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Fidget Cube Release ay of laughter, the king of the main entrance of the collar, a silhouette elegant silver pole came out. This is a stunning woman, silver haired silver eye body white body tight dress, her posture graceful lips smile, a long silver scarf in the snow white neck called a circle, floating in the back down to the waist, With the walk pendulum, it is truly beautiful. This woman who is born with a kind of noble and elegant, do not fall under the vampire, and the body there is a mysterious world of Warcraft coercion, Mantelen and her one, even the tip of the iceberg is difficult touch. The emergence of women, so that countless people poured a cold lump, stared straight in the eyes, as if even the eyeballs must stare out like Mantelun, long time no see, you d more and more arrogant, ah Even the guy who blame his aging son dare to cover up, your beast collar is not life too long Come near, silver haired woman Lengheng I heard, raised the snow high neck, bad tone asked. At this time, has not moved Yin Yang Yin Fu and his face could not help Yangqi a touch of faint smile, Yin Fu on the front of a woman facing the worship, fidget cube mediumseagreen confirmed everyone s guess. Mother adults.rowned. Can be seen directly from the bottom of the situation, proud wind swept away the cold, they saw the people who speak. It is a look more than 20 year old young man, a golden and waist long hair, a pair of bright red fidget cube for adhd eyes like blood, wearing a large black cloak, features and dress with Man Sainuo almost the same, the station In the crowd, is so conspicuous and prominent, but a descent pure vampire, proud wind almost one to determine his identity Kinship the first Duke, the beasts of the two Prince s Royal Highness, Mantelon. This Mantelun looks inherited the vampire has always been handsome, looks pretty pretty, who has a similar elegance with the Mansano noble, but once the noble too far, that is arrogant, and that contempt for all Arrogant arrogant eyes, no matter who will probably see some unhappy, but the people around him because of his strength can not be does the fidget cube make noise a positive opening Bale. Pride in the proud wind is not a bad thing, people can be arrogant, but it can not be out of date, regardless of location to a large, or it is not a cow but stupid. The Mantelon, obviously the latter. The first section of the Jiuxing refining device division Compa.

to beat me this epigenetic juniors, at least have to wait for me after 100 years of age Puff to sound, millet cream has taken the lead in laughing out, the team is followed by an upside down, Qin Shuo also shook his head with a helpless smile. Proud of the wind this buy the fidget cube bad thing, actually bully the four to lead an honest man, a hundred years later With her peerless talent, who beat who is a hundred years later it needs to ask you. See the pride of the wind that innocent Mo Yang, Ye easy this honest people feel the meaning of her words, and could not help but once again bearded stare some of the eyes, but take the proud wind the epigenetic juniors no way, Finally, he could not help laughing. Pride of the wind and leaves ease the relationship since the case also admire each other, are the true nature of the person, a few days to get along, almost brotherly The whole clan, only Berry because of jealousy on the proud wind discontent, but she simply can not pick any wind proud of the wind, can also be proud of the past, said the wind is spies, but in nine refining parent child Longfei After the news, this is absolutely impossible, and if she is so proud of th.agnation is simply strong to the extreme. This damn Qin Shuo, the strength of clear on top of them, one to one test, how they will be his opponent In front of so many people, this does not make clear to ridicule them, fidget cube release so that they are discredited Mody, Haichuan two silent not respond. The rear looked at a lot of strong at once while sadly, not difficult to Qiaochu, fidget cube for students Haichuan three have timid. Seeing this scene, Qin Shuo can not help but laugh in the sky, indecent wanton laughter almost spread throughout the entire mountain, laughing triad purple skin, purple veins straight forehead into the forehead, even if they were trembling with anger, but also dare Really took over his challenge. Proud wind standing in the crowd looking up at him, the hearts of a sudden arrogance ignited pride, that is her father fidget cube release So hot, so bright Alone power was able to beat the pack alone, stunned three big lords did not dare to answer, this is how powerful This war, no matter how the outcome, his strong position in the hearts of the world will increase to a terrible extent Her eyes flashing, quietly firm belief, one day, she will reach him as high, in this land of all powerful.at him, like a silver dragon guns, she picked up a random, wanton and free and easy, taking advantage of the Tu war after a move, Strokes of the moment, physique twist, the body rotated over an incredible point of view, the hands also play a full force of the powerful momentum moves. Dodge, out of the gun, at one go As if nothing to consider the use of any moves, nor through any hair move, as a shot swept over This seemingly wanton idle tricks, which contains the strength and accuracy of the degree of close proximity to feel the Tu war burst of panic, he clearly fidget cube release felt a huge force has locked him firmly locked, only in time straw Moved a bit of the body, to avoid the most powerful silver gun tip, and then heard pop To cry, the whole person was severely shot in the gun Upan invisible You this kid, esoteric also into the fidget cube release chaos level How is it possible Tu war could not help but horror to utter a cry, could not believe their own eyes However, he can not believe their own eyes, but can not believe that it fell like a mountain like strength of their own Although the gunpoint to avoid, wield the power of the same can not be underestimated gun Tu war feel a bu.

Fidget Cube Release attention, so a drink, naturally more boiling, numerous strong crazy shouting up, proud of the wind loudly applauded At this moment, to create too many miracles of pride in their hearts seems to have been omnipotent, even if she boasted the sea. To an enemy two to just enter the strength of the lords of the two top 10 list of the master list, actually no one think it is wrong. Manshanbianye passionate applause sound, only to see Qin Shuang, who staggering. Metamorphosis of the highest state, is the metamorphosis of a matter of course, Silently looking at the proud wind, Sima Yu Rong rolled his eyes and said, next to everyone heard this, agree to nod. Indeed, now proud of the wind is no matter how metamorphosis, I am afraid people will say, That has always been a metamorphosis lord ah What can be strange When the metamorphosis into a matter of course, proud of the wind naturally formed the Wal Mart. At this time, as long as the wind proud to defeat the Lord of Feiyun and even rock the top ten to the top ten list, sit real metamorphosis lords these four words, from Megatron Quartet famous in the world Even the rock and Feiyun lords of course, u.ion of white ice white mask armor, once again exposed Chasing the clouds type of dress signs. But now is not a sign, and from the cloud in the Barry Gate fame has been a long time in the past, Babel House this month, the list has been out of the wind proud of them in the rookie list, Of the location, reputation moving the world. Now do not know how many young people worship her, this body dressed all the way over the clan also saw a lot, for a time, the South China many black robe flourish rampant in the world Qinshuang out through the slander Taiwan and Qin Shuo summoned for a while, raised his head and said proud wind, Shibo said to fidget cube insider us directly to the King of Lords King Mountain, he then went to other places are other people s camps, Or the king of the territory of the territory, the main city will not exclude the scattered strong, many of the strong north are gathered in the king of the main city, we can in the past. Northern clan used to camping, do not want to stay in the main city, after all, that the main city can be said to be other people s sites, only idle people will go. Proud of the wind to the peak of the mountain shadow fidget cube comparison smile and.