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Fidget Cube Unboxing y a laugh The original is a small lord of the lunar month, ah, the father is the eighth strong list, great ah No wonder so pull, but also kill What about us , Her tone surprisingly surprise , fidget cube thingiverse Qin Shuang a three, can not help but provoke shoulder laughing together. Pride wind is really a bad thing To put it so loud, not clear the shabby people Mody Three people feel funny, Lhasa month leading the main side of the party when it is absolutely frightened, and they stared at one by one aghast look at the proud wind, Barry Qingxiang just call them proud of the wind heard crystal clear, Follow the clouds The name, and then look at the body that dress, as well as the strength of the lord class, lunar collar all the people feel a while scalp tingling. You you are that metamorphosis lords Riverside little main trembling Road, the surface of a pale color, joking, metamorphosis of the lord some time ago to kill even the rock, a fame, but now to the third list Of the strong ah This guy is also stronger than his father, he actually said to lord lord to kill her, almost Jiaoren laughing out of the front teeth Good. Proud of the wind does not deny that she wa.red to Mantelun, ink cold sword is the real elegance and calm, Toshihaya chic face of the earth, and even a trace of anger did not show up. Ink cold sword lightly laughed and said Manton under the crown of the power of the prophet is really admirable ah, since you agree that we come back a cup of soup, presumably other clan friends will not have any views, then we Respectful as from the life. While talking, the ink cold sword side of his hands to bear to the back, turned around and a board and a look to Lang said Mantel crown has promised to continue to participate in this dispute over mineral rallies, you also go to the lake to find a place to rest, iron Uncle, a few of us together to follow the cloud to the lake fidget cube marketing island. Mantelon and others did not wait for the response, the ink cold has been ordered to complete the end, with proud wind and others down, next to everyone is Qiaode stunned, even the export block are forgotten. Mexican cold sword that full of triumphant smile and eyes, such as cunning fox general Jingmang, only to see Mantelun almost spray a blood Damn, when he agreed to come back to participate in the mine to congress it He obviously c.

not know at this time the fire Qing Beamon is also very depressed, did not think the site was fidget cube shop so strong and proud of the wind, like a tortoise shell turtle shells like a dozen, a dozen punches after Enchantment traces are not, to his esoteric chaos class attack power actually no way, it is likely that the lord treasure. Would also like to invite power, I did not fidget cube for press release realize that adults would also like to trouble, the brats who have too much baby it. Take the treasure of the defense of the lord no way to fire the Beamon had to stop down from the space ring Remove the matrix, to send a message to the forest Lord. In the Fenyun House to see this scene, Qin frost face anxious authentic Pride of the wind, can not go on like this, we are blocked here, he went to large lords for help, while the three big lords are also possible fidget cube unboxing to find trouble Fire clear Beamon is not broken lord treasure house of the defense, can be a large lord level attacks, you can not stop this mansion ah Lords treasure device, even if tough, but not really not broken without a firm. Qin Shuo also have lords treasure house, so Qin Shuang about to know the strength of the lord treasure devi.ply a simplified version of Thunderbolt This makes her mind could not help but suspect, cut wind big lord is seen Ray gun, is based on Ray guns out of the magic device But it is still a gap between gun and mine gun, do not have the appearance of the nature with a fan, itself is a giant bow, magic gear stalls only have ten files, but Need for Life Lords treasure device, not 12 files Of the quasi monarch. Although fidget cube unboxing the ice and ice bow has the soul of the device, but also have the ability to order the potential of the king of the device can be in the end is an unknown number, even if the device soul spirit of wisdom formed by their own gear stalls bound device soul must practice their own breakthroughs in order to reach the king Level, this process is extremely long. The quasi monarch device, the stalls will be better than other magic weapon on a chip, in the soul of the device after the absolute growth can be turned into a king device. Mantelon s face has become extremely ugly Chop ice lord strength on far better than him, but also cast out the best life lord treasure device, even if the big lords probably have to hurt, even if he fidget cube seashell has ten brave dare not.and the gap between the treasure device fidget cube unboxing only a file, there is heaven and earth, the lord treasure is the soul Class level of treasure, and God, after all, only the God of God class equipment, magic power, a great fidget cube unboxing difference, like the Lord and God between the emperor that insurmountable divide like. General small forces to attract, Qinglu lords disdain, so he has been left in the South accounted for a collar, now with Mantelan cooperation, it is high spirits. This man is not a small ambition, proud of the wind can not forget, to stir up the power of intention to blame the King led the king, that he and that Feiyun lord, now Feiyun Lord died, he will find a new cooperation to seek out the backing Just did not expect to actually find on the Mantelun. Mantelon, you can really good kind of ah Such a big Zhang cards, this time only to release, deliberately cheat us is fidget cube antsy labs not Proud of the wind was thinking, I heard a man suddenly heard a rough ear expansion On the identity, the ink does not lose you the Lord, on the strength of the East Lin brother is not under you, you dare to us in the United States and the United States, Under the eyelids to play this trick.

Fidget Cube Unboxing seclusion in the mountains of the predecessors, the son has long been able to fill a mountain, this time with the world to see the surface also have a few. Age slightly larger estimate of the esoteric strong, singled out a pointing about the Tu War is not difficult, he did not expect, Qin Shuo simply can not stand up son This statement, Qin Shuo and then pursue it is preoccupied, there is no strong identity, can not pass people can beat that battle, but will lose his face, a very strong, but it is no successor, Level of heirs are not, which in the north is a very shameful thing. But Qin Shuo is not so chicken intestines of the people, do not care how others look at him, light shook his head, is going to say anything, but suddenly heard next to a clear voice next to the Road Father adults, since people so Said, we are not good to give them face ah, just, recently my strength seems to have improved, I will come to the Tu War Lord This voice, at once attracted a large group of people surprised to watch. what How is she Metamorphosis lords Qin Shuo also could not help but eat a surprise, stunned to look back to the pride of a black robe, my heart that ki.ideas and forces together fidget cube mediumblue to create a world in the eyes of the miracle can not be done. This is the collective power This is the power of the team When a team huddled together, even if their power alone no matter how small, can also cause a huge lethal, mercurial, when she performed as a task to see the desert march mantis is not the case What At this point the sword, proud of the wind suddenly had a new idea in the brain. Perhaps too much emphasis on personal strength to enhance her not a person of her own variation of the space fidget cube unboxing there are many partners of Warcraft However, because of her Jin order too fast, in addition to small nine and Man Sainuo, the other Eudemons are very few Can help on the busy, and if they can be combined into a whole to pay the enemy, not necessarily not a big battle. Just to train the combination moves is not an easy thing not enough understanding and dry million times of practical experience, it is difficult to do this, which requires step by step slowly, but as long as the idea, there is A start, I believe the wind will gradually explore the proud success. The fourth section, a concept From the thought of being awake, prou.