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Fidget Cube Orchid Pan Yu first step shot Footsteps abruptly before the step, the hands of the gun swing dance, urging the body of the soul of Dan, the body around the silver soul of power suddenly scattered out Like a vast ocean in a large wave, the body covered with the power of the soul of the Pan Yu, the person completely into a meteor, with the green rifles toward the Pride covered the wind hit. Point Star Gun Star million points Proud of the vision of the wind filled with the power of the soul, filled with silver light thorn eye pain, almost do not see Chu Pupu Yu figure, only the slightest of which trace the murderous constantly revealing murderous Pan Yu s point star gun Baili unparalleled Mei Feng fretting, clear eyes passing a ray of surprise, the original concerns of the color also eased down, softly laughed It seems very concerned about the metaphor Yu Yunmao , Was actually a beginning to display his stunt, this point fidget cube orchid marksmanship coverage area is very difficult to escape, but the pursuit of speed under the crown of the esoteric has been started, to be out of the question should not be difficult, this test, the overall situation has been Definitely Barry Qin.Haishu large lords quickly recovered calm, no matter how obvious, always on the face or do, he soon Lengheng distant shouted Qin Shuo, you crazy here less arrogant We will sooner or later solve the matter, But the current and is the most important, our trip is the purpose of and Bi, get it, who is also a winner, you still think about how to get from the big mouse and Bi s bar He s Bi three words succeeded in pulling everyone s attention back, Qin Shuo also eyebrows micro eye wrinkles a fidget cube toys r us turn, fell to sight lying on the ground unable to move the Blue Crystal Rat Wong body. Blue Crystal Rat Wong had just burst out of the body of the kind of powerful power undoubtedly attracted the attention of four people of the Qin Shuo, that energy is terrible Road, and in their sense seems to have exceeded the scope of the big lords, so although the blue crystal Rat Wong suffered a heavy blow can not move, but they do not have a hands on. Four hearts is clear, even if it is a big lord, it may not be able to counter that terrible anti earthquake power, free hand, only as the previous eight were shocked to fly out of the sky as the strong list. Everyone is also about to.

also not much use, even endless space, can be a lack of life can not be loaded with crystal life, and large space ring is not very different. It is strange that the two tranches of the dark stall properties turned out to be blurred, but with the pulse of the soul of the device and a slight flash of gray luster, as if the property is still forming among the like. Proud of the wind, I think this ring although exudes the color of the king class, can feel but there is no pressure on the monarch, ah, and obviously is 12 files, but only nine properties, fidget cube online india is not where the problem Into a defective Sima Yu dissolves some puzzled staring ring, frown asked. Qin cream in the next pick. Smiled and said I do not like this, I have heard the father said, monarchs are possessing the soul of the treasure device, not the device soul, their power is fidget cube lightgray only in the best master treasure device fills the soul to really shape the total A process, only the soul into the shape of human practice, can be called a real king device, or can only be said to be quasi monarch device, or called the Need for life master treasure device. Need for Life Lords treasure Proud wind could not hel.but this is definitely a future in the mainland on the rolling stars, ah, if dead here it is also too sorry Of course, there are some anti tune. This is a fool, such a terrible mine robbery how to survive the truth This kid is simply their own court death Forest big lord disdain to laugh But it also saved our hearts, hacking her best The other two big lords the same lengran smile, the hearts of the Thunder looking to fall quickly, this fourth and fifth superimposed heavier than Ray in front of two or three superimposed tenrai on a higher level, in accordance with Hydra Huang now State, will certainly be able to kill them on the spot However, proud of the wind do not care about these, this time she never to consider so much, she only knows that a small nine dangerous, so she must stand up and protect him Proud of the soul of the power to get the support of a small nine to look at some of the Dayton suddenly picked up a huge high quality fidget cube pupil in the exposed deep touched, of course, he knew the pride of the wind without hesitation, which can not help but use a big head rub Rub proud of the wind stroking his arm, the soul came from the weak but full of attachment ca.just esoteric entry Of course, the list of gold content only in the southern mainland, the North a lot of master disdain to the south to find those so called list of master contestants, they only when the proud wind is also true. Kacha Turtle ore was natural split in half, and that two halves of ore, suddenly burst into a burst of green glaucoma. Glaucoma sky Instant this small lake as if jasper jade in general, strong energy emanating from the two halves of ore out of a crystal green shadow flying into the sky, this moment of explosive power makes the speed of this amazing things fast , And even Dong Lin, who have no time to stop, seeing will escape Crystal heart This is a treasure of fidget cube violetred crystal heart Ah, or the formation of a fine soul With a few times exclaimed, three silhouettes at fidget cube orchid the same time toward the top of the sky fly past Two black, a light silver. Bang The crowd has not yet seen what happened, that side came a very terrible energy confrontation, followed by soon as Menheng, three silhouette back to the original place. This time to see which three people, a naturally proud to win the heart of the crystal heart, one is the blonde blood fidget cube orchid Moulin.

Fidget Cube Orchid proud of the soul of fidget cube orchid the wind power to But this a lord of the peak of the soul Dan can let him reduce the power of the soul to take pride in the wind, but unfortunately even the soul of rock Dan proud wind of the war wing to rotten rotten, or else he is one of the Dayton. Combat wing armor of the attack power, proud of the wind is quite satisfied, even the rock anyhow, is a lord of the peak of the strong, in an instant to the slaying into slag, the power of no less than the ordinary lord treasure The terror of the combat wing is not only the power of fidget cube orchid flight stabbing, each spike in front of a bomb like attack like energy, this is the most terrible place, piercing the body and then explode, which bombardment from the internal bombardment, Than the external bombing do not know how many times stronger. Ancient magician of the Royal Armor is powerful, these local armor is simply Guards, no wonder even the original God should be coveted. Proud wind secretly sighed, mind fretting, more than a fidget cube magenta dozen combat wing fly back, re coagulation Behind. A high cheers among the Barry people quickly rushed from the camp rushing over, the first fidget cube golenrod hundred miles clear jumped.actually put out three rules of energy The third section of nine small recovery, mine robber come So many contracts of Warcraft, the spirit of extreme metamorphosis, the soul is also very strong, it should be for this reason, she can be realized in the divine Emperor class esoteric. Has been watching the Haichuan watch the wind finally opened, but that Two cold brow is always a faint lug. In fact, had just three lords can be shot to stop the rattan boat, but the three are happy to see the sea boat and arrogant winds arrogant winds they die, so one did not start, the original intention of the sea boat in the rattan boat blew again Zhanmeng those people, pretended to be a good man, but did not expect to be proud of the wind to the robbery to resolve. This kid can really big life. Forest big lord grunted, looked very disappointed. Big life is small, but she is the speed of progress is to human life ah The sky big lords eyes squint to look proud The twenty year old will be able to list the lord of the guy, practicing speed and so fast, God knows what will be a hundred years later, maybe it is a big red lord If the Mexican Emperor can control her.