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Fidget Cube Orengered ion to even the rock and Feiyun lord, rattan boat and others are clenched the palm of your hand, this time they hope that Baili unparalleled , So that both sides are good, if Barry Warriors really fight, I m afraid they are less of these people to die in three or four Unfortunately, people are willing to fail days, rattan boat voice just a fall, another burst of more intense loud drums from the Barry city flying in the sky Boom Boom Boom Crazy drum sounds like a heavy hammer, a Road percussion in people s hearts, many God Emperor level within the strong mind of a swing, the mouth suddenly a sweet, many not into the weak order of God is this drum sound shocked Front of a black, on the spot to faint in the past Proud wind chest is startled, brow micro wrinkled, whispered call spiritual attack Qin Shuang in the next eyeful of admiration to softly exclaimed It is said that he is proficient in temperament, is very good at long range sound attack, a variety of musical instruments to his hand is a weapon of murder. Qin Shuang, , Today saw a really extraordinary, if not afraid of causing too much public outrage, alone, this drum can make Zhanmu Zhanmeng eat a.chi Puchi Laugh out of the sound. Proud wind can not help laughing together, had to admire the little brother about the meaning of this get along, he is too funny, and funny are doing so kind of polite, facing a naked soul Dan Bao Quan, really lose money He wanted to come out ah Of course, Yin Fu, in fact, may not have no other meaning, he does not hurt the opponent s life pure material because do not want to be a scapegoat, put opponents a horse, said he also generous, so ridicule embarrassing, can be considered revenge The man came to harass their territory. But from the pair of bright and surprisingly dark eyes and that full fidget cube orengered of spring like smile, is determined not see any clues. Presumably at this time who only stab the soul of Dan under a comrade, is now Biequ, and his team, but also because of the laughter of the crowd around them were anxious to find a seam to drill down. Clearly the war situation, Yin Fu wins Not to hurry to the back to hide, this time to go back and then slowly condenses the body That body shape Biao Zhuang Dajin knife negative command of the clan commandment angrily stare The fly back to the bald soul Dan one, the mouth of th.

r is now really admire the proud wind, so he hit from the heart that proud wind, then there is compelling power, could not help but want to help her, but if he heard the wind proud whisper, do not know what will be Mentality. Chapter 10 of the situation The second section of the sudden strong list of days Since some people hold up the occasion, proud wind does not deny, eyes turned nodded, suddenly overstating the voice Yes I do have proofs, come before, I have to know who is in the dark King of the collar and you, this Fan King Mountain is to expose the conspiracy of this person, but also you a fair Qinghe lord guess speculation, once heard the wind proud of the wind so sonorous and powerful words, still abruptly shuddered Looked proud of the wind over a slightly ridiculous and self confident eyes, green crane Lord under a dead, his struggle to borrow. Is proud of the wind when there is no evidence to be useful, if she really have proof, it simply can not tolerate his sophistry Damn, the second child in the end is how the exposed feet You fidget cube kickstarter want to fidget cube maroon ask how do I know these Proud of the wind as if to see through his ideas, take it lightly laughed I let y.aid, we follow the brigade to find and Bi s whereabouts, also considered to help him busy. Although not reconciled, proud wind but also reluctantly nodded that, you be careful. Qin Shuo could not help but listen to the proud wind in the chest a warm, eyes micro move, Tude seems to decide what kind of a raised his hand, and his face will be taken to take down a small, Proud wind, who shines, and then they saw a handsome face. The man in front of Jian Mei into the temples, such as cutting fidget cube hong kong face, long and narrow eyes shining deep luster, looks at most twenty seven eight, the entire face like the artist Seiko sword out of the perfect statue. And proud of the handsome beauty of different, it is a biased in the masculine beauty, ordinary people to see him at first glance and even be faint that the distribution of awe inspiring legs softened, but even so difficult to remove the double Eyes, but his face some pale, it seems very cold and unreasonable, like years of knot. Stared at this fidget cube orengered look exactly like big brother Qinao days face, proud wind suddenly filled with an irresistible feeling, she understood some of the cloud Qingcang, who see their feelings, but Qi.at the three tense look, proud wind touch the nose smiles I fidget cube camo was not so impulsive, you rest assured that although my ultimate goal must be the mainland gods, in the north, I am afraid to stay for a long time. She offended so many big kings, to the gods, at least have the strength of a king class enough to protect themselves. Listen to the tide of the first edition of the text version of www.tIngchAoge.com Lords up level, very slow pace of cultivation, esoteric did not comprehend to the rosy, how can easily leave the proud wind Understanding of esoteric things is not one or two days, no matter how genius, not hundreds of years of fighting and precipitation, simply can not get to the level of pride, the wind has been doing in the north for hundreds of years of long term psychological preparation. That s good, do not talk about this, we continue to see the property. Qin frost three sigh of relief, excited to continue to aim at the ring on the sight. Followed by the two properties together, recovery, treatment, the two stalls are, commonly known as double file properties, can make the owner of the magic weapon in the process of fighting the rapid recovery.

Fidget Cube Orengered mine, maybe also to attract the tenth day of the penalty mine. Double Ray robbery robbery than the general terror to come, combined with the power of the two robbery Ray, a full seven Thunder, Xianer if fidget cube orengered they had separated from the robbery, everyone only need to suffer four Tianlao Bale. Of course, Mansono said that the small nine mine robbery than double mine robbery terror, not the number of thunder, but the thunder of power, single mine robbery is still sixty nine days mine robbery, need to suffer six thunder. Mother adults, you do not have to worry too much. Mansono standing proud wind side and comfort her As we have pure blood of Warcraft itself has an excellent talent, as long as the birth can not be achieved after the death of the king class , Do not even need to deliberately to practice, not a little difficult how to line The world is fair, powerful World of Warcraft life long, strong, Huanshou skills do not need fidget cube gear to understand, but it must go through the test of God. Pride wind eyes slightly nodded his head, gaze condensed in the sky above the purple black clouds, the power of lightning which has fidget cube unboxing been ready to make ends meet. Hydra Huang Zhou.eally well known to meet Thanks for your thanks, you cure the body fidget cube brown Xiao Qing, I do not think that newspaper, if today, In, there is no need to notice even though, soon as the brow is not a man Proud of the wind by his heroic heroic infection, but also readily laughed Barry Brother, evidently you do not blame us a hundred miles to the door to get such a big trouble, which is good, the other I have nothing to ask, At least now you can not drive us away. Baili unparalleled not help surprised a moment, the fidget cube orengered heart to understand what she meant, can not help but frown said chasing the cloud crown, the odds today we are a very small war, you really insisted on leaving it Baili unparalleled, the world is not a bloody person you, abandoned friends and relatives, abandoned their responsibility regardless of, the fidget cube orengered same shameful Even if you do not care about, but after all things because of me, I can not escape. Of the eye staring at him, heavy said. So no matter how, I will not leave Barry Gate, today, the city in people, the city died I also, oath and Barry City, the total survival Not do not know can be used to escape the situation Fuchun, but proud of the wind.