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Fidget Cube Palegodenrod ust also be eliminated, but this is only fidget cube palegodenrod a matter of time, not the top of the list of strong leader, three two kitten can not climate. Chaos Great Plains unification soon, Barry door who will not happy However, this time, Barry City, a remote corner, the door Barry hundred miles door is unparalleled and proud of a pedestrian farewell wind. King of the king is now a time when the strong gathering of the occasion of the super strong, and Shi s unearthed absolutely more than I gathered in the Barry door more powerful, and this shot fidget cube vinyl toy is limited to the list, the real Xeon master did not appear, Although you are not weak, but still be careful, Tianbang strong and the north super master of the esoteric understanding is to list the strong can not be compared. Long handsome long handsome extraordinary Baili standing in the moonlight , Looked at the same fidget cube palegodenrod a Qingyi handsome face hundred miles Qing Xiao told Qing Xiao, this time Big Brother no way to accompany you to go, you can not give trouble to chase the crown under the mess. Barry Qingxiao sadly holding his hand and said Big Brother, in fact, I do not want to leave you, but the cloud is my first friend over th.ut the power of the soul to create the fire in front of God, but only the sake of escape. Proud of the wind to be sure, to reach the lord class then use the armor of Mannuo Royal armor, her ordinary fighting will be in the lord of the peak level, coupled with the lords of the esoteric Overlord gunfire and Shenhuo, even rock and Kei what What You you break the lord barrier Look proud proud of the wind look like, Qin Shuang shook fiercely fiercely, mouth twitching to smile twice, hey, this little metamorphosis every day not to fight him two or three times Is not comfortable 22 year old lord, or to contend with the top ten list of It seems that I really want to work hard, or sooner or later you have been thrown off a large portion, then I would not be ashamed when the brothers to die Qin Shuang shook his head and sighed and frowned You these a few The day to do a good practice it, the soul of the condensation of this stuff Dan need to absorb a lot of energy from the outside world, not a day or two will be able to gather together, normal months to be condensed up, practice talent slightly faster on my Talent is also considered the top of the North.

d refining the lord treasure of experience, this time more than the original strength to enhance many, do not feel difficult. Soon, that group will form a liquid ring off the rudiment, proud of the wind began to add flavor to taste the deputy material. Colorful minerals skillfully melted into a thread like metal, attached to the ring outside the main surface, forming a dazzling circle of thread, very nice, look carefully to look like it would be an oriental dragon, in the center of the ring Discs on both sides of the intersection, the formation of fidget cube papayawhip Erlongxizhu style, that magic ring above the center is used to load energy and other precious stones gem. Magic device generally formed, proud of the wind does not change the color of the hands do not stop, even the atmosphere did not breath about, they began the next step, melting into the energy. Two crimson crystal than that milky white crystal feel more profound, proud of the wind will first put that white energy into the fire, which is also taking into account the formation of magic after the magic device of the color, in general, is a magic weapon fidget cube antiquewith by the impact of energy crystallization Some, after all.Fortunately, if Mo Di also control her, until her own portals, I m afraid that even our foothold The land is gone Hearing this sentence, the Highlord and the forest lords at the same time slightly narrowed his eyes, revealing thoughtful look, At this point the sky, the silver light has gradually faded down. Bathed in the light of the Yinmang proud of the wind just feel uncomfortable physical comfort, as if soaked in a pool of warm water in Sri Lanka, and her body surface has emerged out of the rules and similar to the world of silver light, this is the soul realm, The power used by the person The power of the soul Before looking at other people do not feel, now has the power of the soul, proud of the wind found the power of the mysterious soul and powerful, and the divine divine power is entirely different concepts Power fidget cube vinyl desk is stored in the body, even if the power of fear, but only individual power, even if a person into a fidget cube palegodenrod god, he can not break the beam of the individual beat, which doomed the limits of God order. The power of the soul, but it is able to communicate with nature, the energy of all things, through the power of the soul, you can easily make.faith, basically you have been captured, and get the The advantages of those who guard the territory of the lords are strong for hundreds of years If not, how everyone is thinking to become a master, in this kind of occasion to develop their skills Qin Shuang is also next to ridicule her Yes ah little brother, you this last fight, you can steal other people s limelight too Qingxiao and unparalleled brother to find you reckoning slightly Proud wind touch the nose blinked I I did not mean to. Proud of the wind looked very innocent eyes, everyone can wait for them to kick up her feet together This brats, got the cheap also to behave Not intentional all this, so you have deliberately had The voice continued for a long time just to stop a little down. Barry door as the main door, Barry unparalleled natural to solve the remaining things, he walked out of the door among fidget cube fake vs real the thousands of free people, Qing Yue loud voice shouted You have lost Now you have Tens of thousands of troops, but the Xeon camp is far less than we, I Barry Do not want you to massacre, after this battle, the chaos of the Great Plains will be re fixed number, you follow your resp.

Fidget Cube Palegodenrod ican emperor of the old fox, dry laugh twice, said Ink cold sword brother, you see me like this, there was so embarrassed, it is estimated very disappointed Disappointed Well, indeed a bit disappointed. Ink cold sword shrugged Jun Ting s eyebrows, suddenly again narrowed his eyes looking proud wind smiles I have always liked to act in accordance with the meaning of his father, especially this Things, I originally intended to take you to the north, but you really too unexpected Now it seems, whether it is your strength or appearance, are I like, you are indeed worth pursuing Woman, I had an exception once. Listen to the wind fidget cube instructions in front of the wind proud of the last part of the sentence can be said after the last part of the sentence, proud wind once again thriller Now she has a feeling of fainting Dude, you do not make an exception for me Really do not ah This that Prudential force to fidget cube 3d printer grasp the head, embarrassed do not know what to say, this kind of thing she had never met, Lei Yu Feng Ye Hao, Yun Qinghong Ye Hao, the total is not As for a meeting on the expansion of the pursuit of attack, such as See the proud wind exposed this expressio.rds of the following strong for the overwhelming from the screen Shenjian basically no resistance, which Tu Shen Jian intended to be used to deal with Barry door, but this time it is used in their own people who want to fidget cube palegodenrod come also very ironic. Seeing things basically solved, Barry unparalleled in the air will be a little Baoquan, Lang Lang said Today, a war, thank the world strong bar market, and now the war has been, I Barry there are many things to deal with, Not here to continue pestle, and Barry City from today to lift the closure of the city, if you are interested to sit, Barry unparalleled welcome. Dressed in a courtesy, Baili unparalleled waved his hand, with the crowd back Barry city, proud of the wind with the brigade surrounded by people in the next, Barry unparalleled good, the next time, Barry I am afraid that the door is really busy. This war chaotic Great Plains completely reshuffle, more than half of the forces of leaders fall, the rest are fidget cube palegodenrod not a threat to the formation of a small soldier, in addition to Barry door, has no second powerful forces, Baili unparalleled as long as slightly Display means, unified plain near the front, this pie.