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Fidget Cube Tomato uddenly come up with a black robe from the following style of the ancient flutter of the dark ring, was handed in the palm of the hand, pointing not far from the cold red standing there, the man said Big command, I did not know your identity, so missed once, this time I come with you, mainly to the two commanders with a message, do not know you do not know this Qin Shuo curiously looked down, eyes are touched when the rings flashing out of a strong Jingmang He suddenly looked up, surprised to stare firmly proud of the wind, his face micro condensate, fingers quickly to wear the ring into the palm of the ring, feeling a bit of space, the head suddenly showing surprise colors, attend to calm image , Not far from the red haired man shouted Brother, you come to see what it is Distant red hair man in the light of a humble corner, hear the sound of shouting, the cold red eyes passing through the strands of surprise, they are Benxiang Xiangxiang of the magic and Eudemons, under normal circumstances are Is the soul of acoustic communication, which is why he does not like the reason for talking. But now, even the soul of Qin Shuo did not use acoustic, direct s.eard a ray of subtle acoustic fall into the ear Ink Brother, the overall situation has been set, here I should not stay for a long time, will be the first step to the king of the collar, you come to the king of the collar can be found I, I will appear as the identity of the cloud, after a period. Proud of the wind is indeed taking into account this point so fled to the fidget cube for press release FYun Fuchu, which she had long wanted to good, but she has not left, hear the words of cold sword, she can rest assured that trust him, Sound to him so that he do not worry. Mexican cold sword smiled, did not speak, a few can not check the location of the nod, be agreed, while the finger is also a gesture than that, pointing to the turtle interest rate treasure, and pointed to the north. The wind of the House of Pride also softly smile, she knew that the meaning of the cold ink sword to the king and then lead the turtle ore interest to her, but for her, this time she already earned enough of this, and successfully refining the king Device, just let her feel comfortable to the extreme. Pride of the wind, fast, quick look at what is the property Hundred miles clear excitement in the sound.

behind the call came. Waved his hand, proud wind driving the Fen Yunfei northward flight away, and the same excitement to sit down together to study the Qinhuangshuang three monarchs of the properties of this device. Twelve gear king device, in addition to their own gear a file, there should be 11 file properties, I see proud of the wind holding red red magic ring, but also feel the shining beating which soul. Hidden atmosphere, blurred stature and face, making the strong monarchs can not see through the owner of the atmosphere and appearance, which is the property of the turtle interest treasure, but did not expect even the appearance and stature can be distorted, is indeed legend Ah, proud wind praised one, then said absolute defense, the formation of a wide range of defense Enchantment, defensive hood arbitrarily small or large, able to defend against all attacks I rely on, this is too perverted. Defense of fidget cube tomato all attacks, that is even the king of the attack can block ah Only proud of the wind is estimated that the monarch of the class ignore the status quo is not alright, is the case of things, the ruler who is invalid. Arrogant wind.sigh soon, From fidget cube imgur the eyes, began to concentrate gather gas. Consciousness submerged into the pubic region, proud of the wind will see that magic energy surface is still slowly gathered in the fog like silver foggy energy, that energy is extremely thin, it seems that even one tenth of the soul of the Dan are not. No wonder the brothers said that the soul of Dan is difficult to agglutination, really slow. Proud wind helplessly sighed, mind to turn, take the initiative to speed up the operation of the Star prison, the energy of the air to her body gathered over I do not know the years of practice, consciousness sank into the pubic region, simply do not feel the passage of time. Five days, blink will be. Proud of the wind in the Qin Shuang softly awakened under the call to the account outside a look, the sky gray to a, like to dawn. Qin frost look some solemnly asked, but he knew about the answer, the soul after the completion of coagulation Dan will appear Jin order is now the lines and silver pattern, a single step of the 10 Star Star will be the first time, Turned into 12 lords of stars, and proud of the wind who did not this situation. Hey, the sou.sonable, things difficult, and fidget cube uk want to make sense of them, in general, have to use force to convince them Caixing. Little Young, Dragon Clan strength is not weak, the Dragon command list ranked on top of the list, although the ninety, but also my generation can, and you can not try fidget cube tomato to be brave. Speaking of the northern clan, the presence of no one Qin Shuang better than understanding, just listen to him Chen Sheng smiled, and said But you do not have to be afraid, anyway, we have and master said in the king of the main peak convergence, To see the lively there, the three are not now fidget cube where to buy Haichuan, who is the opponent of Shi Bo Proud wind could not help but laugh That s, Dad s strength, I m afraid to stand up to sweep, but I still hope we can solve, finally a life experience. With Qin Shuo this backing, proud wind to feel more relaxed, while flying with everyone, while in their hearts to figure fidget cube tomato out how to expose the plot. Feiyun lord after his death, his magic rings also checked again, there are several letters he and Qinglu lords of communication letters, as long as make good use of, maybe even beat back a farming Chapter VII of the situation chang.

Fidget Cube Tomato ill her, the three lords will definitely kill her intended, fidget cube retail but due to the Excalibur Mohist order, They will not be in the crowd under fidget cube tomato the hands. But once out of the city alone action, died in the wild, it will not leave the words to the ink Emperor, after all, three are large lords Haichuan, as long as they are not hands on, can deny. Therefore, the prudent wind had to be careful to leave fidget cube tomato when they are invisible FY. Fenyun Prefecture, proud wind, Barry Qing Xiao, Qin Shuang, Sima Yu fidget cube real vs fake dissolved in the garden gathered, looking at the rapidness of the forest outside the hind legs, frequently lament the refining device division mansion wonderful. Proud of the wind, the three lords will really send someone to kill us You are just a beginning into the lord of the class, obviously not a threat to them, so they disregard the identity and the general knowledge of our epigenetic younger generation Qing Xiao felt a few people before the atmosphere of tension, and some doubts asked. People without foresight there must be near worries, these things, back in my hometown, I have experienced once. Pride Wind faint smile At that time the lord of the sixteen year old i.d to win, she must win This treasure, refining a Need for treasure ring to the father when the gift. Looked at the distance, proud wind and said However, I would like to use the secret law in that fire Beamon who collected some things, can not wait for me for a while In addition, this fire Jingde Mongolia s inner alchemy also to you, I took no use, you are mixing device division, just can be used to refining device. Ink cold engraved random smile, the hands of a crimson lord to plug proud wind. Warcraft alchemy and soul Dan together, just kill the fire to kill the fire when the Mongolian cold sword Beamon smashed his soul Dan, Al Dan also picked him down. Hands fidget cube scarlet holding this piece of inner alchemy, proud wind Heimou micro bright, the heart of this ink cold sword is really a wise man. Things so decided on down, proud of the wind feel the power of their souls in the energy of magic power of magic resilience to restore a lot of resilience, then came to the fire that has been killed Beamon began refining the soul before the body Beads. Ya Sesi, come out. With the hands of the soul gradually formed a round special, proud wind wave move Yasser Si, handed hi.