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Fidget Cube Navyblue strong, Oh, the great lords arrived, fidget cube white and Bi is not we can compete for the got. Surprise sounded in succession in all directions, Zhou has been a strong rush to this time the accumulation of the number of people already over a million, and suddenly the big lords have suddenly became the focus of attention. Handsome man ah, Proud wind seems to have heard the screams of women, silently to write a curl one s lip, on their own father, too strong charm quite helpless. The appearance of a large lord makes the chaos of the scene briefly stagnant, Qin Shuo four heart and Bi also refused to personal grudges, eyes a turn, fell to the ground lying on the inability to move the Blue Crystal Rat emperor body. Section VI, to expose I do not know when the night sky becomes clear and bright, hazy moon finally jumped out in the dark clouds. Moonlight in the night sky, only a few people parked, the most central is the four big lords, not far from the surrounding Dong Lin, Ye Yi and others, that eight injured Tianbang lord has retired from the down, stop In with them not far from the place. Four strong when the world s strong lords, is a vs three confrontation with the si., this absolute defense is a time limit, a day can only cast once, and can only maintain 10 minutes, although the metamorphosis, not Guards ah. Qinshuang touches the tip, Oh laugh speed In addition, the back of this Teleport is also a number of restrictions. Proud of the wind fidget cube navyblue nodded, fidget cube navyblue looking down a property, the surface smiles thicker Teleport, a certain distance range of instantaneous movement, one day can display four times although only four times a day, but this teleport is fixed as long as the point Can be immediately sent, but also can bring the staff within the 10 to move between the North and the South set the point between the mainland, can be directly sent over, and the mainland Chuan Songzhen the same ah. This is a good thing life insurance, but fortunately Just not been taken away, there is this property, as long as the mainland fixed point, who can catch you Section II Flame Double Dragon Ring There are restrictions on the number of teleport nodes. The maximum number of nodes that can be set is 10, however, there is no restriction on the location of the magic ring. As long as the node is set, it can be teleported in the pa.

come back, we have to look at, Baili unparalleled brother is not a waste I do not want to become a big brother s burden, War is my hundred fidget cube ratings miles Qingxue the battle of the shame, as well as the Barry door Erdang Jia should be out of force Brother, I am a man, you let me go Listening to the hundred miles of the Qing dynasty, the bright eyes of Barry unparalleled bright eyes thrown up a deep smile Qing Xiao, you really do not become the same Well, big brother looked at you, watching you tell them you Is my brother hundred miles unparalleled Brothers at the same time, two heavy nodded, Bailiao Qingxiao and proud wind blink of an eye, turned and flew to the front. Cold eyes pegging Zhanmeng that side, Barry Qingxiao abruptly loudly shouted Barry door, Barry Qing fidget cube navyblue Xiao war in this invitation, please list the fifty fifth Zhou Liu, seventy ninth Wumeng, the eighty seventh summer together with the battle to fight This is our side of the war, not Seoul and other gang fights approached, and the request is not contrary to adults in Haichuan, if you have this courage to come together His remark, the parties and the two sides of the camp at once an uproar To an ene.nk you Barry door master tolerance, I discuss such as properly, most of them are willing to belong to Barry Gate, while the main door to send people Supervision vowed, and another thousand or so do not want to go down, in the camp center, let the door handle When he finished, gray robe man waved, Zhanmeng army Kankan separated into an arc, which will be part of the mountain exposed part of the team. After all, is the power of hundreds of years, even in the chaos of the Plains, where people eat, still some loyal cronies do not want to die. Baili unparalleled nodded, head Hanguang flash, cold Yangshou waved his hand Kill Plagiarism does not remove the root, the spring wind and health, this truth will not fidget cube navyblue understand, of course, will not be remnants of the remnants of sin, endless troubles, not soft hearted. Gray robe man, who seems to have expected the fidget cube demo outcome of the early, slightly nodded, million camps in all directions appeared at once hundreds of Tu Shen arrows, facing the center of that solid hurricane shot out, wind , Tu Shen Jian pierced the voice of the void is chilling, directly in the bursts of anger screams, they shot into a bunch of Xue Mo Lo.ce of rich oil flow place, at the same time by the Barry unparalleled list of the two brothers to master, the other forces naturally dare not aggressive. Gathered in the Barry week Zhoukun strong parties, also began to withdraw a large number of large, many people are still excited to talk about this war, but more people, eyes but look to the farther north. King of the collar, and the Bi For most of the strong, their real purpose fidget cube kickstarter shopping is not to Barry door, but rather to compete for and Bi, just Barry door there is such a rare master of the war, to take the opportunity to come over the situation look One look, this war among the shot, although there is a very strong form fidget cube sizes to the strong, but the real master, but still too young. North mainland, Tianbang strong, overwhelmed and Shi Bi unearthed do not know will come to a few people, but it can be foreseen, that would be how amazing. Bailimen war than the big lords of the class to compete, there are still some pediatrics, this after the battle, people s minds completely fell to the north of this piece of forest, even fidget cube on ebay proud wind, a heart also flew far away Father who, here, she can finally go to Qin Shuo In the.

Fidget Cube Navyblue sip startled startled also will remove the mask, revealing a Qing Jun s face, light laughed, Brother said, can not drag the little brother to recover the cloud her future days are still long. Temporarily unable to fidget cube navyblue see the Longfei, Nian Lian will be his son s concerns are all pinned on the Yifei xiaofeng proud of the wind, his pride of the wind is no less than the number of Qin Shuo. Qin Shuo told proud wind You follow the four commanding team do not run around, he is not a weak natural strength, most cases can cope. Born divine power Can be back on how to be a big play lightly hit back Aura wind suspected dew color. Ye easy to dark face instantaneous red, ruthless wolf stare proud wind a You little bastard less impetuous, big brother is a general lord Well If you do not believe me then try to punch Proud of the wind and awe inspiring to a wave, boldly said No problem, a hundred years later we test, when the four command, not to mention a punch, a hundred boxing will do. Ye Yi Lengle Leng, Qi Road, Why should a century later Proud wind blink of an eye, of course, now I am still young, rookie list is still not your hand, of course, four command.g Xiao do not know the Upanishads, Xiutai brow provoked, ill at ease asked Big Brother, you say the overall situation has been set, is the chasing the clouds will win it can be a good momentum of that person Sha Zhao ah Qing Xiao, you are worried about her Barry unparalleled smile looked at him, the hearts of Yang Qi is a ray of gratification, Qing Xiao this back no longer the kind of dead feeling, but a little more eager , Which probably should be attributed to proud wind. I we are friends, of course I will worry ah. Barry Qing Xiao Jun face reddening, grabbed an urgent brother brother Oh, big brother, you say it Baili unparalleled Chongni to touch his black hair, looking to the field smile The rest assured that the winner is definitely chasing the clouds Pan Yu a shot, and so the strength of Barry strength on top of the lords of his strong top, it has been seen that the speed of Pan fidget cube maroon Yu is far less proud of the wind, the real master of the eyes, the strength is nothing but a thing. Speed does not say, Pan Yu did not comprehend the speed of esoteric, moving speed is not as proud of the natural wind, however, even attack speed, she can not catc.