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Fidget Cube Maroon ua, three thousand years to produce a packet, thousands of years to bloom, which contains the most pure source of the soul, the lords of the strong absorption of a strong, can greatly enhance the soul Power. The esoteric army class strength of the strong collection of three together can be absorbed with its huge soul directly to break through the big lord barrier, into the big lord class With the world of sacred objects and the secret of this secluded secret is different from heaven and earth the power of sacred fidget cube slategray objects is extremely mild, will not leave any sequelae, fidget cube maroon and even consolidate the constitution, unlike some secret law is to stimulate the potential of people in the future can not There are inches. Become a lord This is a strong list of any one day have a fatal attraction This is the brother in the last time when the island of Lethal Island with the clan to find the island after the landing, for it, my brother almost lost his life Qingtu lord grudgingly watched the flower black flowers, some pain authentic His Royal Highness , I know my practice speed, and now I have the lord of the peak of the power of the soul to enhance the limited space, e.s not interested in such pawns general knowledge, no hands, but looked at them lightly is their own, or I fidget cube maroon s, you go If not sound, the sunset will lead the crowd, such as amnesty, farting desperate fidget cube case to flee out of the sunset of the little master is no exception. Face is no light is small, life is big ah Until these people ran light, that a group of young men and women had been rescued from the Lengzheng just to wake up, his face with a touch of joy, looked forward to look proud wind, almost his eyes shine, one of the young surprise fidget cube maroon Really you So you really is the cloud You really come to the king led the ah Proud of the wind looked at him, gently nodded Dan Xiao said I remember you, you call Lin Yuan, right Is Yes. Lin Yuan can not help but face a red, when he had a collision, but proud of the wind, did not think proud wind actually remember. Other words wait a minute to say, first told me what happened to the king collar Yin brother how Proud of the wind Yan Fu s safety, straight to the point asked. Forest margin refused to worry annoying, his face soon became anxious again, anxious voice said chasing the cloud crown, and now the king of the si.

mine, maybe also to attract the tenth day of the penalty mine. Double Ray robbery robbery than the general terror to come, combined with the power of fidget cube yellow and black the two robbery Ray, a full seven Thunder, Xianer if they had separated from the robbery, everyone only need to suffer four Tianlao Bale. Of course, Mansono said that the small nine mine robbery than double mine robbery terror, not the number of thunder, but the thunder of power, single mine robbery is still sixty nine days mine robbery, need to suffer six thunder. Mother adults, you do not have to worry too much. Mansono standing proud wind side and comfort her As we have pure blood of Warcraft itself has an excellent talent, as long as the birth can not be achieved after the death of the king class , Do not even need to deliberately to practice, not a little difficult how to line The world is fair, powerful World of Warcraft life long, strong, Huanshou skills do not need to understand, but it must go through the buy fidget cube kickstarter test of God. Pride wind eyes slightly nodded his head, gaze condensed in the sky above the purple black clouds, the power of lightning which has been ready to make ends meet. Hydra Huang Zhou.a dozen fighting wing bar into a hedgehog Front of the wings with explosive energy, just listen to bang To cry, even the body with the soul of rock Dan was blown to be smashed To list the third lord, fall See such a decisive scene, every corner of the mountains, the unprecedented loud cheers instantly sky The end of World War I, Drifting shake the hearts of the sky, Manzanuo Feiyun lords over there to see this situation, know that there is no fidget cube maroon hope of survival, mind a burst of chaos on the spot. Mansano comprehensive strength of this on him, among the hundreds of years of chaos in the desert, his ruthless Li is not blowing out, he quickly seized the loopholes, vampires sharp slender nails flying dung, from Feiyun Lord of the head severely Pixia Fear screams, his body was torn in half instantly Blood rain sway, Feiyun lord soul Dan prolapse, fear to want to escape, but Mansono mouth fidget cube 3d print a suction bite the entrance to melt clean Vampires and other species of different flesh and blood souls they can take out of the lord of the vampire, the peak of the lords of the soul of the power but the nourishing, although now signed a contract with the proud wind can be.ot necessarily really so accurate, and some strong record of not much, the real strength also has reservations, and the strong who are at any time with the moment in the cultivation of the, who can not guarantee that one day suddenly Understanding what esoteric or breakthrough. Barry Qingxiao Qingmou also passing touch of proudly, proudly patted his chest full of confidence What to win, the three behind me a person on the line, and you wait for the cloud directly on the last bar. Uh, six did not expect the hundred miles will actually say such words, the door is all surprised a moment, and some shocked brother and looked at him incredibly, they are the two young master, not always quiet Autistic low self esteem How come back this if the two ah Proud of the same stare stare the wind, this kid really fidget cube adult seems to be her bad What time is also raging Barry unparalleled heart brother, holding his shoulders frowned Qing Xiao, do not force it, if not to the big brother, in fact, one person I can get rid of those five lords, the lord of the peak below for me There is not much threat. Big Brother, do not worry, I have this grasp Barry Qing Xiao solemnly This time I.

Fidget Cube Maroon big loss, pressure Renren Qi, up one s morale, this person, but the army group warfare A great combat power ah Brother, you are very good at these ah Proud of the wind ridicule him It is said that you are leading the red it, you are very strong leader Of course. Qin cream actually no modesty, patted his chest and said When I was small in the northern mainland is an orphan, strength and weak, if there is no skill, has long been out there where the environment, I eleven years old Began to lead the command operations, as long as the difference between the strength of less than doubled, there is no decisive super strong, basically I can not win North than here can be more chaotic, large lords territory too wide, not all can control so far of. Proud wind eyes flashing, the voice gently said Brother, you have also suffered a lot of childhood ah. Qin Shuang was the voice of this soft soft heart, Yi Chan, inexplicable embarrassed, scratching his head smiles Nothing, nothing, big man to eat bitter what Small Young, we then look At this time, that terrible drum has stopped, as his hand a forward, but the smell of rumbling burst of noise, Barry City gates open.ot take this two years seriously, so in the face of an instant superimposed when the power is no counterattack Ten days and one or two years, two very fidget cube violet different results, this is the gap This moment, Tu war as if his mind was a mind to hit the sledgehammer The strength of the outbreak of the collision point, Tu war a blood spray, the body will be this infinite strength to shoot fly out He fell from the sky severely, to a speed of reversing the back Zhang Zhang, bang To crash into the dragon that clan of the crowd, a fidget cube maroon panic in the cry out of the ground straight out of a terrorist Of the pit, to be when he stopped, behind the accumulation of mound can form a small slope. be quiet Quiet terrible The whole king of the top of a silent hill, the presence of all the sound at this moment seems to be completely seized, dull and looked at the top of the sky proud wind and was a stroke of the Soviet Union. Before the war, they really have thought about the possibility of an end to the war situation, but most people think should be an instant halberd live proud of the wind fishes, and now the location of both sides actually fully exchange, but rather proud wind ver.