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Fidget Cube Tan kill people, we stealth behind the scenes, the most incompetent can get out. Is the emergence of this cloud, causing my brother died, let me ruin , Also made his Royal Highness lost face, we can not let her If it is in the past, Qing Lords lord how not to speak with Mantelun, but now his identity has been greatly different. On that day, after watching the arrogance refining the monarch, the presence of the majority fidget cube tan of refining device division has not a small harvest enhancement, he also greatly enlightened, the use of turtle interest treasure successfully refining the lord treasure. Once refining a certain level of things, you want to re enter the realm of the more simple, and now green deer lord has been able to Kei is a ten star Shenhuo device tent, or to Mantelun s arrogance, nor Will go to rescue the Green Crane. But this time, the requirements of the green deer lord has fallen empty. Mantelun blood red eyes swept through a few strands of complex Jingmang, shook his head slowly said Green deer lord, I advise you to dispel the idea of it, I come here to remind you to see you in our commitment to all beasts Tortoise ore to help us refining the lord.of them You have that situation House, you want to touch it very easy. Proud of the wind slightly flashing eyes, but shook his head wrong, after tonight s things, they will be strict precautions, easy to mix, looking for a single start with the difficult. So close, if I use mine guns, that energy beam will certainly attract their attention, they found fidget cube amazon buy even more bad, we can only wait for the arrival of fidget cube store World War II, do not do anything. Can fidget cube release day only wait Qin frost staring eyes silent. Yes ah, while so, while practicing. Proud wind Hey smile, blink of an eye on the Qin frost In fact, there is no positive opportunity to win them, to tell you a secret, tonight s epiphany I broke the lord Of the barrier, the cyclone began to form the soul of Dan, as long as the soul of Dan condensate can be successful, can use the power of the soul, my combat capability will have a leap, then, what list the third strong Humph This is not exaggerated, once you can use the power of the soul, just to create the power of the soul with the Shenhuo, attack power will have to go to a higher level, the lord of the strong level in the divine power to create the fire in front of fear, B.

not even the team of 100 people, do not encounter opponents Bale, if really encounter any large clan, Four command also take care of each person, why do you want to bring these gods Emperor level rather than with a red maple collection that this lord it Qin Shuo kill two large lords occupied red maple collar, the original two lords of the lords of the lords of the strong, naturally transferred to the hands of Qin Shuo, but this time to come to the South, he obviously did not bring them , The number of clans in the clan team is not only a hundred people will not only. To pride the idea of the wind, since the act so dangerous, so that the Lord do cannon fodder, than to sacrifice their own brother out with better. Qin Shuang of course understand the meaning of the proud wind, revealing a ray of mysterious smile, but also lazy Road Young Shidi, in fact, this is very simple, because this lord can play out of strength, less than these God Emperor Top Zheng strong To play out the power. Master since they come with them naturally have to bring them back with confidence, the master is not a fool, knowing that they have been two big lords Hai Chuan stare still.this time he is standing with both hands chest, sharp Of the eyes reveal a touch of edge, behind him, the red hair of the two command and body as sturdy as the iron four command. Among the inner circle are the master, a few people suddenly proud of the wind will be attracted to everyone s attention, together with the call of Qin Shuang, everyone seems a little surprised, Qin Shuo a fidget cube order pedestrian is also looking toward the side over here. Exposure to his line of sight, proud eye Mouguang slightly Yi Chan, the brain sounded like a blown sound, the feeling of tension spread the body, suddenly will not move. A black robe of the Qin Shuo also saw the same style of dress and his pride, eyes passing a touch of deep smile, lips rarely raised arc, toward the proud wind slowly approaching. Section II I was his son 1 Proud wind fixed looking at the front, seeing Qin Shuo came a step by step, a time actually made no sound, all the good rhetoric in this moment all the useless, only silly Leng Leng with a wood like stare He went to his front. She now understand, what is real close to human mood. Calm as she, calm as her, this time also caught in a huge emotional swir.. Fenyun inside and outside the mind with the proud transformation, does not affect the mixing device process, Qin frost can not bear to run out of the house went to the garden to watch the outside of the situation. Many refining device division began to come up with materials, ignite the furnace flame furnace, a time on the island of the lake in full swing, a variety of days of fire Yilan scene, it is truly beautiful. The masters were just about to start smelting the materials, but suddenly they heard the low voice of the deer lord Ladies and gentlemen, wait fidget cube rose a minute. Everyone frowned, faint glance in the past, eyes can not help but some irony. Green deer, whatever the outcome, is also a fame refining device division, the total is not afford to lose the people, Hugh to be stalker, disrupting the ore rally, or we can always drive you out Dong Lin cold look straight Brow, looks a bit unhappy, this person if they do not know the lift, it can not blame them Dong Lin command, not my stalker, but I have a suggestion, I would like to you refining device division is also beneficial. Green deer lord eyes flashing, quickly said Since we are in order to compete.

Fidget Cube Tan your Highness. A few days after the tour is a great opportunity, if His Royal Highness is willing to help me this busy, then I can vow life for the beast lead effect, also would like to offer this thing hands, Green deer fidget cube tan lord as if determined what determined, close to the space necklace light flash, a black light from the projection out, straight into his fidget cube limegreen palm. He carefully spread out his hands, the palm of a distribution of strong energy fluctuations in the black flowers slowly emerge Su flower shape like this from the less eye catching but there is a layer around a layer of pale silver gray film, which symbolizes Big lord class strength of color, the North territory fidget cube mediumturquoise of any who can not ignore In this little floral appears, the air seems to moment a little dignified, Mantelun breath of a stifled, eyes reveal the colors can not believe. Lethal Sea Flower tightly pegged to the green fart lord, Mantelun shocked speechless, the eyes raised a touch of greed can not be covered. Lost the soul of the sea flower, growing in the sea of dangerous sea Lethal among the sea, hence the name. This flower is the famous heaven and earth relics, set the world from Jingh.sank, bang To soon be hit fly out Fire eyes than at this time the psychological can be fun Chasing a night of anger seems to have vent completely out, anxious to fidget cube tan laugh three times the sky, the brats, and finally bear fruit to eat my punch I was finally killed Cool, extremely cool It is too cool Can not wait for him so cool enough, fire clear Beamon suddenly saw that distant place, a shadow suddenly jumped up Then continue to fly toward the north again Uh, Beamon fiery fiery eyes surprised That figure seems a bit familiar correct Is not that just where the brats fell down God read the study, the fire clear Beamon found there is no corpse, that is just jumped up that guy, is definitely proud of the wind ah Fire eyes Beamon also refused to take so much, hastened at the foot of Yi Deng to speed up the pace to catch up, the distance of the silhouette has become a small black spots, and then slow on some, I m afraid we should out of the scope of his induction. Listen to the tide Court the first version of the text version of www.tIngchAoge.com It is her This fidget cube tan this guy fidget cube tan actually did not die How could this Seeing the wind in front of tha.