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Fidget Cube Shop faith, basically you have been captured, and get the The advantages of those who guard the territory of the lords are strong for hundreds of years If not, how everyone is thinking to become a master, in this kind of occasion to develop their skills Qin Shuang is also next to ridicule her Yes ah little brother, you this last fight, you can steal other people s limelight too Qingxiao and unparalleled brother to find you reckoning slightly Proud wind touch the nose blinked I I did not mean to. Proud of the wind looked very innocent eyes, everyone can wait for them to kick up her feet together This brats, got the cheap also to behave Not intentional all this, so you have deliberately had The voice continued for a long time just to stop a little down. Barry door fidget cube shop as the main door, Barry unparalleled natural to solve the remaining things, he walked out of the door among the thousands of free people, Qing Yue loud voice shouted You have lost Now you have Tens of thousands of troops, but the Xeon camp is far less than we, I Barry Do not want you to massacre, after this battle, the chaos of the Great Plains will be re fixed number, you follow your resp.with the HTC lightning fiercely silver collision Moment, the world seems to be quiet down Numerous pairs of eyes, stare and then stare, staring horror at the strange scene that high, a word can not tell. Like a torrent of silver fidget cube shop lightning, even without success Pida down Do not touch the root hit the Hydra Wong body A figure wearing a red war armor, as above in high altitude, firmly blocking the front of the silver lightning, lightning will be that silver Lei abruptly intercepted down That person, one hand before the move, dark hair Flurry, cold set there, just like a blade of water, he just that the flood of water to withstand it A person, propped up a sky Looked at the high altitude dazzling silver Mans under the back of that road, the hearts of a ray of strong shock quietly rising into the sky. However, this time, I was proud of the wind by this road Lei was a total numbness, there is no feeling. Silver lei moment, proud wind almost thought he was split coke, and that terrible moment of infusion of energy into her body in every corner, like a torch her grilled like, even the fingers are from the A layer of smoke, the body seems to collapse in front.

He is a very strong man, do not like to be found in their own pain, but do not need others to comfort, but somehow, proud wind of the hands tightly hold, he actually did not exclude , The hearts of the painful feeling suddenly reduced a lot. This little guy, worried about me She is too sensitive to it Qinshuo looked puzzled proud wind. You know, these years in order to maintain the dignity of a leader, Qin Shuo usually refrain from their former gaffe, even if the hearts of pain will not reveal too much, but this little bit of volatility, actually still caught by the proud wind. Proud wind clutching his father a little trembling big hand, and knew he must have thought of the wind Qin, if she did not know the cause and effect, or Wu did not perceive Qin Shuo mood swings, Qin Shuo and wind Qin things, and then Listen to the words of the day Xiao Lords, naturally think of. My father is too hard these years, so the feelings of nausea, but also can not find someone to talk to, even a consolation of his people are not. Pride wind also felt a little chest pain, the father of the situation empathy. As a leader of natural to maintain a strong majesty, thes.magic device, he does not need to be afraid of being close to the fidget cube burlywood other three lords, but he can clearly know the opponent s position, the enemy I am dark, naturally beneficial to him. And change the appearance, gender, hidden magic of the air, need special materials, refining method is not very difficult to down, but the production of materials is very difficult to find, almost all need to pass the level of ore blindly brother. Although Qin Shuo himself is a Shenhuo device fidget cube shop division, but also failed to get material refining such things, proud of the wind to change the gender of the magic ring ring level, though not high, may be valuable in terms of absolute lord Treasures. In addition, the turtle interest rate treasure treasure to enhance the characteristics of treasure is even more jealous, the hardness of bird black black ore can not be fidget cube shop compared to any ore, Shenhuo can fidget cube limegreen not be melted, and turtle ore is a mysterious fire can melt fidget cube lightcoral the treasure Mine, can make refining the magic of a whole device to upgrade a grade With this treasure, proud of the wind can easily refining the Need for lord treasure device, if there are hundred miles and the Sima Yuqing tw.have a big brother when the pressure, and evidently fidget cube by kickstarter I can not fall on you After ah. Eyes turn to the camp of war Zhanmian, Baili Long slender slight shadow of a move, the whole person will be like a burst of elegant spirit, leaving a few Road in the air a touch of blur, came to the fidget cube shop sky above the battlefield, When the wind appeared even faster on a lot, obviously also understand the speed esoteric, and his own strength than the strong wind on a lot of proud wind. From the beginning of the war to the present, this is clearly on the level of fighting, the peak of the strong peak of the appearance of the fidget cube ebay parties from the hills of the expectations of the cheers. Pause, you can see his hands do not know when more than a four meter long green master long arms, almost two of him so long, long soldiers with a silver tip at the top tip, both sides have crescent Shaped sharp edge through the two sprigs connected with the gunpoint, the top for the well shaped, can be stabbed to cut, it is set the advantages of heavy weapons and light weapons in one, known as the heaviest weapons Fangtianhuaji Hands Fangtianhuaji, a hundred miles unparalleled Junrong awe inspiring.

Fidget Cube Shop d of inexplicable gas field, convincing, he said these words, next to the command of many clans will be a heavy nodded his head, eyes A glimpse of Manton, apparently warning him not to think about what to do in secret. The parties Lianfan Shi do not hesitate, have to remove their own refining furnace furnace, was lined up in the lake island stand in a row, each out of fidget cube shopping metal deposits, by the way called their own deputy with the device. Powerful mixing device division there are always one or two deputies to lay hands, those who usually do not Lianfenzhi their high grade, ore fight between the confrontation between the forces are confrontation, not limit the number of these, Mantelonian side of the six refining device division will be In the green deer lord next to him to lay hands. Seeing an idea proud of the wind, in that case it is called Sima Yu Xiao Qing help dissolve and Barry also not illegal, but not yet reached the day the king collar, she did not want to expose her to chase the cloud is the message so attracted trouble, not good Let them appear, direct sound into the fengyun house, wake up the practice of two people, so that they help in the FY.deer lord to tell you I have to tell you, you can not let him down, but he can not let him down, You want to take revenge I will not stop you, but I will not be able to lead the beast of the muddy water. Face a stiff, green deer lords hearts cursed, looking for revenge, I can do a person Plan brought to light, green deer collar destruction has Shu inevitable thing, the North territory is such a place, reputation is extremely important, 10 Star refining device division is also hostile, but ruin. This and his bi unearthed after the tsunami collar lunar collar and other places definitely will not let go of his Green deer collar, even if he saved the avenge of revenge To his strength on the wind is nothing but a moth mahjong on fire. Find someone to help More unrealistic, even the beast collar not to provoke cutting wind Moreover, the other big lords Looked at Mantelon mind has decided to look, Qinglv lords eyes cold light flashing, suddenly biting his teeth, took a deep breath Chen said His Royal Highness, regardless of the chasing the clouds and cut the wind is linked as long as the Royal Highness kill her Not fidget cube green to be seen, then who do not know your move.