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Fidget Cube Mistyrose animously, to the But I suddenly turned to the back, seems to undermine the reputation of your clan bar. I have been refining device division among the big account, you have not asked the person to send out the device to the Supreme, do I still silly to pull him out Could you tell us something Rattan five and so one, almost anger broken. Cursed, if he did not say who knows the end will emerge a Qinglu lord ah His side of the six refining device division is what to do When furnishings Mantelon in the end is to live for tens of thousands of years old Leprechaun, shameless ability of the same class, although conservation is not Mo Hanjian, is not a good phase with Zhu Er, just fidget cube mistyrose listen to him then laughed Besides, You really can not fidget cube limegreen keep the Highness, to the time you even got a lot of turtle fidget cube kickstarter edition interest in precious stones, but also retaining their lives In addition to fidget cube indianred my father and Mo Di, the presence of who can guarantee that they have the ability to hold large The mineral deposits of the pen go back This sentence is the threat of red fruit, the implication is, of course, who s big head, waiting for the beast big lord to find the trouble bar Many clan comman.e soul, but purely rich in energy crystallization. Super energy crystal Many refining device division also found the side of the movement, looking back, once again all stunned. Section II alarm King device The envy of a Road fixed eyes fidget cube mistyrose in the arrogance of the wind in front of the dark black ore refining furnace furnace edge, this time three exudes dazzling Guanghua magnificent crystal is lying there quietly, the surface layer of the package closure After the exclusion of objects removed, the real body completely revealed in front of everyone Super energy crystal, crystal energy than the highest energy and then a high grade See the three super energy crystal, even has been looking flat water Dong Lin can not help but appear short lived sluggish, rumors super energy crystal can even provide the living things like dead energy, rare occasion, although still than Not on the king of fine soul so terrible, but also allow numerous refining device division to break the head to compete. Proud wind actually breath to three This is too exaggerated it Surprisingly, however, is not over, followed, proud of the wind and took out a series of precious minerals, celest.

the explosion is not exploding Help ah Screams come and go, that dazzling light and the aftermath of the fidget cube mistyrose explosion caused by the people immediately under the hills are also scattered panic escaped. Although only the aftermath of the strong peak of the Lord of the soul can be the soul of energy Dan is one can imagine, some strength is only weakly saw only a few waves of air ripple was shocked life and death it A little far from the hills, the circle suddenly burst from the tongue and the fierce Gangfeng, but also allow people to protect their heads have turned his head to hand, between the mountains, many giant trees on the spot bombardment, only some lords peak master place , Had just propped up fidget cube gray the power of the soul of a strong shield survived. Zhanmeng Lian Yan two master, Barry door to take advantage of proud wind to take the boat when the boat back to the hundred miles unparalleled, the two sides from the explosion center recently, but also nothing too much damage. However, although the powerful terrorist explosion, but did not hurt the proud wind a penny, even if the boat clutching her skirt, but her body was rising silver light this close to th.a I rely on this Tu war up on the real thing ah Below some of the spectators could not help but exclaimed that the screen war which contains the speed of esoteric attacks, esoteric attack, the afterlife strong general chaos level strong small Watch not. Brats, buy fidget cube this is over Tu War watched in his eyes proud of the wind did not move, can not help but send a proud laughter. Chapter 9 of the situation changed The first section of amazing progress Tough and powerful copper ring sword Shua To split proud fidget cube maroom wind, penetrated from her body in the past Tu war could not help but surprised a moment, how can so no sound, or even a drop of blood was not seen to be split it But he Lengzheng time and not long, many years of life and death tempered under the combat experience immediately screened to reflect over. This knife scraper life and death That s just a blur in front What Screen war abruptly aghast up, he did not find proud to display their shenfa, also shows that the arrogance of the shenfa has been clever to the chaos of his strong level can not see the point, much beyond his expectations. Looked back, saw the handsome face of pride wind banter, she was smiling.ung, the value is far less than it Proud wind lion open mouth, actually use turtle interest treasure crystal heart refining items, how can we not call blue deer lord depressed But this condition is that he put forward, he is not good too much protest, this is obviously proud of the wind and he mentioned the conditions, if he said no, then naturally, she would not mean to use them together, , But now a number of clan is clearly support the use of turtle interest Baolian refining device, and he said no, that is suicidal Poor deer lover, once again self inflicted This method is very good, so to do it, the wind crown, the mineral on the island in the central island of the lake here, by the command of many of our clan guarding together, you can take the part you want. Nodded, toward the proud wind said. A lot of clan command mood more comfortable, proud to ask for crystal core Qinglue lord is Biequ, but they have no effect, anyway, the bulk is not in their hands, this precious baby, ordinary mixing device with the anti Eating barley, spoil the good stuff. Proud of the wind in the eyes flashed a Japanese smile, walking to the East Lin and other leaders.

Fidget Cube Mistyrose ow the nerve What are you embarrassed My father is not the sword will give you what, then you can think you are my sword of the people, who dare not accept Mexican cold sword faint smile The father is like this and I said As long as I am satisfied, he absolutely does not object. This is still a premeditated feeling ah Proud of the wind continued to stare in horror, suddenly smelt the taste of the conspiracy. fidget cube clicker Mexican Emperor lived that tens of thousands of years old guy how smart Know that she is the only daughter of the red lords, and cloud Qin Qin looks exactly the same, how can we not know the importance of her Qin Shuo Let her son marry her, it means to draw to the red lord, of course, for their favorite son, ink cold sword of their own will, Mo Di is also more care about, so no under the words of death, but also to Mo Han sword Their own run to see make fidget cube mistyrose a decision. He sent to the wind sword Excalibur, do not rule out the meaning, even if the ink cold sword here is not a thing, after the wind can be considered arrogant and Qin Shuo owed him a favor, too. Think of these joints, proud of the wind could not help but secretly cursed the old Mex.felt a burst of cold wind blowing behind, could not help both face upheaval, hastily flashed to the sides However, they flash fast, but it has been late Two dark dark lightning like a lightning strike in the two body, Feiyun lord and even the rock only feel the body slightly Yi Chan, followed, the fidget cube mistyrose body s power to a very alarming rate began to flow That Road, see the dark shadow of success to see the light settled, not anxious to start again, gently flash, stopped Feiyun lord. At the same time, the wind proud of the wind with one hand, silver poison feathers rifle, the first step fierce a stepping, figure Ge over the void, catching with the rock. Gun Ying burst flash, even the rock had to take the fight against the Weaponry fiercely a confrontation, the two sides each flash back out Ji Zhang, even the rock in the end is the lord of the peak level of strength, strength and speed is indeed better than proud wind A chip, back of the impulsive power also spent a lot of strength had just unloaded, but after this disturbance, even the rock and Feiyun lords will be fully dispersed. This is a vampire kiss Even the rock uttered a roar, looking down at the body.