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Fidget Cube Walmart e young man slowly out of a finger, that handsome degree of sub no under his face raised a ray of faint smile, lips gently brought back An arc, Heimou among the Jiliao joke meaning projection, followed by is pop To cry, the air suddenly heating up. A bright bright red flame jumped out of the young man in the black robe on the index finger as if the elf general naughty beating, and that the temperature of the flame, immediately to the surrounding crowd s eyes produced a thrilling change. Just settled in Mantel behind the blue deer lord pupil abruptly a contraction Shenhuo The most close to the proud wind of several clans of human speechless exclaimed As a lord, only Shenhuo can let them have the feeling of fear, and must be a lord of the strong use of Shenhuo, if God Emperor, then rely on the power of the soul they can resist. Jie main level of the strong fire of the soul by the soul of the power generation, the temperature and power to a higher level, stained with a little, the body must immediately give up a little slower to hurt the soul of Dan only a dead end. But the esoteric master can be used in various ways to avoid the first Shenhuo attack to.und when they felt the crisis, a hint of Lengheng, readily saddled fidget cube walmart with the sagging saber, Ge Out fidget cube lawngreen of a fierce horror of the arc, with the wolf wolf crash together boom Huge and sharp collision sound far reaching, shook the whole forest are Yi Chan Dong Lin s figure quickly fly back hundreds of meters, and that blue crystal rat Wong was also beat down a circle, embarrassed to instep back to the ground, settled to the hills. At the same time a few streamer quickly flashed out from the crowd, secretly dormant one of the strong finally appeared after the appearance of the fidget cube peachpuff Blue Crystal Rat Wong patience, and have rushed forward to see the stature are at least, and Dong Lin And other people a master of the rankings, Tianbang strong Which also includes the proud wind of this side of the leaf easy, and has been hidden in the dark vampire Duke Mantel. The sky appeared at the top of the master suddenly by the East Lin into a dozen people, and the ground there is a Kelei Fu guarding, although the blue crystal rat Huang angry, but also dare not act rashly, this time as long as he has a transaction , It will from the crowd siege. Dong Lin did not succeed a hit, th.

h up with Pride Proud of the wind if you want to throw him away easily, taking advantage of this, they can wantonly ravaged him Even if the arrogance of the wind than the soul of the power of the great damage, but as long as the strokes hit, it is also very terrible In other words, this metaphor Yu lose it Almost all lords of the peak level of the strong are looking proud proud of the wind secretly exclaimed Twenty year old to the list of the strong, history has never been there Is the advantage with the lord class it Squinted at the wave like power of the soul, proud wind could not help laughing You lords, the power of the soul is really too confident, and perhaps God can not break the other God The power of the soul, but the world is always no shortage of such things Proud of the wind to see his shot, immediately understand that this metaphor is also the wolf lord Lord and other lords of the sun that God and the Lord God between the absolute level of difference, that the soul of the deep power of non fidget cube walmart God Can get rid of. I let you see, I metamorphosis God Emperor, the name is how come Lengli Jingmang flashed in his eyes, soon as Qing Xiao, ar.sed, it is really high above the very noble, at least no one dared to be the North territory as a common lord when he treated. However, the day he was willing to become brothers and their own, today said that regardless of how the identity will never change, the friendship at this juncture will become more and more precious. People are also looked at each other, are silent, was the big secret shocked a half to death, especially those with the dragon clan came to finding fault of the lord, this time all eyeful horror, wait for the green crane Lord cut on the 10,000 times. This damn guy, his court death also fills, actually dragged them into the water This aunt granny is that they can provoke it Yin Yang gently sighed, handsome face quite a bit helpless, shook his head and said Binger, you scared people. Chop ice with a beautiful eye stared at her husband, said I know you do not want to rely on my father and my son to act, so for so many years and who never talked about, but today is different, this dare things actually dare And your idea, when my son and husband is pinching the soft persimmon it This dog things have backing, no Fu fidget cube walmart Who would bully his.nk you Barry door master tolerance, I discuss such as properly, most of them are willing to belong to Barry Gate, while the main door to send people Supervision vowed, and another thousand or so do not want to go down, in the camp center, let the door handle When he finished, gray robe man waved, Zhanmeng army Kankan separated into an arc, which will be part of fidget cube walmart the mountain exposed part of the team. After all, is the power of hundreds of years, even in the chaos of the Plains, where people eat, still some loyal cronies do not want to die. Baili unparalleled nodded, head Hanguang flash, cold Yangshou waved his hand Kill Plagiarism does not remove the root, the spring wind and health, this truth will not understand, of course, will not be remnants of the remnants of sin, endless troubles, not soft hearted. Gray robe man, who seems to have expected the outcome of the early, slightly nodded, million camps in all directions appeared at once hundreds of Tu Shen arrows, facing the center of that solid hurricane shot out, wind , Tu Shen Jian pierced the voice of fidget cube gray the void is chilling, directly in the bursts of anger screams, they shot into a bunch of Xue Mo Lo.

Fidget Cube Walmart t familiar figure, the fire clear Beamon eyes wide open, very anxious to think. Just that punch and fidget cube yellow the power of the previous one can not be the same language, and played solidly ah But also contains the speed of esoteric and attack esoteric, the two kinds of esoteric superposition, that is, with the esoteric defensive esoteric chaos level lords have to see the Hades, this kid hard down, actually like nothing like people jumping, but also climb Up and run, but also too incredible it In fact, not to mention that he fidget cube white proud of the wind feel very surprised, did not think the abdomen hard to suffer the fire eyes Beamon punch, in addition to being playing a little dizzy and pain outside, actually no harm to the body of the soul Dan Dressed in lord treasure weapon fidget cube walmart combat clothing, red phosphorus war armor, proud of the wind defense only Austrian broken military level lord to break, but the fire Qingmimeng such a strong punch in her body, directly to the power to spread to Meat off, shattered body and soul Dan can still. But now, so close to a punch are not effective, that her flesh off has been able to unload the impetus, the degree of tenacity is simply comp.that this is the siege of the siege on the eve of Qin sounding drums That rattan boat round the body out of the column, took a deep breath and shouted Barry City Listen to everyone Today, I Zhanmeng army has been under siege, destined to destroy you Barry door, hide is useless If you do not respond after an hour, fidget cube dice we began to siege North of the siege warfare is very particular about Can huge, siege must be the first drums, the siege must be the first drum , Siege drums Qin Xuan declaration. Shoucheng side must be within one hour to respond, during this period, the fidget cube whitesmoke siege party can not have any action, an hour later, if no one appeared in the sky battlefield, then the siege of a convenient do not do palliative, Sharu into the city. Do not comply with this provision also, but that are for the money to loot the town s inflow of bandits, decided not to be well known lord class strong, due to the constraints of faith, any little mistakes will cause the loss of faith, fame of the strong Their reputation is quite care, even if again feel tired, face or to do. Drum, the army for the time being stagnant, far from waiting for the response of Barry city, in addit.