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Fidget Cube Rosybrown e kind of good at drilling the first step to find the world of warcraft you can see him from the underground forced out I can swear, if I get and Choi, open the underground city into the day with half of the quota is you of. Clive is a character straightforward person, slightly conjecture a bit on the fidget cube silent nod should be said fidget cube rosybrown Well, we cooperate. You in the above collusion, do not let that guy ran, I went to catch him out, Voice fell Clive fidget cube rosybrown shake, the whole person will be a huge change in his body wrapped in a blue light, and instantly inflated, an ancient blood of Warcraft coercion spread to go, and then they saw the grams Leif is extremely large terrorist World of Warcraft body. Blue wing silver back to the line Many people know that Kleef, but really clear that he is not much ontology, a look at the Cliff body is actually the line of the dragon, many people immediately surprised. Dragon is the best line to drill one of the World of Warcraft, but also in the underground speed of action under the general World of Warcraft no comparable, so the East Lin was so sure he can force the things below the force fidget cube lightslateblue out. After the rest of this fidget cube rosybrown break, Clive also do not sa.ou die to understand. When he finished, proud wind toward the not far from a fidget cube palegodenrod nod, the direction of the hundred miles fidget cube tan Qingxiao received her eyes immediately deliberately stature flash, three steps and two steps with a cold flash over, his appearance outstanding, in the The crowd appeared to stand out, now stand out more prominent. Qing Qing hundred crane Qinghe lord brow suddenly frowned, tightly pegged him, as if thinking of what. The world knows that I help Barry door shot to the enemy, but do not know how I know and Qing Xiao, speaking, or because of this thing. Proud of the wind lips raised, lightly said Green crane Lord , You remember when you sent people in the sky airship kill off Qing Xiao, blame the king brought it But unfortunately, you and the sunlord of the deal was my practice when the boat accidentally heard, when I was a God Emperor, they also never beware of me, and if others, that will get the famous Qinglu lord, will not be nosy, but I and Yin Fu s brother met earlier, naturally to control a tube. , Those who know the enemy, they will be in the dying before you all out for the words and phrases that the crystal clear, Qing Xiao, you s.

big loss, pressure Renren Qi, up one s morale, this person, but the army group warfare A great combat power ah Brother, you are very good at these ah Proud of the wind ridicule him It is said that you are leading the red it, you are very strong leader Of course. Qin cream actually no modesty, patted his chest and said When I was small in the northern mainland is an orphan, fidget cube early bird strength and weak, if there is no skill, has long been out there where the environment, I eleven years old Began to lead the command operations, as long as the difference between the strength of less than doubled, there is no decisive super strong, basically I can not win North than here can be more chaotic, large lords territory too wide, not all can control so far of. Proud wind eyes flashing, the voice gently said Brother, you have also suffered a lot of childhood ah. Qin Shuang was the voice of this soft soft heart, Yi Chan, inexplicable embarrassed, scratching his head smiles Nothing, nothing, big man to eat bitter what Small Young, we then look At this time, that terrible drum has stopped, as his hand a forward, but the smell of rumbling burst of noise, Barry City gates open.advantage of the wind and others took to the top of the top of the probe, hiding in the dark round after round of the figure suddenly from the ancient forest in all directions like Xiangshui camel out, at least thousands of people at a glance, they trapped in the Peak Cliff on. There is no greeting and lines, the other side of the leader followed by a sword, shouting everyone , The bottom of the many strong with cold cruel to kill the intended rushed up Looked at these sudden surging out of the ambush, the team not only did not panic but the crowd issued a burst of laughter, in fact, they already itchy, and came to the South after the East hide, do not fight a good few times, North of the kind of militant bones in this sword completely broke out. Ye Yi soon as the sky and shouts, fist clenched face, raised a ray of excitement on the smile, but also loudly roar of the sentence brothers, on At this time, any other discourse is superfluous. Proud of the wind has long been informed of the situation may be encountered by ambush also did not feel surprised, but this is the first time she took part in the war a little bit of blood boiling feeling. To Ye Yi.e soul, but purely rich in energy crystallization. Super energy crystal Many refining device division also found the side of the movement, looking back, once again all stunned. Section II alarm King device The envy of a Road fixed eyes in the arrogance of the wind in front of the dark black ore fidget cube brown refining furnace furnace edge, this time three exudes dazzling Guanghua magnificent crystal is lying there quietly, the surface layer of the package closure After the exclusion of objects removed, the real body completely revealed in front of fidget cube lightblue everyone Super energy crystal, crystal energy than the highest energy and then a high grade See the three super energy crystal, even has been looking flat water Dong Lin can not help but appear short lived sluggish, rumors super energy crystal can even provide the living things like dead energy, rare occasion, although still than Not on the king of fine soul so terrible, but also allow numerous refining device division to break the head to compete. Proud wind actually breath to three This is too exaggerated it Surprisingly, however, is not over, followed, proud of the wind and took out a series of precious minerals, celest.

Fidget Cube Rosybrown g purple wind earrings, handsome no cast face, combined together, the tremendous lethality of women, the team of women almost In the close to see her face instant collective death Imagine the pursuit of such a nice look under the crown, than the crystal pass over the screen transmission of the mask looks like too much. Why is it not a real man under the crown, and if she is a man, she will not be less charismatic. Hey, unfortunately, unfortunately ah Several women wring their brains regret endless. Since the case of the Mexican cold sword, Haichuan, and others can not withstand the great risk of her shot, proud of the wind there is no need to wear a mask to cover up their own looks, but also to small nine and small ice on the separation of many days The little lovers intimate affectionate. Fong Yun Fong played frost three see arrogant wind escape, this time joined the iron sword clan, then called hello to find a room to practice. Into the iron sword clan proud of the wind one person, more than a few friends to follow, can not help but cause embarrassment, a team to accept a member is difficult, proud of the wind and the relationship between Me.erywhere in the trees, for Beamon s fist direct attack will not be affected, but proud of the wind using the Overlord gun tactic is by virtue of the white tree was relieved a lot of strength, not her exhibition skills The best location, proud of the wind naturally to find a little more empty place and fidget cube rosybrown then kill, after all, the opponent is esoteric chaos level, can not waste a trace of power, it is not yet known. Two people chased the way to flee, the alarm is extremely large, near the strong hurry to have a lot of being alerted, but because it was clear for the lord of the peak level of the confrontation is definitely not to blame the people, see Usually far away, no one dare to touch fidget cube rosybrown their mold head. However, there are some exceptions. Proud of the wind in the two could not live close to a high cliff above, a young man looks up in his early twenties is the wind standing hand in hand. Men s face, such as crown jade, Mou, such as Hanxing, Wu Falls like hair down almost down to the ground, he was wearing a large gown gown, waist hanging a exudes the coldness of the cold sword, angular lip Qiazhao A ray of casual chic smile, the whole person as if into t.