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Fidget Cube Slategray your Highness. A few days after the tour is a great opportunity, if His fidget cube youtube Royal Highness is willing to help me this busy, then I can vow life for the beast lead effect, also would like to offer this thing hands, Green deer lord as if determined what determined, close to the space necklace light flash, a black light from the projection out, straight into his palm. He carefully spread out his hands, the palm of a distribution of strong energy fluctuations in the black flowers slowly emerge Su flower shape like this from the less eye catching but there is a layer around a layer of pale silver gray film, which symbolizes Big lord class strength of color, the North territory of any who can not ignore In this little floral appears, the air seems to moment a little dignified, Mantelun breath of a stifled, eyes reveal the colors can not believe. Lethal Sea Flower tightly pegged to the green fart lord, Mantelun shocked speechless, the eyes raised a touch of greed can not be covered. Lost the soul of the sea flower, growing in the fidget cube thingiverse sea of dangerous sea Lethal among the sea, hence the name. This flower is the famous fidget cube slategray heaven and earth relics, set the world from Jingh., he can be sure that this is a magic ring, but hidden magic device files Bit, the most strange place is that the ring did not actually have any energy breath, as a magic weapon is too weird, so strange things, the curiosity of Qin Shuo completely hook up. This fidget cube release date ring See Qin Shuo rare rare eyes, proud of the wind Minzui smile This is a very good use of the magic device, the big commander if you want to learn more about his function, the blood of the Lord to find a good bar. Qin Shuo to see the ring, eyes fidget cube steelblue a little light, echoed proud of the wind Road. Qin Shuo to see the ring. This dark ring, it is the flame Ssangyong ring of hidden form Quasi monarch device has a launch form, there are hidden form, the more high end magician usually more common appearance, even if such a big lord Qin Shuo, also expect the quasi monarch before the device recognized. Proud of the wind to understand the character of Qin Shuo, I m afraid he knew Flame Ssangyong ring precious, they refused to fidget cube dimgray accept, had to first brought back his curiosity, in this way to lie to him to fidget cube slategray identify the blood again, once the drop of blood identified Lord, quasi monarch device will be the.

st into a rage, one step fiercely Yi Deng ground, shouted brats, do you think you that entry level esoteric speed can be in my eyes can escape H to a ring, the air burst depression quiver, leaving a deep footprints on the ground, bald Han is like a shell, wind to shoot over Proud of the wind had just fly out of 100 meters, I heard the sound behind the roar, the hearts of fidget cube deepskyblue earthquake Good fast In the FY government does not feel personally feel the kind of huge oppression more and more approaching, proud wind only to find their own speed much better than this fire clear Beamon This is the speed of esoteric chaos class Mody That into the micro level, breaking the military level to become strong like Crisis, but fidget cube slategray proud of the wind did not panic, dark eyes at the end of the burst out of a very bright light at the end, one handed one stroke, thrown spear, urging the soul of Dan soul cast out of power, but also a sharp high drink, toward the Behind a frantic way to play a note gun tactic moves Tigers turn around. The right foot to the left side of the arc buckle step, fell to the left ankle medial, feet for the axis, the body suddenly a spin, silver g.of the mountain are filled with a strong chill atmosphere, and Bi s Bloody war, coming soon. Before sunset, the king of the mountains in the influx of a Unit of the flow of people. This is destined to be a sleepless night filled with fighting, any person may Shu as an enemy, even if there is no hatred between each other will fight. Qin Shuo a pedestrian, this time are also ready to go. Red clan have more than a dozen are unified, naturally divided into more than a dozen teams, each other to pass information between each other and found the energy of fluctuations, fidget cube slategray will immediately tell other people, King Mountain Fan difficult not broom Very broad, pass on ridicule Lingzhu can be ridiculed in a timely manner. Big command, you really want a person action Bring us not do Stop in the jungle before the proud wind raised his head, worried asked. Seeing a pair of black and bright fidget cube slategray eyes looked a little sad to come over, as if he left her blame like, Qin fidget cube in india Shuo heart jump, almost could not help but be soft hearted Over the past few days, he more and more can not resist the arrogance of the eyes, as long as she exposed this vision, even if the stars of the sky he.e of their own Team people have long proud of the wind, then listen to two clear, of course, no one questioned what, immediately packed luggage on the road, did not exclude her signs, but a very friendly smile to the proud wind of the name of the call. Under the cloud crown Under the cloud crown, welcome to our iron sword clan Joke, this is the Mexican emperor adults personally designated and daughter in law Who would disrespect her Leaving aside this, proud wind and fire eyes Beamon fighting broke out when fighting, but also for everyone to sit up and take notice of this team, a lot of the strong, but also stronger than the arrogance of the lords peak master, ten fingers Breaking With a number of years, coupled with the age of proud wind, these strong almost all of her appreciation of the heart. Those who have been obsessed with staring at the Mexican cold sword of several women are staring with a stunning eyes looked proud of the wind, even if she snatched the eyes of a small main, but also simply hate her. No way, arrogant style of the wind is really handsome men It seems a little cold temperament, slender body, a large elegant black robes, swingin.

Fidget Cube Slategray also not much use, even endless space, can be a lack of life can not be loaded with crystal life, and large space ring is not very different. It is strange that the two tranches of the dark stall properties turned out to be blurred, but with the pulse of the soul of the device and a slight flash of gray luster, as if the property is still forming among the like. Proud of the wind, I think this ring although exudes the color of the king class, can feel but there is no pressure on the monarch, ah, and obviously is 12 files, but only nine properties, is not where the problem Into a defective Sima Yu dissolves some puzzled staring ring, frown asked. Qin cream in the next pick. Smiled and said I do not like this, I have heard the father said, monarchs are possessing the soul of the treasure device, not the device soul, their power is only in the best master treasure device fills the soul to really shape the total A process, only the soul into the shape of human practice, can be called a real king device, or can only be said to be quasi monarch device, or called the Need for life master treasure device. Need for Life Lords treasure Proud wind could not hel.big lords, including all dare not Confidence to screamed up How is this possible The third section of the body of water to kill the spiritual water machine Huge spacious air battlefield, Barry Qingxiao still faintly free to stand, but this long body Yuli stunning teenager suddenly turned into two people Two exactly the same people One after the other, the cold sky above the sky Two Qing Xiao I am not dazzled, right Baili unparalleled a little dumbfounded, and rafters rafter eyes hard, look again and again, to see or two exactly the same Barry Qing Xiao, They stood there, just like fellow brothers. Strange to the extreme situation, so that the swoop over the summer Xia three also stunned in the air. The presence of many practitioners is not a fool, see the two hundred miles Qing Xiao, the first time, people think of the magic of confusing magic, but as long as the concept read a little sweep of God will find that the two Barry Qingxiao actually have the soul of the entity Can be said to be really abruptly divided into two people Soul split so contrary to the rules of things, almost unheard of, so people will think it is impossible Ling Chi water specie.