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Fidget Cube Mintcream holding his fidget cube mintcream abdomen soul Dan, in his body through, from his back out The spectators were shocked by this twilight No one can think of such a situation Zhou Liu did not even struggle to struggle, actually like a string of candied gourd like past through fidget cube promo to the past Zhou Liu in what Why he did not get out of the way Fujitsu Qi and other Zhanmeng everyone staring horror night Do not close to him His body is the soul of the water Zhou Li throat caught in one hand to tremble, abruptly with the final strength of the roar of a warning sound, is flying to the side of the summer and Wumeng mind whistling , Quickly Zhaizhu the car Water of the soul These words suddenly let countless people into a huge shock among the Legend can freeze everything, and even freeze the soul of the soul of the water ah No wonder even Zhou Lulian resistance are not, he is simply frozen ah The soul of the water avatar, fighting naturally no doubt No matter who is near, as long as he is close, I am afraid he had to kill Once the soul is frozen, even urging the soul of Dan blew can not do it The sky above the spiritual water cloned coldly a fist, only to hear snapped to cry Cui Xiang.xican cold sword with a strange look glanced proud of the wind, then smiled and said This time I go south before my father guess you will come to the king to find your father, in particular, call me pay attention to your whereabouts, He told me if you met with you back to the north with you, but this a few months a little news is not until yesterday Bailimen war a 22 year old lord appeared to turn the tide, I was sure you really fidget cube mintcream To the king led, small wind sister, you can really make me easy to find ah Mexican cold sword is a shrewd person, to say these words in time, proud of the hearts of the wind immediately solved the doubts. He is the original Mexican Emperor Jiujun ink son, rookie list ranked second and thousands of silence almost the same situation the Lord, the ink cold sword ah No wonder the strength of such a strong, to see him just shot, actually able to kill the fire clear Beamon, the strength to come on her Fire Biyimeng even if injured, is not so easy to kill, and she did not see the hands of the esoteric trajectory of her hands, she is insight into the esoteric chaos now, entry level and chaotic esoteric she should see Is out Into the m.

d fight against him Cliffs on the small clan has been a collective stunned, and looked at the eyes like a proud wind is like watching a live dinosaur They are less master of talent, there are so many days of material and adults to the auxiliary, but now just enter the micro level, this kid was a little more big ah, is actually esoteric chaos, and esoteric chaos no problem, actually also And mad of the fire eyes Beamon dry up Now the two are fighting on the sky without the effort and mind to manage their ideas. Mad after the fire when Bi Meng Meng proud hatred of the wind has risen to the extreme, a leap forward, then hit the punch to the proud wind rage By this time, the proud wind he has no escape the meaning. Mouzhong burst of light flash, proud wind a loud shout, the hands of the silver gun then whirl up, not to display any marksmanship esoteric trajectory, as clutching an ordinary stick, fiercely against the fire eyes Beamon Of the head smashed down attack invisible However, at this time of the invisible but even more proud of any previous moves the wind The whole silver gun on the agglomeration of all her strength, there is no star million points.chi Puchi Laugh out of the sound. Proud wind can not help laughing together, had to admire the little brother about the meaning of this get along, he is too funny, fidget cube powderblue and funny are doing so kind of polite, facing a naked soul Dan Bao Quan, really lose money He wanted to come out ah Of course, Yin Fu, fidget cube mintcream in fact, may not have no other meaning, he does not hurt the opponent s life pure material fidget cube mintcream because do not want to be a scapegoat, put opponents a horse, said he also generous, so ridicule embarrassing, can be considered revenge The man came to harass their territory. But from the pair of bright and surprisingly dark eyes and that full of fidget cube kickstarter shopping spring like smile, is determined not see any clues. Presumably at this time who only stab the soul of Dan under a comrade, is now fidget cube mintcream Biequ, and his team, but also because of the laughter of the crowd around them were anxious to find a seam to drill down. Clearly the war situation, Yin Fu wins Not to hurry to the back to hide, this time to go back and then slowly condenses the body That body shape Biao Zhuang Dajin knife negative command of the clan commandment angrily stare The fly back to the bald soul Dan one, the mouth of th.o help, maybe Maybe it can be refined out of the legendary monarch Has not been moved by things outside the pride of the wind, after hearing the news could not help but heart pounding, greatly intended to move. Yes, that turtle interest is precious stones, and this is still a large piece of gold, collected and refined into a magic device can be equipped with a nearly million people in the army.As we like a clan, all equipped with turtle The treasure ring refining magic ring, raid combat power is absolutely very frightening, the same strength of the team, an accidental attack will be able to exterminate most of them. Mexican cold sword sighed, and said again. But with us to find the veins there are several strong North Rangers team, the parties almost the same force, if the melee is difficult to please, with a lot of white loss to the King of the fight for the fight and Bi s help, is abruptly In the vein next to the stalemate for half a month can be watched the King of the collar and Shi s unearthed date gradually, we are some impatient, and just yesterday, our God carved the biggest rival, the blood of the two Prince Manten also band The man came to t.

Fidget Cube Mintcream eard a ray of fidget cube orchid subtle acoustic fall into the ear Ink Brother, the overall situation has been set, here I should not stay for a long time, will be the first step to the king of the collar, you come to the king of the collar can be found I, I will appear as the identity of the cloud, after a period. Proud of the wind is indeed taking into account this point so fled to the FYun Fuchu, which she had long wanted to good, but she has not left, hear the words of cold sword, she can rest assured that trust him, Sound to him so that he do not worry. Mexican cold sword smiled, did not speak, a few can not check the location of the nod, be agreed, while the finger is also a gesture than that, pointing to the turtle interest rate treasure, and pointed to the north. The wind of the House of Pride also softly smile, she knew that the meaning of the cold ink sword to the king and then lead the turtle ore interest to her, but for her, this time she already earned enough of this, and successfully refining the king Device, just let her feel comfortable to the extreme. Pride of the wind, fast, quick look at what is the fidget cube darkorchid property Hundred miles clear excitement in the sound.rowned. Can be seen directly from the bottom of the situation, proud wind swept away the cold, they saw the people who speak. It is a look more than 20 year old young man, a golden and waist long hair, a pair of bright red eyes like blood, wearing a large black cloak, features and dress with Man Sainuo almost the same, the station In the crowd, is so conspicuous and prominent, but a descent pure vampire, proud wind almost one to determine his identity Kinship the first Duke, the beasts of the two Prince s Royal Highness, Mantelon. This Mantelun looks inherited the vampire has always been handsome, looks pretty pretty, who has a similar elegance with the Mansano noble, but once the noble too far, that genuine fidget cube is arrogant, and that contempt for all Arrogant arrogant eyes, no matter who will probably see some unhappy, but the people around him because of his strength can not be a positive opening Bale. Pride in the proud wind is not a bad thing, people can be arrogant, but it can not be out of date, regardless of location to a large, or it is not a cow but stupid. The Mantelon, obviously the latter. The first section of the fidget cube goldenrod Jiuxing refining device division Compa.