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Fidget Cube Navajowhite , a hundred miles Qing Xiao No sound is a blockbuster From now on, see who dares to say that he is fidget cube navajowhite a waste The joy of victory for the stunning teenager of Tsing Yi revealed the joy of the eyes, proud of the wind looking at the young figure, is also very pleased to smile. Today, is fidget cube navajowhite his rebirth Chapter 22 Section 1 Section unparalleled war Ji, insight into esoteric Get rid of the three to the list of strong, hundred miles Qingxiao slowly fly back, was waiting for his face a hundred miles unparalleled clutching his head severely rubbed his head. Brats, dare to frighten your big brother The tone of some ferocious mouth, fidget cube navajowhite Barry unparalleled face expression is very happy. Oh, big brother, I do not win it, how can you scare you Baili Qing Xiao Pie Piezui struggling to retort, the two brothers affectionate slapstick two. Proud of the wind laugh at them, from the bottom of my heart filled with a warm feeling, Qing Xiao this kid, now be completely new, and before he was happy even if it will never reveal this demeanor. After a burst of joy, Barry unparalleled pat on fidget cube maroon the shoulders of Baili Qing Xiao laughed Here is the big brother, and you this kid so much, I.me. Listening to the man is very forthright voice, proud wind on the iron capacity of goodwill also a little more, Iron tert such a title, only with his very close to the younger generation will be fidget cube uk ebay called the other side, Mo Di s face is to see and do not see, so to her, apparently quite optimistic about her. Good iron tert, the younger must be humbly taught. Proud wind slightly nodded, quite flat also said. Proud of the humility of the attitude of the team so that everyone on the team a bit more cordial, iron and several other strong top face of their strong smile a bit, genius rare, less arrogant genius less arrogant, so proud of the wind Of the younger generation, do not like her immune. Possession of the mine from the side of the cliff there is still some distance, separated by a number of cliffs in the clan, all flying directly into the air, flying together in the past. More to the west, the more gentle mountain, a little while, a green lawn covered by a large basin in the arrogance of the wind fidget cube skyblue into the view among the basin there is a blue lake, the scenery is quite beautiful. A large camp next to the lake camped stretches, camping area is not sma.

m fidget cube lavender something laughed You can be considered keep open to see the moon, take it, This is the soul of the fire than refining the soul Bead, he was the strong peak of the lord, the soul of esoteric energy, can digest how much to see your own. Esoteric is a kind of soul perception, and the soul is closely related to understand the esoteric World of Warcraft lord soul, esoteric meaning of esoteric meaning more directly than the esoteric stone, even if not the same kind of Warcraft can also be used to add the Eudemons of the esoteric comprehension. This is proud of the wind first discovered the benefits of esoteric soul, after the addition of a way to enhance the strength of Warcraft. Aha, thank the owner of the gift Arthur looked very excited, could not wait to rush to hold proud wind pro one, but after all, the colored heart no color gallbladder, touch bald smiles Master assured that with this soul The ball, I will not be long before you can enter the lord class, get the soul heritage will have that eye, the time to use my local armor can become the eyes of the mask armor, I believe will help the owner. Fire Jing Beamon local armor is a mask armor, Yasisi f.eard a ray of subtle acoustic fall into the ear Ink Brother, the overall situation has been set, here I should not stay for a long time, will be the first step to the king of the collar, you come to the king of the collar can be found I, I will appear as the identity of the cloud, after a period. Proud of the wind is indeed taking into account this point so fled to the FYun Fuchu, which she had long wanted to good, but she has not left, hear the words of cold sword, she can rest assured that trust him, Sound to him so that he do not worry. Mexican cold sword smiled, did not speak, a few can not check the location of the nod, be agreed, while the finger is also a gesture than that, pointing to the turtle interest rate treasure, and pointed to the north. The wind fidget cube target of the House of fidget cube navajowhite Pride also softly smile, she knew that the meaning of the cold ink sword to the king and then lead the turtle ore interest to her, but for her, this time she already earned enough of this, and successfully refining the king Device, just let her feel comfortable to the extreme. Pride of the wind, fast, quick look at what is the property Hundred miles clear excitement in the sound.g the strong, suddenly heard Mantelun so spoiler of the sentence, can not help but secretly frowned. Hearing Mantelon if the words of the words, the forest lords eyes a move, back as he said Mantelon crown seems to have any good idea May wish to say out to hear, kill the villain, but A matter of course Forest chief lords remark has attracted many strong scoff, how could not have Haichuan three Qin Shuo that fidget cube on facebook heroic, so reversing the black and white ridiculous words, but also they speak out loss, but they are too strong, no one Will stand up and correct it. Not when, just in the next that several adults were kept in the dark, was as monkey like play, it is too sad some. Mantelen has agreed to clap their hands, revealing a bloody eyes gleaming Cunning, as if it is angrily sighed, eyes suddenly stare in the proud body of the wind several adults in the Barry seems to fidget cube navajowhite be under the crown out of the crown, right Hey, but under the cloud is still chasing the crown Take the adults when the gun to make Haichuan, stirred up that war Union turned upside down, and finally let Barry door to win, and all this thanks to adults and one piece of one pair of orders Haich.

Fidget Cube Navajowhite aid, we follow the brigade to find and Bi s whereabouts, also considered to help him busy. Although not reconciled, proud wind but also reluctantly nodded that, you be careful. Qin Shuo could not help but listen to the proud wind in the chest a warm, eyes micro move, Tude seems to decide what kind of a raised his hand, and his face will be taken to take down a small, Proud wind, who shines, and then they saw a handsome face. The man in front of Jian Mei into the temples, such as cutting face, long and narrow eyes shining deep luster, looks at most twenty seven eight, the entire face like the artist Seiko sword out of the perfect statue. And proud of the handsome beauty of different, it is a biased in the masculine beauty, ordinary people to see him at first glance and even be faint that the distribution of awe inspiring legs softened, but even so difficult to remove the double Eyes, but his face some pale, it seems very cold and unreasonable, like years of knot. fidget cube real vs fake Stared at this look exactly like big brother Qinao days face, proud wind suddenly filled with an irresistible feeling, she understood some of the cloud Qingcang, who see their feelings, but Qi.gather here, how can it make a public outrage This seems to them no good And you, if so find Wrong revenge object, so that the murderers go unpunished, do not know your dead relatives and friends will not get angry from the ground to climb out and then die again. Proud of the wind, this speech is everyone has been puzzled, and immediately attracted a nod of approval. They had been stunned by the anger, a heard that the dragon clan with people killed on the King of the mountain this great opportunity to have rushed to catch up, these doubts aside for the time being, of course, there are deliberately Qinghe lord instigated credit , At this time in the proud wind and his son under the impact of two waves calm down, naturally not so impulsive. In addition to the real limbs developed a simple mind, the presence of almost all live for thousands of years tens of thousands of years of human fine, how will this thing do not understand Father, I look under the cloud crown said good, things should not be the king of the collar, otherwise they will not be so magnanimous open city against the enemy.Dad you noticed, from the beginning to the present Yang Yangmian.