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Fidget Cube Salmon oment of the ice cutting Lord, he knew he was hopeless, when he felt the beauty of life, extreme regret why they want to covet faith, that provoked to not mess with People, when people are blinded by greed when the eyes, how could think of this day Gorgeous silver light accompanied by a small tornado, the piece of land on the plants and trees completely engulfed, until the wind was dispersed, the ground only a terrible pit, Green Crane lord the whole person has disappeared, snow and ice God bow directly to his bombers kill steam, nothing left. Chop Ice Lord with the most violent and most direct way to end the fighting This farce ended with the death of the Green Crane Lord. Stay in the mountains of the crowd slowly dispersed, and people look to the king s eyes have been completely different, it seems that overnight, the king s position is not the same. Proud of the wind and the Yin Fu together, reunion, inevitably fidget cube salmon some cold between brothers Xuan. Yin big brother, you can hide enough deep enough, ah I worry about a vain white Proud of the wind laughing ridicule Road. Yun brother, you know I do not mean. Yan Fu s blink, handsome face raised a ray of ext.e a confession. Haichuan large lord s eyes and then condensed fidget cube salmon to even the rock and others who, like the eyes of the real meaning of killing people who suddenly made Zhanmeng like a pot of ice water immersed in the cold and again and again. Ranging from Haichuan some action, rattan boat once again take out, bite the bullet and shouted Haichuan adults, we gathered your reputation as a master, in fact, is to promote your reputation, for your faith in Under the Excalibur to have the things that we can swear on the day without the knowledge that those who seek trouble and unauthorized action and we do not have fidget cube white and blue their own Zhanmeng, after five days to let you see a wonderful World War, we enhance the strength too late , How may have these leisure time Also please adults insight Fujiko Zhou said this, it touches letting Haichuan, who slightly Yizheng, reminded them. Sky lord pretty eyebrows raised, nodded and said Haichuan, this guy said is not unreasonable, I do not know who is not guilty, and we gathered here for the younger generation to watch after five days of fighting, if you put this time They killed, five days later who and Bailimen to go against That.

sonable, things difficult, and want to make sense of them, in general, have to use force to convince them Caixing. Little Young, Dragon Clan strength is not weak, the Dragon command list ranked on top of the list, although the ninety, but also my generation can, and you can not try to be brave. Speaking of the northern clan, the presence of no one Qin Shuang better than understanding, just listen to him Chen Sheng smiled, and said But you do not have to be afraid, anyway, we have and master said in the king of the fidget cube orchid main peak convergence, To see the lively there, the three are not now Haichuan, who is the opponent of Shi Bo Proud wind could not help fidget cube neon but laugh That s, Dad s strength, I m afraid to stand up to sweep, but I still hope we can solve, finally a life experience. With Qin Shuo this backing, proud wind to feel more relaxed, while flying with everyone, while in their hearts to figure out how to expose the plot. Feiyun lord after his death, his magic rings also checked again, there are several letters he and Qinglu lords of communication letters, as long as make good use of, maybe even beat back a farming Chapter VII of the situation chang.e of the day Red copper, and a little celestite ore, together as a magic weapon of the main mineral off. The soul of the power of fidget cube nederland the fire of the red lotus Firelight enough to lead the main level of the following impurities in the energy refining all out, leaving only the most pure source of the purely metal liquid, the bulk of a large volume of liquid metal in the proud wind smelting Under the speed visible to the naked eye narrowing, from time to time there are golden smoke emerge. Sharp eyes of the refining device to quickly lock the mind, those golden smoke Shoulong in the past, once again aggregated into a liquid metal, proud of the wind not to impurities , for them it is extremely useful material, whatever the outcome, what These six or seven of the refining device division which is willing to waste Red Lotus Firelight temperature is extremely high, together with the dark black ore refining furnace furnace consolidation of the role of fire to strengthen the melting of the additional role of melting process is very short, this time refining the magic ring, but the most junior of the smallest things, Like the mansion is so consuming mind, pride an.d refining the lord treasure of experience, this time more than the original strength to enhance many, do not feel difficult. Soon, that group will form a liquid ring off the rudiment, proud of the wind began to add flavor to taste the deputy material. Colorful minerals skillfully melted into a thread like metal, attached to the ring outside the main surface, forming a dazzling circle of thread, very nice, look carefully to look like it would be an oriental dragon, in the center of the ring Discs on both sides of the intersection, the formation of Erlongxizhu style, that magic ring above the center is used to load energy and other precious stones gem. Magic device generally formed, proud of the wind does not change the color of the hands do not fidget cube salmon stop, even the atmosphere did not breath about, they began the next step, melting fidget cube salmon into the energy. Two crimson crystal than that milky white crystal feel more profound, proud of the wind will first put that white energy into the fire, which is also taking into account the fidget cube palegreen formation of magic after the magic device of the color, in general, is a magic weapon by the impact of energy fidget cube mexico crystallization Some, after all.

Fidget Cube Salmon ective lords and follow Barry door Two different, willing to vow to join my Barry door out, I can not kill you Thousands of unparalleled This is not a threatened intimidation, to list the strong one person will be able to kill thousands of people, is not an exaggeration. However, the fighting forces of the North territory is usually not rivals cut off, high level strong exterminate, the followers do not need all the following kill, as will only have a negative impact on their reputation. Like the mastery of the territory of the southern territory of the lord, and some were challenged to kill, in addition to the cronies killed, the hands of the God Emperor or the strong perform their duties to continue the territory of all things, as long as the oath to follow the new master can. Followers of the Eudemons contract so overbearing, the fidget cube salmon owner of natural death, the followers of the oath will automatically dissipated, there will be no adverse effects, but after the oath to become followers can not follow when the object of rebellion, Otherwise it will fall into hell. Zhanmeng the side of the people a moment of excitement, a gray robe out of the man out Tha.ween teammates, the need for iron will fight, the need for numerous combat experience The face of this murderous Sword, determined not firmly determined people will even directly collapse of the fighting will, just like the front of the team, from disdain to shock, and then from shock to panic, this time many people face expression is like that Fear, many strong fidget cube salmon have been quickly fleeing toward the outer circle in an attempt to escape the murderous swords of the sanctions. However, the action is no longer fast and Pixia the sword under the head speed, Master of the sword master Qin Shuang hand sword look murderous cold, as if a death from hell, mercilessly a sword cut Accompanied by a loud roar in front of everything is done by Zhebing Sword completely engulfed Murderous Sword completely broke out, like to flatten the mountains like this, directly on top of the hill out of a long hole, messy screams and screams just to maintain only half a second, Then there will be no sound. Quiet, surrounded by dead silence In this attack, the hill all the jungle birds and birds all scared away, and that in front, including many lords, including thousands of ambushe.