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Fidget Cube Midnightblue p but frowned, can not help some disappointment, this is not the original form of the king Said Lei Yan Sunburn artillery is also the case, not the formation of the human body, are only in the Need for master treasure device level. Qin Feng patted the wind proud of the shoulder and comfort her And the master also said, and I said, I do not know how to do this, According to his understanding, the king of the last two stalls of the property is the most Guards, these two unknown properties, not more people have the feeling of expectation Mody, so this king device grow up, it will be your another Help What The last two tranches is the most Guards Sima Yu and Baxi Qing Xiao at the same time dismay shock Road. Do not blame them surprised, in front of these absolute defense, teleport, cure and other properties have enough metamorphosis, and if there are more Guards, would not be invincible So he said, proud of the wind also stretched out his brow, cheerfully smile This is not my own use, I refining this ring ring is to the father, and he is now need this stuff Well, otherwise I will not eye turtle interest rate. Uh Qin frost three stunned for a while.den war Union to the extreme moment, an instant understand the intent of the wind proud This kid is simply insidious Even so Collateral The Haichuan large lords when the gun Section II large lords when the gun Qin frosty stunned surprised a moment, facing the pair of proud wind is harmless look to his clear eyes, burst of violence Khan. If the war within the League of Pride forced Haitian vowed when the only exclaimed, and now he is definitely a five body cast it This kid is the biggest difference fidget cube orengered compared to Shibo, is this brawny black brawny skill Not to say that Qin Shuo than her stupid, but the act of people more open and above the Qin Shuo, encountered things are generally positive impact, but that requires a very powerful strength, but also encountered strong will inevitably suffer, proud wind insidious cunning Let her in a variety of torrents like a duck. Do not kill the knife, do not need too much strength, as long as the carry around at any time, gun , what is she terrible Today s gun, it is Haichuan big lord Qin Shuguang fidget cube midnightblue put on a serious look, said the hearts of Antan and her stay with them for a long time, sooner or later be to be the one t.

the explosion is not exploding Help ah Screams come and go, that dazzling light and the aftermath of the explosion caused by the people immediately under the hills are also scattered panic escaped. Although only the aftermath of the strong peak of the Lord of the soul can be the fidget cube midnightblue soul of energy Dan is one can imagine, some strength is only weakly saw only a few waves of air ripple was shocked life and death it A little far from the hills, the circle suddenly burst from the tongue and the fierce Gangfeng, but also allow people to protect their heads have turned his head to hand, between the mountains, many giant trees on the spot bombardment, only some lords peak master place , Had just propped up the power of the soul of a strong shield survived. Zhanmeng Lian Yan two master, Barry door to take advantage of proud wind to take the boat when the boat back to the hundred miles unparalleled, the two sides from the explosion center recently, but also nothing too much damage. However, although the powerful terrorist explosion, but did not hurt the proud wind a penny, even if the boat clutching her skirt, but her body was rising silver light this close to th.ome people so bold, Yin Yang Mian under anyhow, is the top ten list of the strong ah They are framed by the king of the collar what good Advantage that it may be more, such as carving the territory Pride wind narrowed his eyes, faint smile, was about to say anything, the other side of the hills suddenly came a burst of fierce Hoho fighting voice. Four people can not help but frown raised his head to listen to the ear to the sound of the transfer of weapons close to the hills, evidently like someone on the side of the hill side of fidget cube hong kong the run, is the top of the hill to escape. Ha ha ha, King of the little bastard who can not escape Our lords have been with the northern clan Dragon Clan King of the strong go to the King of justice, and today is the king of your collar to destroy the day A full of wild laughter Sound came from the side of the hill. Add insult to the bastard, you despicable Angry young roar sounded the same, can not help but let a proud micro wind frown, eyes a cold. Dragon clan Go to King Hill King brought out what happened Section II, the emergency situation, Dragon Clan Aware of the development of things like some serious, proud of a wind.xican cold sword with a fidget cube for sale strange look glanced proud of the wind, then smiled and said This time I go south before my fidget cube midnightblue father guess you will come to the king to find your father, in particular, call me pay attention to your whereabouts, He told me if you met with you fidget cube midnightblue back to the north with you, but this a few months a little news is not until yesterday Bailimen war a 22 year old lord appeared to turn the tide, I was sure you really To the king led, small wind sister, you can really make me easy to find ah Mexican cold sword is a shrewd person, to fidget cube instagram say these words in time, proud of the hearts of the wind immediately solved the doubts. He is the original Mexican Emperor Jiujun ink son, rookie list ranked second and thousands of silence almost the same situation the Lord, the ink cold sword ah No wonder the strength of such a strong, to see him just shot, actually able to kill the fire clear Beamon, the strength to come on her Fire Biyimeng even if injured, is not so easy to kill, and she did not see the hands of the esoteric trajectory of her hands, she is insight into the esoteric chaos now, entry level and chaotic esoteric she should see Is out Into the m.

Fidget Cube Midnightblue red to Mantelun, ink cold sword is the real elegance and calm, fidget cube midnightblue Toshihaya chic face of the earth, and even a trace of anger did not show up. Ink cold sword lightly laughed and said Manton under the crown of the power of the prophet is really admirable ah, since you agree that we come back a cup of soup, presumably other clan friends will not have any views, then we Respectful as from the life. While talking, the ink cold sword side of his hands to bear to the back, turned around and a board and a look to Lang said Mantel crown has promised to continue to participate in this dispute over mineral rallies, you also go to the lake to find a place to rest, iron Uncle, a few of us together to follow the cloud to the lake island. Mantelon and others did not wait for the response, the ink cold has been ordered to complete the end, with proud wind and others down, next to everyone is Qiaode stunned, even the export block are forgotten. Mexican cold sword that full of triumphant smile and eyes, such as cunning fox general Jingmang, only to see Mantelun almost spray a blood Damn, fidget cube 3d printer when he agreed to come back to participate in the mine to congress it He obviously c.edge and others is not a fidget cube keychain fool, could not help but shocked to breathe a case of cold lump, listen to the tone of auspicious wind, apparently some prospecting. The two leaders of the land just by their kings lead, fear is to seek their territory Calm down thought for a moment, the edge of the forest will be a bit of a heavy head, said Green deer lords I am not their own, but the blue deer lord of the brother of the Qinghe crane in the northern fidget cube colors dragon clan as the system, is the lord of the peak level The strong, it seems that because of him, Dragon Clan and the king of our lead also made a contradiction. Next to another man in the eyes of anger passing, but also quickly said This is said to be found in their clan in a lord corpses, abdomen stuck with a Sunder Arrow, Soul Dan fragmentation, hard to say Oh, we are less the main shot, we do not have the day the little master out, how could kill it Can be a small armored arrow is indeed the main signs, do not know how they get, we have. Even the northern clan also pulled into the Mody, this dragon clan strength how Proud wind frowned. North team should not be overlooked, in case the other party to lead unrea.