the wind is not easy, she is almost hard to suffer this fire clear Beamon punch, this hurt him, and strive to escape the opportunity and fidget cube tomato time. A hard blow to the wind, proud wind burst of blood churning stars, and fortunately her body through the lightning remodeling tenacity has long been far more than ordinary people, anti playing ability amazing, if not the case, just this punch will be able to let her eat pocket Go. This grips, proud of the wind has come to understand that they are not this fire clear Beamon opponents, this is the real peak of the strong lords ah Those who list the list of less than long live, do not comprehend the meaning of esoteric meaning, no wonder Haichuan large lords and others do not even see the look of a rock he did not qualify to face the big lords Proud of the wind did not dare to look back, only to fly forward with a general flash, the same tricks on the real strong can not be used for th.xican Emperor they can accept, They did not, fidget cube launch date the three also think that they get to the King of the collar and then come out better. Tracking the clouds, this is my iron Shulong Rong, he and your specialized weapons, is fidget cube inen also a master of the gun, free you can learn about marksmanship esoteric. Mohao sword holding proud wind and the middle aged man Introduction to. Proud of the wind carefully looked at the iron capacity, the man a look that is a fighting madman, he is too sturdy, and height in the human man is only ordinary, but the whole body that steel muscle than Qin Shuo around the brute force of Wang Ye Poor, ranked list of days of view, the strength of iron capacity should be in the leaves on top of the easy. Iron capacity at this time also looked proud of the wind, suddenly la mouth open smile chasing the clouds, you really very good, so young into the esoteric chaos level, in addition to Hanjian other than I have never seen talent so Metamorphosis of the little guy, after you call me iron tert bar. Although your Overlord gunsmith esoteric rating above me, but with my years of experience with guns, or can help you some, what do not order a fidget cube understand ask.

Fidget Cube White at him, like a silver dragon guns, she picked up a random, wanton and free and easy, taking advantage of the Tu war after a move, Strokes of the moment, physique twist, the body rotated over an incredible point of view, the hands also play a full force of the powerful momentum moves. Dodge, out of the gun, at one go As if nothing to consider the use of any moves, nor through any hair move, as a shot swept over This seemingly wanton idle tricks, which contains the strength and accuracy of the degree of close proximity to feel the Tu war burst of panic, he clearly felt a huge force has locked him firmly locked, only in time straw Moved a bit of the body, to avoid the most powerful silver gun tip, and then heard pop To cry, the whole person was severely shot in the gun Upan invisible You this kid, esoteric also into the chaos level How is it possible Tu war could not help but horror to utter a cry, could not believe their own eyes However, he can fidget cube white not believe their own eyes, but can not believe that it fell like a mountain like strength of their own Although the gunpoint to avoid, wield the power of the same can not be underestimated gun Tu war feel a bu.ontinent of this ore fight rallies are common, proud wind heard, but did not expect will happen to hit. Most of the north team has its own refining division division, although the refining device division level is not high, but also how much can share some of the mineral, so the parties fidget cube white clan nodded, and our team attached to God Sword collar, refining device division is always the father of adults to deploy, there is no recruiting their own, had no choice but to stop there. Said to be ashamed, we can be said to be driven out, really Biequ very. , Smiled again to see the proud wind how, do not go with our team to look at, we get half of the precious stones on how Mexican cold sword is still very generous, mineral deposits is that they found, he is also willing to draw a big hand on the wind proud of the wind half, after all, only the proud wind of the refining device division one can not participate in dispute, no clan force, seize the opportunity vein nothing. Since the Mexican brother as much as I can, I dare to vertebrae Turtle interest this treasure mine, I also heart ah Proud wind chuckle said, Mouzhong passing in the ray of light will be determine.