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Fidget Cube Lightsteelblue the top ten teams of the North First, their fidget cube how much does it cost camp is over there. He said, pointing to the side of the lake not far away, proud wind along the direction looked, heart startled Plus the lake on the island of ten people, which Donglin clan even among the nearly 30 people to stay in the peak of the peak master, more than that side are more than Shuishuo, and Haichuan large lords and others under the command of the same, and their team People, who are exudes a terrible hostility, to the other side of the station, is so prominent around almost everyone is not willing to close them. Proud wind blink, this is the top ten teams in the north Really terrible Two people an opening, the other several clan command also their dissatisfaction Lengheng up, very consistent with the Senleng eyes fixed on him. Green deer lord had just hiding well, until finally ran out, the crowd will certainly feel that was put together, in fact, Mantel is so intended. Feel the hostility of these people, Mantelun did not panic, light laughing, said The dispute has always been the northern territory of ore mining is well known means, the Highness proposed this condition, you are nodded un.ill her, the three lords will definitely kill her intended, but due to the Excalibur Mohist order, They will not be in the crowd under the hands. But once out of the city alone action, died in the wild, it will not leave the words to the ink Emperor, after all, three are large lords Haichuan, as long as they are not hands on, can deny. Therefore, the prudent wind had to be careful to leave when they are invisible FY. Fenyun Prefecture, proud wind, Barry Qing Xiao, Qin Shuang, Sima Yu dissolved in the garden gathered, looking at the rapidness of the forest outside the hind legs, frequently lament the refining fidget cube lightsteelblue device division mansion wonderful. Proud of the wind, the three lords will really send someone to kill us You are just a beginning into the lord of the class, obviously not a threat to them, so they disregard the identity and the general knowledge of our epigenetic younger generation Qing Xiao felt a few people before the atmosphere of official fidget cube tension, and some doubts asked. People without foresight there must be near worries, these things, back in my hometown, I have experienced once. Pride Wind faint smile At that time the lord of the sixteen year old i.

t get out, but also lost the human form of state and the ability to speak, but also imprisoned for a thousand years, do not know this and Bi after the absorption of Yuet Wah will continue to trapped him, which What a painful thing Really want to do so, can not grasp the power of and Bi, is not worth it. Kill him, it seems only to be taken away. Since the know and his pick does not come out, people are unwilling to empty handed, the goal of competition has become a natural rat, as long as the Blue Crystal fidget cube makers Rat Wong in the collection, the underground city to open the occasion, still can bring people in, On to more than a big mouse. Haichuan three eyes suddenly sharp up at this moment, Qin Shuo also Lengheng soon as, lips slightly fidget cube seagreen Yang, the body of the radiance of the fire to expand the circle twilight. The momentum of both sides rising sky, this will be the real desperate fight However, at this time, has been in the next play to the present Mantel suddenly burst into a joking laugh, said Three adults, this red lords secretly attack you, means rate fidget cube fake vs real of contempt, really do not Moral, against such a person, why should you and his moral The strong are watchin.arrogant, if he walked fidget cube video away, things in trouble, so he has been waiting for the opportunity, but did not expect Will suddenly find such a big secret. Proud of the wind for the Qin Shuo fidget cube orchid succeed in this matter, but accidentally let Mantelun touch to the true image. Looked at the back of their departure, Mantelun face slowly emerged out of a ray of sinister mysterious smile Hey, the day to help me Originally still worry about cutting the wind, and now, some people do, the Highness Why hands on, as long as I kill the person, cut the wind to retaliate nor retaliate against me The mouth while muttering, Mantelon stature again flash, disappeared in situ. Time in a minute in the past, more and more deep night, proud of the wind and others have been repeatedly encountered fidget cube lightsteelblue several attacks on people, in addition to the first wave, the other is only a few hundred people in the leaf of this super strong Shot under the deterrent, and did not take too much effort to kill off. But the energy and the outbreak of the information is still too late, already close to midnight, everyone s heart could not help some anxiety. Is the scope of the outbreak of energy is very sma.big loss, fidget cube lightsteelblue pressure Renren Qi, up one s morale, this person, but the army group warfare A great combat power ah Brother, you are very good at these ah Proud of the wind ridicule him It is said that you are leading the red it, you are very strong leader Of course. Qin cream actually no modesty, patted his chest and said When I was small in the northern mainland is an orphan, strength and weak, if there is no fidget cube lightsteelblue skill, has long been out there where the environment, I eleven years old Began to lead the command operations, as long as the difference between the strength of less than doubled, there is no decisive super strong, basically I can not win North than here can be more chaotic, large lords territory too wide, not all can control so far of. Proud wind eyes flashing, the voice gently said Brother, you have also suffered a lot of childhood ah. Qin Shuang was the voice fidget cube lightsteelblue of this soft soft heart, Yi Chan, inexplicable embarrassed, scratching his head smiles Nothing, nothing, big man to eat bitter what Small Young, we then look At this time, that terrible drum has stopped, as his hand a forward, but the smell of rumbling burst of noise, Barry City gates open.

Fidget Cube Lightsteelblue ange nowhere to ask. She did not even see the wind off the big lords half times, the other side why look at her face a nameless pawn If it is not cut ice lord noble, there is no possible letter. Nonsense, she really want to suspect that the ice is not deliberately pastime her Proud wind pondering meditation, but also how to think is not thoroughly, simply put aside for the time being. Looked up, proud of the wind three steps and two steps to the side of Qin Shuo, blinked and said big command, in addition to Uncle the ring, I have a gift to give you, to ensure that you are equally pleasantly surprised. Having said that, she took out from the black robe the same dark under a ring, handed Qin Shuo eyes. Suspicion of the people looked proud of a wind, tired of the puzzled, which is the person s love token tokens Which will not be a big girl to guide it Qin Shuo also a little puzzled, he took the ring from the hands of proud wind, repeated for a long time, can only determine their own never seen this thing. But this ring looks black does not slip lost completely insignificant, but he faintly think it seems not so simple, as the top refining device division.expected this situation, proud wind that a domineering and courage to go forward, but he personally experienced it However, under the watchful eyes in the dry spike to the strong list of such sturdy things, or let him admire incomparable, heart Antan really is the master of the child, the father and daughter do even the same thing Qin Shuo in the red maple collar war has spike over a large lord, this is not a secret in the north of the mainland. Zhanmeng among the time is a silence, the first battle momentum will be a serious setback, and rattan boat, Yuqing soul is the heart and concern, the two looked at each other pale, who did not expect, proud of the wind Strength actually so horrible If that gun just fell on them, I m afraid they will not feel better, today s war, their lives may be dangerous Proud of the strength of the wind in people s hearts climbing, and soon, the bottom of the many hills will be the sound of frantic cheers Section II of the Second World War, Barry Qing Xiao, a pair of three Good one a metamorphosis God Under the cloud crown, playing well Twenty year old to the list of strong, but also spike to list the strong, it is too st.