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Fidget Cube Mediumspringgreen y a laugh The original is a small lord of the lunar month, ah, the father is the eighth strong list, great ah No wonder so pull, but also kill What about us , Her tone surprisingly surprise , Qin Shuang a three, can not help but provoke shoulder laughing together. Pride wind is really a bad thing To put it so loud, not clear the shabby people Mody Three people feel funny, Lhasa month leading the main side of the party when it is absolutely frightened, and they stared at one by one aghast look at the proud wind, Barry Qingxiang just call them proud of the wind heard crystal clear, Follow the clouds The name, and then look at the body that dress, as well as the strength of the lord class, lunar collar all the people feel a while scalp tingling. You you are that metamorphosis lords Riverside little main trembling Road, the surface of a pale color, joking, metamorphosis of the lord some time ago to kill even the rock, a fame, but now to the third list Of the strong ah This guy is also stronger than his father, he actually said to fidget cube discount lord lord to kill her, almost Jiaoren laughing fidget cube lavender out of the front teeth Good. Proud of the wind does not deny that she wa.Pan Yu first step shot Footsteps abruptly before the step, the hands of the gun swing dance, urging fidget cube gray the body of the soul of Dan, the body around the silver soul of power suddenly scattered out Like a vast ocean in a large wave, the body covered with the power of the soul of the Pan Yu, the person completely into a meteor, with the green rifles toward the Pride covered the wind hit. Point Star Gun Star million points Proud of the vision of the wind filled with the power of the soul, filled with silver light thorn eye pain, almost do not see Chu Pupu Yu figure, only the slightest of which trace the murderous constantly revealing murderous Pan Yu s point star gun Baili unparalleled Mei Feng fretting, clear eyes passing a ray of surprise, the original concerns of the color also eased down, softly laughed It seems very fidget cube camo concerned about the metaphor Yu Yunmao , Was actually a beginning to display his stunt, this point marksmanship coverage area is very difficult to escape, but the pursuit of speed under the crown of the esoteric has been started, to be out of the question should not be difficult, this test, the overall situation has been Definitely Barry Qin.

l of fidget cube mediumspringgreen Dan has been condensed successfully, but I do not know why I can not get the power of the soul, Jin order rules did not come, really anxious. Proud of the wind look slightly into a sort of anxious, softly sighed. This is the soul of Dan formed after the Run time, so that solid solid solid formation of the soul, into this state has been basically completed. Qin cream is a slow face, spit breath, to catch her shoulder comfort Road Do not worry, since the battle is one to one, fighting nature can also deliberately delay, and so we first go out, explain them, try to consume is, and once you reveal identity, I do not believe they can not hold back indignation Curse, to the time inevitably some inevitably wasted time. After he said so, proud wind mood slightly improved, nodded light laugh Then we go, these days should come a lot of forces, the day has not bright, outside to quarrel, it seems very lively. That s not, the foot of the mountain are people, the hills are also occupied, the three fidget cube mediumspringgreen major lords will be around the camp to reduce the range of 100 meters to 20 meters, or else from the outrage will result in their loss of faith. Frost laughing her.e Heimou, suddenly narrowed his eyes, all the ardent under the slowly raised his hand, moving forward a Refers to the light said Then please Tulong Mian under the sow discord between the manufacture of trouble, framed things get rid of ungrateful things Surrounded by a quiet atmosphere of a quiet Sound is like a sudden cut off like life and life, screeching halt Dragon command and many angry lords grew up fidget cube mediumspringgreen shocked mouth, eyes staring proud of the direction of wind fingers stunned to speak. She refers to the fidget cube mediumspringgreen people actually is the Green Crane Lord But also just proud smile of the Green Crane lord, smile immediately fidget cube mediumspringgreen stiff in the face, because of this sudden corrections sharply, too best, the eyes can not help passing a ray of seen through the panic, how he did not expect the wind actually Say something like this This is fidget cube darksalmon where the chasing the clouds come out, why do they know their Rong jung She also know what Catching the subtle look, proud wind to know that he was guilty, and did not give him a panting effort, and immediately stepped forward, staring at his voice coldly The Green Crane Lord, you and your brother Qinglue lord collusion, Intention to dama.remely rare helpless color, softly sighed relied on life experience rampant, how to have their own battles more comfortable Unfortunately, I am afraid that in the future there is no such freedom.In contrast, I would like to one day to reach my grandfather that height, and then tell the world, cut the wind is my grandfather, cut the ice is my mother, rather than tell them Yin Fu is cut The grandson of the wind, the son of the ice cutter. They just want to stay away from that person s shelter, do not want to live under the wings of others, including the following I am also the same, when every time the world is mentioned, your name in front of a strong to be added to the prefix, you will feel happy Heard this, proud wind slightly startled body, Jun Ting eyebrows gently provoked, involuntarily looked not far from the Qin Shuo one. The first section, infatuation nine refining Pride of course, listen to understand the Yin Fu Yin words in the meaning, can not help but also consider their own situation. Before seeing Qin Shuo, she bent to find him, did not think about these issues, and now think about it, but psychological played some subtle changes, she is.

Fidget Cube Mediumspringgreen nk you Barry door master tolerance, I discuss such as properly, most of them are willing to belong to Barry Gate, fidget cube vinyl desk while the main door to send people Supervision vowed, and another thousand or so do not want to go down, in the camp center, let the door handle When he finished, gray robe man waved, Zhanmeng army Kankan separated into an arc, which will be part of the mountain exposed part of the team. After all, is the power of hundreds of years, even in the chaos of the Plains, where people eat, still some loyal cronies do not want to die. Baili unparalleled nodded, head Hanguang flash, cold Yangshou waved his hand Kill Plagiarism does not remove the root, the spring wind and health, this truth will not understand, of course, will not be remnants of the remnants of sin, endless troubles, not soft hearted. Gray robe man, who seems to have expected the outcome of the early, slightly nodded, million camps in all directions appeared at once hundreds of Tu Shen arrows, facing the center of that solid hurricane shot out, wind , Tu Shen Jian pierced the voice of the void is chilling, directly in the bursts of anger screams, they shot into fidget cube sale a bunch of Xue Mo Lo.eric entry. Previously he can not integrate the specific physical fitness esoteric stone, but now it is, but his posture is clearly not suitable for the use of Fangtianhuaji such heavy weapons, he is a hundred miles speed is the type of shenfa esoteric, and Defensive Defense. Proud of the same wind as a sword to enhance the strength of practice, as the four swords lords. But now she understands that the energy level of the lord after all, is not a decisive factor, practice to the lord class, the soul of Dan formation at the Star Array to automatically draw external energy, do not need to deliberately absorbed. Lords strong, important in the comprehension of esoteric aspects, these days, she has been in the garden of the style of playing Yuhuan guns, sentimental chaos esoteric power tips. As a result, Qin Shuang three and Mansano, a small nine strong strength of the pride of the gun has become a practice gun object, and made everyone complain incessantly, to get back a few days, as long as the wind proud of the gun, as long as the Garden, and immediately Baotoushucuan back to the house, running a left As for you, obviously the strength of more.