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Fidget Cube Video eyebrows, stature up flashing Look Qin Shuang three people do not want to stir up trouble, but it is related to the arrogance of the wind brothers, wanted to come she categorically will not ignore, shook his head to recognize the fate of a sigh, but also to follow up. Came to the top of the hill, you can clearly see the situation below. Hilly lot is not steep, more than halfway up the slope of a slope, seven or eight young men and women are full of angry and flirtatious side to escape, behind a dozen individuals to kill them, but these people fighting level is not high, only King of God in the king of God level, for the proud wind is simply a four dishes side dishes. Hey, it is them Look at those people after the appearance, proud wind surprised. These people, actually happens to be the last time she met in the red soil outside the town of Tiger Po Wang Yin Fu around the young men and women, they should be the king of high level leader of the son of Miss, the identity will not be too low, no wonder being hunted. Pride of the wind, you know Qin Shuang glanced, pay attention fidget cube greenyellow to the look of proud wind. Yep. Pride wind narrowed Heimou nodded, do not hesi.and the gap between the treasure device only a file, there is heaven and earth, the lord treasure is the soul Class level of treasure, and God, after all, only the God of God class equipment, magic power, a great difference, like the Lord and God between the emperor that insurmountable divide like. General small forces to attract, Qinglu lords disdain, so he has been left in the South accounted for a collar, now with Mantelan cooperation, it is high spirits. This man is not a small ambition, proud of the wind can not forget, to stir up the power of intention to blame the King led the king, that he and that Feiyun lord, now Feiyun Lord died, he will find a new cooperation to seek out the backing Just did not expect to fidget cube video actually find on the Mantelun. Mantelon, you can really good kind of ah Such a big Zhang cards, this time only to release, deliberately cheat us is not Proud of the wind was thinking, I heard a man suddenly heard a rough ear expansion On the identity, the ink does not lose you the Lord, on the strength of the East Lin brother is not under you, you dare to us in the United States and the United States, Under the eyelids to play this trick.

, this is actually not a good thing to refining their own use Looked at the side of the three looked at his head to the north side of the proud wind, eyes a little more crystal luster, look at each other, are showing a touch of knowing smile. Also, she is such a person ah Otherwise, how can we have been deeply attracted to people as genius, so proud of them Genius are arrogant, not easy to convince people, it is impossible to just impressed by the strength, at least Qin Shuang and others on the thousands of lonely cold like a cold sword that are holding the Competition Competition mentality, while the fidget cube shopping proud Wind, they will not have such a hostile feeling. Shi Bo is really a good fortune ah I believe he saw your gift, but also to see your people will definitely be surprised to have lost the eye drops on the ground Qin Shuang touch chin laugh Pride, In this case, you quickly give this treasure a pull the wind from the name of it first name Proud wind Lengle surprised a moment, but also chuckle, yes, this magic device, but has a device soul, how can not name it. Think about it, she would be a wave The treasure is called Flame Ssangyong ring it, as the so.muffled among the Pan Yu s body has been split apart to explode Blood spilled sky This thrilling scene, straight people feel breath holding back in the throat, can not wait to whistle immediately howled to roar out loud Scarlet blood has just splashed out, has been out of the golden Tigers out of the formation of Gangfeng rolled up evaporated, the energy cleared, I saw that buy fidget cube antsy labs a figure full of overbearing momentum. Arrogant wind red silver gun, long body standing proudly, lips also hanging a wisp of faint smile, eyes calm, casually waved silver gun received potential, as if no cost what effort, the rising sun will dazzling brilliance Spilled on her, it seems that people would rise to a kind of worship of the impulse. Bang Bang Several times muffled, that metaphor Yu fall into the corpse fell into the mud, this sound makes a lot of people woke up. Second second My God, spike That, that is not the general lords, it is to list the strong Even if the qualifying only in the ninety eight, but also fidget cube lightskyblue to the list of strong ah How it was spike it Hundreds of thousands of spectators blankly Leng Leng journeying innocently, his head humming, feeling as if in a d.will no longer be able to mention and cut the fidget cube design fidget cube video wind against the idea of the enemy. Lord of lords lords lost Green deer Lord heard secretly scared, the heart has been speculated that a trace. More than just lost, Mantelun shook his head, took a deep breath, the sound brought a deep fear cut the wind with only one stroke fidget cube make noise to defeat the lord gun lord, and that a considerable understatement , According to my father said, cut the wind from start to finish have not moved, nor used the power of the soul of the father and even suspected that the wind may be cut is not a big lord, he has broken through that barrier, The sound stopped short, because the hearts of fear, Mantelon did not go on. A move Could he have been His Majesty the king Green deer lord aghast down a breath of cold fidget cube video gas, chatter mixing the next Road, but the North territory is not a bit of repression, can not upgrade the king Why Indeed, the North territory is a bit of repression, big lords can not be promoted, but who do not know the actual age of the wind cut how much the north territory of historical records when he seems to have existed if he came to the North Mantelen slowly said Green.

Fidget Cube Video ed, so that other lords heart guilt can not he is now Situation ungrateful to turn a blind eye, but in fact he just want to get rid of Yin Fu by the fidget cube video hand of them nothing more. Qinghe lord this remark, the Dragon command old face a red, silence does not go on. Cough twice, the Dragon command to stand up and said chasing the cloud crown, everything to stress the evidence, we see the king who led the people who are wearing a sign of the king collar, and kill my team or Yin Fu less master Sunder Arrow, you are empty under the crown, no, I am afraid it is difficult to convince ah. Proud of the wind but proudly to indifferent The Dragon command the words difference, some of the evidence is only a cloak, see the sign to conclude that the matter is the king of the collar, too hasty it. See the real behind the hands People will leave obvious flaws Mody And, or a deal with so many territories and clan, each has left a flaw, we do not feel strange King collar is silly again, but also understand that they can not deal with so much at a time People, in particular, this is in the king collar and Shi s unearthed after the release of the message, knowing that we will.tuation is very critical situation, confusion around the Great Plains lords in the Lord for adults, please help You can rest assured that we will not reveal your identity, had received a message after the Lord strictly each of us made an oath not to speak out, the king led the other people no one knows. Do not know what people do ghosts, these days there are people who find us King trouble, said we attacked them, grab their things, but we simply did nothing, it is slander Today they have to find the king brought together, lord adults and less the strength of the Lord in the South is good, but also can not afford to wheel battle ah. These young people obviously recognize the pride of the wind, you made me a phrase, as if caught a life saving straw like, you can see that they are ill health care, no one can trust. Listen to them said a few words, a little proud of the wind will be a little speculation to something, combined with just those sunset collar people said, presumably now King of the main peak of the matter has been very urgent, and looking could not help but dignified up. You first do not worry, there fidget cube darkorenge is something to say slowly, in the fidget cube video end how.