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Fidget Cube Mediumorchid behind the call came. Waved his hand, proud wind driving the Fen Yunfei northward flight away, and the same excitement to sit down together to study the Qinhuangshuang three monarchs of the properties of this device. Twelve gear king device, in addition to their own gear a file, there should be 11 file properties, I see proud of the wind holding red red magic ring, but also feel the shining beating which soul. Hidden atmosphere, blurred stature and face, fidget cube maroon making the strong monarchs can not see through the owner of the atmosphere and appearance, which is the property of the turtle interest treasure, but did not expect even the appearance and stature can be distorted, is indeed legend Ah, proud wind praised one, then said absolute defense, the formation of a wide range of defense Enchantment, defensive hood arbitrarily small or large, able to defend against all attacks I rely on, this is too perverted. Defense of all attacks, that is even the king of the attack can block ah Only proud of the wind is estimated that the monarch of the class ignore the status quo is not alright, is the case of things, the ruler who is invalid. Arrogant wind.ame her cautious, legendary ore crystal heart, it is said to have a world of Reiki, and some may even form a fine soul, the legendary crystal heart to become a fine soul there is a sense of autonomy, once the week trapped ore is broken open, it will fidget cube hk automatically Fled, proud wind lest this thing ran after the fight for the past Mantelun. Light narrowed his eyes, fingertip cohesion, proud wind abruptly casually wielding a sharp edge of the blade like a sharp wind, that turtle interest as if the center of Baoliao blowing a breeze, the treasure will be more on top of a break from the split out of the crack Health This wind under the crown even turned out to be the esoteric chaos level Good Jun skill, she is also in fidget cube yellow and black the cultivation of combat is a genius Dong Lin and other clan command of how the eyesight, close watch, the legislature to judge the pride of the wind Shot included in the esoteric hierarchy, heart Yaran addition of a few minutes. Proud of the appearance of the wind age of less than two hundred years old ah Within ten thousand years on the esoteric on the chaos, this is what the concept Only this list is the first chaos, second place after all.

remely rare helpless color, softly sighed relied on life experience rampant, how to have their own battles more comfortable Unfortunately, I am afraid that in the future there is no such freedom.In contrast, I would like to one day to reach my grandfather that height, and then tell the world, cut the wind is my grandfather, cut the ice is my mother, rather than tell them Yin Fu is cut The grandson of the wind, the son of the ice cutter. They just want to stay away from that person s shelter, do not want to live under the wings of others, including the following I am also the same, when every time the world is mentioned, your name in front of a strong to be added to the prefix, you will feel happy Heard this, proud wind slightly startled body, Jun Ting eyebrows gently provoked, involuntarily fidget cube mediumorchid looked not far from the Qin Shuo one. The first section, infatuation nine refining Pride of course, listen to understand the Yin Fu Yin words in the meaning, can not help but also consider their own situation. Before seeing Qin Shuo, she bent to find him, did not think about these issues, and now think about it, but psychological played some subtle changes, she is.ombat effectiveness recognized strong. Seeing the ten emperor into the twelve lords star, Zhanmeng that even the rock face is great change He was aghast fidget cube mediumorchid to stare proud wind, suddenly understand why the proud wind coming out today Into the lords level need to condense soul Dan, she is not World of Warcraft, condensate Soul Dan which is one or two days of things This kid must have been in a few days before the break through the barrier, knowing that today will be Jin order, this dare to come out against them, she probably is with great grasp of Even want to get the rock, the world is not stupid strong, could not help but excitedly have to talk up. The original chase cloud crown already know that they can become lords ah Ha ha This war is really afraid of the League of Nations to be annihilated I really want to see the true strength of how to trace the crown, do not know if she can win the rock, I bet she can Cut, you also need to bet, abnormal God is blown out of God Oh, right, right now has been upgraded to the metamorphosis of the lord Now such a turn of events, who can win more unpredictable. In this piece of naughty sound, the moment has been fully.d Sister seems a bit Proud of the wind did not go on, but how clever Mexican cold sword, immediately understand the meaning of the proud wind, I saw his pair of narrow eyes swept the fox like sly light, lips slightly raised You really and No other woman is not the same, no wonder my father told me to spend more time on your mind, fidget cube mediumorchid so I put you back to my sword to lead it. Uh Pride wind Lengle surprised a moment, and then again dumbfounded No, it should be said to be frightened Simply bring her back to Excalibur lead This What does this mean The cliff above the squad, like people in the panic A large group of people evolved from the wood into a stone, and there are many women there are cracks in the phenomenon of stone to the concept, This is this this guy actually dare to take liberties with pride wind Fengyun House Qin frost three times this is a collective runaway. Not their own people, how can easily bring back Excalibur lead Bring back the meaning of Excalibur collar, not to be cold with a daughter in law Mohun go back Is the language is not surprising endlessly Proud of the wind can not help out of a sweat This is h.

Fidget Cube Mediumorchid hilled abruptly shivering, then burst of Yaran, with her chaotic esoteric lords strength, even this momentum has been deterred to live Although there is no lack of Qin Shuang the lords of the credit can be monomer, they in the end no one is their opponents ah, Surprising has only just begun. That force together from all directions to the Qinhuangshuang together in the past, with fidget cube mediumorchid him as the center for a break, turned into a bright crimson battle mans, condensed into a Yibing reveals infinite power crimson energy Sword, almost caught the genuine fidget cube sky. Proud of the wind makes the wind proud of the wind and those who are in front of the opponents into a huge shock, then proud of the wind finally understand the source of energy, crimson color is not a sign of any level, this huge source of power Not the power of the soul and divine power, but murderous, pure fidget cube olivedrab murderous, Before today, proud wind never thought of murderous can also be cemented into real wounding, in front of the murderous swords in the energy contained in the terror, but want to do this is undoubtedly very difficult, Which requires a hundred times the running of the dry, the need for understanding bet.arge lord Rat family, is also good at drilling one of the races, but in the face of the king of the ground to the line of the dragon, or to be inferior, regardless of speed or dexterity, the Rat family, after all, but the Dragon. But the unexpected is that the strength of the first big mouse is actually very good, Clive s pursuit did not let him be fidget cube mediumorchid any harm, but he knew about the speed line buy fidget cube as flight, with the body of the outbreak of energy in the ground Action simply can not escape, this drill out, and just a take the initiative to take advantage of the smoke rolling raid a small eye dragonfly flashing vicious luster, mouth to the top of the East Lin bite past Big mouse head is not small, the action is not clumsy, the blow as fast as lightning, actually reached the level of the esoteric military class break East Linxiong careful, it is variation of Warcraft fidget cube blanchedalmond Blue Crystal Rat emperor, the strength is not weak and Bi seems to be in him, Clive followed behind the big rats exposed physique eagerly reminded. Dong Lin did not expect that the first World of Warcraft would be so strong, but his combat experience in the Blue Crystal Rat Huang sprang to the gro.