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Fidget Cube Store ou kid, when to learn this trick. And Bo Bo I also sell off children, to fight it Master, you can not blame me, this is the pursuit of their fidget cube store own requirements of the cloud. Qin Shuang proud of the wind to push a smiles You quickly said that the clouds Proud wind finally calmed down a little mood, though still very excited, but no longer is the pair of silly Leng Leng look like, happy to see the stature of tall men, was about to speak, a harsh voice but she was abruptly Interrupted by the words of exports You fidget cube real vs fake guys, do not see now we are the dragon clan and the strong side of the crusade against the king of the time You have something to say to one side, pestle here hinder us to work what does it mean Dragon Qin Shuo command of the team was snapped, already hold back a stomach fire, which did not know he did not speak back, proud wind a few people to take out, so Qin Shuo and very simply ignored him, self serving Ran to meet his apprentice, which ranks the top of a strong list of days is really a shame The disguise of the bastard is simply arrogant to the extreme However, Qin Shuo that unfathomable feeling that he did not dare to act rashly. As Tianbang.l, I do not know what to say as well. Black cloak shrouded tall body blocking the sun, carrying light, fidget cube store proud wind can not see the expression on his face, but it can be emitted from the pair of bright eyes shining smile, he is now very happy. A big hand suddenly covered down Well fidget cube store Proud of the wind feel that the head was slightly rough palm slightly soft and do not force to ask the model, comfortable squinting his eyes, a sense of peace of mind from his fingers came, as if Soak in a pool of hot springs in the fidget cube amazon like, the taste of happiness in the surrounding filled. Pride wind like this feeling, belongs to the father s Chong Chong wrapped her, as if he already knew that she was his child. However, in fact, Qin cream fidget cube store did not tell him the situation, she would like to own pro. When the face of him said, so later communication, Qin frost is only and he reported a safe way to ask him where fidget cube commercial the Bale. You little thing, really people linked to the heart, I have told you that several times not to try to be brave, do whatever you want, do not know how dangerous this time With the soft palm of the palm , Mellow voice from the overhead to upload, although so.

ing out, the situation changed Narrowed his eyes, ink cold sword gently read Road. Iron capacity Gulp soon as severely swallowed a saliva, but also clenched fists, murmured Never heard of the North who have refined out of the king device, if it is, the wind crown next Can not think of name is immune, and by this means of mixing device, you can have an equal footing with the power of the Mexican Emperor The first section of the king out, Dunzou At this moment, all hearts are nervous to the extreme, his eyes blinked to stare at that refining furnace, as if refining the magic weapon is not proud of the wind but they like The heavens and the sky more and more thick, the wind almost formed a tornado, the lake around the island of the water blowing Jiyu fly to heaven. Arrogant wind bright black eyes tightly locked refining device furnace, tried to mold the stove in the furnace, with her huge spiritual power has a difficult feeling, high grade phantom plastic required soul energy too , And that the situation is like the spirit of her power to all dry like Fortunately, the spirit of the wind proud of the power far better than ordinary people, if the general l.Zhou Liu s soul Dan has been crushed his life and life. The other two lords face aghast, seeing the cold ruthless avatar as slaughtered chicken slaughtered Zhou Liu, two only felt a burst of chills back Wumeng two is not a fool, naturally know the avatar and the relationship between the deity, the two with their fastest of the fastest in the world, the two of them are not fooled, Speed, divided into two directions, enterprises imprisoned from both sides of the spirits were bypassed. This time, they can only gamble back Ling water avatar who stare, then that person is a dead end, but at least there is another person can break the line of defense, and spiritual water behind the hundred miles to clear up the avatar to clear up the power has been depleted, naturally not their opponents. They think is very good, but the fact is severely smashed the two dreams Ling water avatar looked at them indifferent toward both sides flew, but fixed standing in place, raised his hands cold. Two blue and black light flash, Wumeng and fidget cube darkviolet summer suddenly felt a sudden cold body, a sharp abdominal pain in front of a black, incredibly toward the middle of the two water spirit.ing proud of a pedestrian along the mountain road quickly came to King City gates before. Before the gates quite lively, a large circle wearing armor, dressed in strength, the typical penance of those who are seven thousand seven hundred eighty eight people gathered together, looking at the height of the fighting, but also from time to time to talk to each other Laughing head on the foot of some, see, this is almost the North Rangers team. Tulong clan out of the movement is fidget cube joystick not small, attracted a lot of forces to visit the strong, but their number is not much, each team is to bring about 10 or so subordinate Bale. Although the number is far less than the former Barry door to see, people can come here are lords, tens of thousands of lords to bustle together really not much, the arrival of a few wind proud of the wind did not From the attention of any person, the peak of the lord master a lot of places, a few ordinary lords, like a drop in the ocean, very inconspicuous. Arrogant wind and fidget cube kickstarter shopping others just arrived here, have not had time to look at the situation, the sky above the Yin Fu s abruptly distant Qing Yue shouts. Whistle clearly not loud, but like t.

Fidget Cube Store the platform is the most prominent place around the hills, would like to be seen not possible. Yesterday night, more arrogant attacks on the wind suddenly, the strong scattered did not come out of the Quartet, had just been together today, accompanied by three large lords neatly walked slowly to export these people clearly did not deliberately release potential pressure, but together, but Is caused by a chill harsh atmosphere, most people just look at one, I am afraid it will be scared shaking legs, the ground can not afford. Absolutely strong sense of oppression This is a very frightening lineup, can not help but proud of the fidget cube store wind once again moving No wonder Qin Shuo to avoid them, this three fidget cube sandybrown way lord in the hands of the lords of the strong peak of the Lord actually add up to more than a hundred people Ordinary lords even thousands On the number of strong, Qin Shuo hands that people really do not see enough Qin Shuo began to see the clan when the proud wind has enough surprises, and now this huge team, really told her what is called the deep heritage of thousands of years Of course, Qin Shuo in the decades on the development of such a team, planing w.y, from the Blue Crystal Rat Huang up and down around the attack in the past, which is behind the two front two, the hands of Weaponry refers to the key Fist four hands, blue crystal rat and then how tyrannical King, it is not possible to resist so many strong one off attack, not to mention these people are not better than his weak Puff Puff, a few times Cui Xiang Blue Crystal Rat tough toughness of the epidermis after another by the strong Weaponry punctured, red blood accompanied by a bleak roar came, seeing the Blue Crystal King is about to be divided Corpse on the spot, his body was suddenly thrown up a country in the tyrannical tyrannical breath on top of the pure white dazzling light, Blue Crystal Rat Huang Li became a sun, which is enveloped by strong light, and attack him Of all the strong, in the Ministry of Liu was bounced out Eight strong as in the Benhang suddenly hit a wall like a mouth spouting a blood, without exception, was severely hit the fly This scene is too fast and strange, many people did not even see what happened, they have been hit, until the light disappears, the horizon of the four streamer has also been successfully arrive.