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Fidget Cube Olivedrab as against all the odds, directly to the Green Crane Lord to take away, who can say that half does not word Thought of this, the crowd could not help but look to the direction of the Qin Shuo, the hearts of thought Do not know Mantelon and His Royal Highness the mysterious man who is more powerful, In fact, people are very looking forward to the two sides of the conflict, the North s belligerent nature of the people so that they are looking forward to the strong showdown, but obviously do not want fidget cube whitesmoke to note Mansurun Qin Shuo himself, this time is strongly convergence of the body s breath , Like an elegant spirit like, quietly retreated into the crowd. Dragon Lord Fortunately, Mantell, after all, is the top ten days of the top ten strongman, and if he noticed him, it is difficult to ensure that he will not see his identity, stronger than Mantelon this world Can not fidget cube olivedrab be a few ah But Mantelon did not have the time to pay attention to him. Because at this time, the king brought a sudden sharp burst of crisp sweet and loud loud laughter Proud Feng Feng Mei Yaran to a challenge, which was actually a silver bell like laughter issued by a woman With this arr., thousands of virtual, only the end of a random free to hit, then a few Road in the eyes of a surprise hit severely Huiming Beamon approaching the extreme fist Gun fist collided, the air between the two Om to a ring, resulting in an awesome burst like a torrent of power. Between heaven and earth issued a very terrible roar of tremor, a huge sound almost broke the human tympanic membrane, the young man and others just feel the foot of the mountains fidget cube neon are shaking, as if an earthquake like. Proud wind soon as Menheng, only to feel his arms burst of acid, the hands of the silver gun almost hand and fly, the body seems to be hammer suddenly hit a bit, bang To be about to be introduced to a few hundred meters away, Directly onto the ground dragged out a dozen meters deep pit just stopped. Fire Bi Meng Meng worse than her, issued by the screams of the screams collapsed almost half the sky Proud of the hands of the wind, but the lord of treasure, Warcraft body and then tough, it is impossible to resist the lord of treasure, Mansono as a vampire is not OK, not to mention a mere Beamon. Shot down, the fire Jingmimeng fist smashed the whole was pulpy Silver gun d.

en looked up, the eyes have brought a touch of horror, away from so far Just by virtue of breath on people feel afraid, my strength will be strong to what extent Proud of the wind in the heart of a hi and then some worry, just cut off that momentum is clearly not issued by a person, Qin Shuo and Haichuan they should have hand in hand, do not know how the fighting situation Great lord, feel that tyrannical atmosphere, more than a dozen around the Blue Crystal King Huang s strong body startled, and finally no longer hesitate, eight silhouette in the fidget cube olivedrab sword with the speed of extremely fast to the Blue Crystal Rat Huangpu In the past, go all out to send a crazy attack They know that the big lord once arrived, then the next they probably no chance to shot at this time beheaded Blue Crystal Rat Wong Dun walk is their last hope, The East Lin, Kleef Ye Yi and Mantelun but suddenly leap, fly away. Ten days before the strong list of the top ten mostly calm, otherwise it will not have the status of today, as Ye Yi, cut off because Qin Shuo has come, he did not have to go hard. Eight Tianbang strong at this time to show a very rare tacit understanding, respectivel.walked around. She does not rule out the possibility of many teams in the north, so that when they have a good impression of their meaning, a turtle mine for many of them mine for her, but not much, won the test, more than half Mine is her, but also care about this one This human, do not send white do not send Can not tell, under the age of wind coronation is not big, people and life experience and experience is so sophisticated, even Dong Lin command have a good impression on her. Really wave after wave of the Yangtze River, is not long before the new generation for the old Iron capacity not far from looking proud wind sighed. Wind brother s wit is not under me, but the performance appears to be relatively cold, if she was cheated by the appearance, it may be miserable. Ink cold sword slightly squinting eye softly laughed. Went to the central part of the island in the lake, proud wind saw a few that command center that a dark green slightly out of the singular issue of glaucoma ores, turtle interest Baolong color and the green mysterious tortoise is no different, the distribution of breath has an introverted Deep feeling, should not be wrong. Text ve.o account things, I will certainly fidget cube ebay take into account. Prudent wind is not anxious not panic Yaotouhuangnao something, this stare He slowly word of a word I have evidence These words suddenly Qinghe lord heart Yi Chan, completely frightened up, witnesses evidence of all, it is really useless how to deny it In the hands of offical fidget cube a move, proud of the wind from the space ring out of a communication crystal, narrowed Heimou Jingmang flashing, staring him You will never forget, in addition to your brother, there are fidget cube olivedrab third But the third person has been killed in the battle of the Barry Gate, his space in the ring where things will become my trophy, where the transmission fidget cube olivedrab of ridicule on the crystal, And the records of you and the third lord of the list, and the lord of the crane, are I right Qinghe lord is looking at proud wind, in a state of extreme tension, hear the name of the man proud of the wind, heart startled, hastily blurted out You lie The man is not even rock, we There is no connection with the rock However, these words just say, Qinghe lord of the complex to suddenly change The crowd abruptly Yizheng, followed by a cast to his jaw full of eyes Yin Fu s.

Fidget Cube Olivedrab usion of his soul beads can also become as part of the armor. Oh That small ice can be laid off, ah, a small nine must be very happy, that is afraid of Xiu Na will blame me. Pride wind to touch the chin to laugh. Fire Jingmimun s eyes as the opponent is really annoying, but once a help, but it is a terrible weapon, to see through the invisible things, with stealth ability of the killer will no longer be able to threaten her, but also insight into the other refining The masters used the mansion to approach the reconnaissance. Hey, the owner assured that I became worse, Xiu Na, of course, more happy ah Warcraft woman which do not want their husband more and more powerful Arthur smiled happily, with the soul beads back to the space situation To refining the. Proud wind pat clothes stood up, a few sideways, came to the cliff above the iron sword team next. Ink Brother, let s go. Mexican cold sword has been standing on the hill waiting for her to see her fly up, Mouzhong passing a touch of smile, back to the squad all the people said We all ready, and so fidget cube olivedrab on and back to the clouds and go back to the mining area , This time we let the Mantelon taste the tast.s not Completely invade her body In other words, her physical toughness, and even has to catch up with Mancano as Warcraft, and even comparable with the lord treasure In the future, is unarmed, and she dare to go hard to pick people s weapons And the split under her body s fidget cube buttons energy is also skyrocketing, the direct increase of two sword level energy, raised to the sword of the Lord The power of the largest benefits of lightning, after all, not her, proud wind can be aware order a fidget cube of a large part of the energy flow into her Eudemons space, it is estimated to be sleeping red to absorb the past, the other Eudemons did not get much buy fidget cube online energy, Back, the red is extremely huge gains, even proud of the wind feel Huanshou space within the energy slightly riot a bit, but unfortunately the big king class Huanshou Jin order the energy required too much, until the last red still did not wake up. Silver Ray finally shocked the people under the Notes completely fall Listen Tide Courtesy of the first text version www.tingchaogE.com A ray of breeze, in the midst of the silence blowing over the earth. The sky above the clouds began to fade quietly, a few rays of sunshine from the cl.