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Fidget Cube Rose able to pull him down to it People are discussing here, Tude to hear that a cold hum from the back of Mantel passed behind, Puff To cry, the air came again a frightening sense of hot and dry, people could not help but turned to look at the past. I saw, that Mantel blue deer behind the Lord, but also out of a hand, a handful of blue flame cheerfully jump in the palm, but this group of blue flame flame than a proud wind that finger Much more, that dazzling glaucoma shine the entire island on the lake all the faces are some green. Qing Lu Jie main provocative glance toward the proud wind over, apparently want to compete. Proud of the wind slightly narrowed Heimou, lip wrinkle Yangqi touch of sneer. Seen overconfident, and really have not seen the stupid to this point He actually want to fight her Green deer lord is not a lord of Warcraft, but with the Green Fire God deer signed a contract of the magician, so get the green deer Shenhuo, from the well known, but green fire deer no matter how powerful is the lord of the class of Warcraft, Colored sika deer but also a difference, how can the red blood of the king of the red lotus fire par Really funny Proud.an not wait for them to farther the better This person is really thick skinned can Ink little master self assertive ability to distort the idea, really is more and more of the ah Cold cold staring at the Mexican cold sword, Mantelan teeth, said one by one word. Mentorian Mianlun told us to leave before the time is not kind to remind us, let us look outside, may be able to find a refining device division to participate in this dispute Mine Conference Two steps, one eyebrows, curious said how, Mantelon crown under the previously said is not what it means Or that you speak of the Duke of the beasts have always not speak Looked at the ink cold sword that seems to be the same as the puzzled look, proud of the wind again out of a sweat. She really did not wrong This guy is really a fox Need belly black But also the type of report must be Grievance Simply and light that guy has a fight Hong That this is clearly Mantelang alive ah It is not difficult to imagine Mantel before they leave in time is how arrogant domineering, cynicism, say these words is to let the ink cold sword and others uncomfortable, where is really want to see him back But now the ink cold.

whelming advantage, there is no hope of any Competition Obviously, the beast collar brought forward the dispute is fidget cube rose well prepared to come, they clearly want to win most of the minerals, so Mantel beforehand with a six star refining device division confused the line of sight, the shot is not the man, here Of the other eight mixing device division, add up to not more than fifty stars, up to take fidget cube rose a small part of the turtle interest rate of treasure, and the bulk of the difference may be more than to go. Unexpectedly is actually the famous Qinglu lords, he also came to drip this trip muddy water, I am afraid is to climb the beasts lead the tree, proud wind slightly narrowed his eyes, and most people, this man one Appearances, she was through his dress and refining equipment division level to guess his identity. To the top ten blue deer lord, the most famous is not the strength but the mixing device, he is now known as a very small number of northern high Star refining device division. But the influence of Jiuxing refining device division is not small, but not enough to make the days of the list of strong class people moving, God and the lord of the device.mine, maybe also to attract the tenth day of the penalty mine. Double Ray robbery robbery than the general terror to come, combined with the power of the two robbery Ray, a full seven Thunder, Xianer if they had separated from the robbery, everyone only need to suffer four Tianlao Bale. Of course, Mansono said that the small nine mine robbery than double mine robbery terror, not the number of thunder, but the thunder of power, single mine robbery is still sixty nine days mine robbery, need to suffer six thunder. Mother adults, you do not have to worry too much. Mansono standing proud wind side and comfort her As we have pure blood of Warcraft itself has an excellent talent, as long as the birth can not be achieved after the death of the king class , Do not even need to deliberately to practice, not a little difficult how to line The world is fair, powerful World of Warcraft life long, strong, Huanshou skills do not need to understand, but it must go through the test of God. Pride wind eyes slightly nodded his head, gaze condensed in the sky above the purple black clouds, the power of lightning which has been ready to make ends meet. Hydra Huang Zhou.out of business, so that adults get into trouble. Proud of the wind do not want these days are Zhanmeng fidget cube by antsy human revenge, among the three major lords of the joint venture, and hand, to ensure safety. Since the pride of fidget cube gray the wind is very sensible to the boat, the attitude is quite polite, Haichuan large lords are also a lot of comfortable, chilled face showing a slightly relaxed demeanor, nodded and said No problem, the two can freely choose Tent. A fidget cube magenta touch of biting gnashing teeth staring at her Zhanmeng people, proud wind awe inspiring smile, is very cool and Qin Shuai step forward into the three major lord associates. You have to go back, after five days is the war, less ghosts thought Our lords camp, not anyone can come in Haichuan if fidget cube slategray the fidget cube aliceblue white war Zhimo a few people, waved, immediately But also with the other two big lords turned back to camp. Next to a small team of people are coldly came over, even the boat to the rock and others sub man made a gesture a few, please This blunt deportation attitude, simply let Lian Yan several extremely Xiufen, but the face of a hand can pinch their big lords, but also how Lian Yan and others were forced to leave ange.

Fidget Cube Rose sturb his old, and so I will become strong, will naturally get back this place. Proud of the wind is not willing to use the reputation of Mo Di, joking, and then owe the other end of the old fox human, do Proud of the wind, you really are very special, others are anxious to climb on my side of the corner of the father, but you actually refused. Mojian sword in the eyes of a bright smile thicker However, I like self reliance, the total Is under the wings of others, how to grow Proud of the wind that Mexican cold Mohist sword of the exclusion of the refuge, hoping to rely on their own strength to grow, perhaps because of this he can get angry, there will be a youthful strength of the esoteric. The heart can not help give birth to a little appreciation of the feeling, proud wind is a laugh Ink Brother, you told me to chase the clouds, you should know what I did, that three big lords together, and now identity should not be announced Out, even if I am by your side, that the sea, once I know my identity will still desperate to kill me on the Mexican fidget cube khaki brother you are now in this way, but to go to the king brought it Choting choting choting choting choting ch.ited for so many years, looking for so many years, A bad news Prudent wind lightly shook his head, hesitated for a moment, then went on Also, she asked the man back to the ring, is that you forget her to marry her another person, your Life is long and long, and she fidget cube review and unboxing wants you to have a good life. fidget cube rose However, nine refining is proud of the wind in the words to hear, the sad sad sky laughing. She thought she was dead, I can like other people This voice with unspeakable choking and sadness, red haired man looked up to the distant side, it has always been cold in fidget cube rose the red eyes glowing a few brother Different colors, like crying laugh, exudes not to say the sad. After a while, he slowly opened his mouth in silence I vowed, in addition to life and then love will not marry any woman, fidget cube rose the heart of this situation, the world can learn, such as oath, willing to fly ash annihilation Hear this cold but reveals a very strong re oath, everyone could not help but shocked. God order mate death and then resumed the spouse is a normal thing, every master of the order of God s life is very long, in addition to the kind of body has been to the old state, no one can say.