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Fidget Cube Oldlace xican cold sword with a strange look glanced proud of the wind, then smiled and said This time I go south before my father guess you will come to the king to find your father, in particular, call me pay attention to your whereabouts, He told me if you met with you back to the north with you, but this a few months a little news is not until yesterday Bailimen war a 22 year old lord appeared to turn the tide, I was sure you really To the king led, small wind sister, you can really make me easy to find ah Mexican cold sword is a shrewd person, to say these words in time, proud of the hearts of the wind immediately solved the doubts. He is the original Mexican Emperor Jiujun ink son, rookie list ranked second and thousands of silence almost the same situation the Lord, the ink cold sword ah No wonder the strength of such a strong, to see him just shot, actually able to kill the fire clear Beamon, the strength to come on her Fire Biyimeng even if injured, is not so easy to kill, and she did not see the hands of the esoteric fidget cube oldlace trajectory of her hands, she is insight into the esoteric chaos now, entry level and chaotic esoteric she should see Is out Into the m.s not Completely invade her body In other words, her physical toughness, and even has to catch up with Mancano as Warcraft, and even comparable with the lord treasure In the future, is unarmed, and she dare to go hard to pick people s weapons And the split under her body s energy is also skyrocketing, the direct increase of two sword level energy, raised to the sword of the Lord The power of the largest benefits of lightning, after all, not her, proud wind fidget cube oldlace can be aware of a large part of the energy flow into her Eudemons space, it is estimated to be sleeping red to absorb the past, the other Eudemons did not get much energy, Back, the red is extremely huge gains, even proud of the wind feel Huanshou space within the energy slightly riot a bit, but unfortunately the big king class Huanshou Jin order the energy required too much, until the last red still did not wake up. Silver Ray finally shocked the people under buy fidget cube antsy labs the Notes completely fall Listen Tide Courtesy of the first text version www.tingchaogE.com A ray of breeze, in the midst of the silence blowing over the earth. The sky above the clouds began to fade quietly, a few fidget cube matthew and mark mclachlan rays of sunshine from the cl.

sip startled startled also will remove the mask, revealing a Qing Jun s face, light laughed, Brother said, can not drag the little brother to recover the cloud her future days are still long. Temporarily unable to see the Longfei, Nian Lian will be his son s concerns are all pinned on the Yifei fidget cube order xiaofeng proud of the wind, his pride of the wind is no less than the number of Qin Shuo. Qin Shuo told proud wind You follow the four commanding team do not run around, he is not a weak natural strength, most cases can cope. Born divine power Can be back on how to be a big play lightly hit back Aura wind suspected dew color. Ye easy to dark face instantaneous red, ruthless wolf stare proud wind a You little bastard less impetuous, big brother is a general fidget cube whitesmoke lord Well If you do not believe me then try to punch Proud of the wind and awe inspiring to a wave, boldly said No problem, a hundred years later we test, when the four command, not to mention a punch, a hundred boxing will do. Ye Yi Lengle Leng, Qi Road, Why should a century fidget cube seashell later Proud wind blink of an eye, of course, now I am still young, rookie list is still not your hand, of course, four command.ion to the integration of the big lords of the colorful Ouyi stone guys, very few years, seems to have not seen a few years, did not expect to see a man today, the king brought the collar To get really worth, even if not grab and Bi, to see what the mainland is also a master of what good. The masses of the few on the quality of the boss of the massacre, the wind from the surrounding pristine talk about the sound of his general situation, but the nose out of gas, more disdain. What an incredible genius of shit Clearly there is no monkey in the mountains, said the king Real talent very early because of the situation forced to go to the gods of the continent, such as Penghu et al, each rookie list in front of thirty basic people will not stay until after fidget cube oldlace a million years, so the list of strong and long live or so Simply can not be called any genius, very low gold content. Go with the practice of natural down, thousands of years to understand chaos what a great Even the kind of thing Haitian, less than 10,000 years of cultivation of soul strength can also enter the chaotic level What s great Qin Shuo obviously do not think this man is too genius, genuine fidget cube after lis.advantage of the wind and others took to the top of the top of the probe, hiding in the dark round after round of the figure suddenly from the ancient forest in all directions like Xiangshui camel out, at least thousands of people at a glance, they trapped in the Peak Cliff on. There is no greeting and lines, the other side of the leader followed by a sword, shouting everyone , The bottom of the many strong with cold cruel to kill the intended rushed up fidget cube oldlace Looked at these sudden surging out of the ambush, the team not only did not panic but the crowd issued a burst of laughter, in fact, they already itchy, and came to the South after the East hide, do not fight a good few times, North of the kind of militant bones in this sword completely broke out. Ye Yi soon as the sky and shouts, fist clenched face, raised a ray of excitement on the smile, but also loudly roar of the sentence brothers, on At this time, any other discourse is superfluous. Proud of the wind has long been informed of the situation may be encountered by ambush also did not feel surprised, but this is the first time she took part in the war a little bit of blood boiling feeling. To Ye Yi.

Fidget Cube Oldlace soul of the device and the magic device to produce contact, to the time unless the magic weapon collapse or death of Qin Shuo, magic devices are not easy to master the. This is the quasi monarch s hegemony lies, as the real high end Warcraft, the owner of death, even if they do not follow to go, it will not easily recognize the second owner. Chunshuo narrow narrow eyes, looked at two, smell the taste of a touch of conspiracy, he always felt that these two little guys seem to have nothing to tell him. But proud to see the fidget cube antiquewith wind that rare flashing looking Heimou light, the hearts of the Yang Yang out of a strange feeling, as if they do not accept this gift is the sin of the big, can not help but secretly shook his head, readily broken fingers As she wished to drop blood to the ring. Strange luster flash, Qin Shuo just feel as if the hands of a sudden a hot flames emerge, that ring seems to have their fidget cube oldlace own lives like a living creature wrapped around his fingers on top of a burst of dismay in the hearts of the soul , A touch of a weak breath of life and his tightly linked to together Moment, Qin Shuo could not help but stunned Look to the proud eyes of the.He is a very strong man, do not like to be found in their own pain, but do not need others to comfort, but somehow, proud wind of the hands tightly hold, he actually did not exclude , The hearts of the painful feeling suddenly reduced a lot. This little guy, worried about me She is too sensitive to it Qinshuo looked puzzled proud wind. You know, these years in order to maintain the dignity of a leader, Qin Shuo usually refrain from their former gaffe, even if the hearts of pain will not reveal too much, but this little bit of volatility, actually still caught by the proud wind. Proud wind clutching his father a little trembling big hand, and knew he must have thought of the wind Qin, if she did not know the cause and effect, or Wu did not perceive Qin Shuo mood swings, Qin Shuo and wind Qin things, and then Listen to the words of the day Xiao Lords, naturally think of. My father is too hard these years, so the feelings of nausea, but also can not find someone to talk to, even a consolation of his people are not. Pride wind also felt a little chest pain, the father of the situation empathy. As a leader of natural to maintain a strong majesty, thes.