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Fidget Cube Lightslategray proud of the soul fidget cube 3d printer of the wind power to But this a lord of the peak of the soul Dan can let him reduce the power of the soul to take pride in the wind, but unfortunately even the soul of rock Dan proud wind of the war wing to rotten rotten, or else he is one of the Dayton. Combat wing armor of the attack power, proud of the wind is quite satisfied, even the rock anyhow, is a lord of the peak of the strong, in an instant to the slaying into slag, the power of no less than the ordinary lord treasure The terror of the combat wing is not only the power of flight stabbing, each spike in front of a bomb like attack like energy, this is the most terrible place, fidget cube retail piercing the body and then explode, which bombardment from the internal bombardment, Than the external bombing do not know how many times stronger. Ancient magician of the Royal Armor is powerful, these local armor is simply Guards, no wonder even the original God should be coveted. Proud wind secretly sighed, mind fretting, more than a dozen combat wing fly back, re coagulation Behind. A high cheers among the Barry people quickly rushed from the camp rushing over, the first hundred miles clear jumped.y are all the same dress, before I was still strange, how the crown under the body of this dress, with his strength will not imitate what metamorphosis lords, that are young people to do, who knows not imitate him Metamorphosis lords, but metamorphosis lord inherited him ah This is really cross fried cattle father and son, two, the crown under the spirit of the Austrian with a glance days of strong uniforms Dragon list, chasing the crown under the crown to leapfrog challenge to the strength of the beginning to enter the lord fidget cube lightslategray to solve that list Third, is indeed the father and son, are so abnormal Just do not know how they are, if not reclusive fidget cube lightslategray master, the crown must also be days under the list of people, and qualify absolutely not gamma, Qin Shuo naturally heard the discussion of the crushing sound, could not help but smile, patted his arms proud of the wind acoustic The little guy, you lie enough level, we actually think we really father and son However, we do have affinity, if not, I also like you, if you recognize my father, I do not mind. Daddy Hear this sentence, proud wind surprised a moment, squinting eyes abruptly stare, looked up and stared at.

arge lord Rat family, is also good at drilling one of the races, but in the face of the king of the ground to the line of the dragon, or to be inferior, regardless of speed or dexterity, the Rat family, after all, but the Dragon. But the unexpected is that the strength of the first big mouse is actually very good, Clive s pursuit did not let him be any harm, but he knew about the speed line as flight, with the body of the outbreak of energy in the ground Action simply can not escape, this drill out, and just a take the initiative to take advantage of the smoke rolling raid a small eye dragonfly flashing vicious luster, mouth to the top of the East Lin bite past Big mouse head is not small, the action is not clumsy, the blow as fast as lightning, actually reached the level of the esoteric military class break East Linxiong careful, it is variation of Warcraft Blue Crystal Rat emperor, the strength is not weak and Bi seems to be in him, Clive followed behind the big rats exposed physique eagerly reminded. fidget cube lightslategray Dong Lin did not expect that the first World of Warcraft would be so strong, but his combat experience in the Blue Crystal Rat Huang sprang to the gro.at him, like a silver dragon guns, she picked up a random, wanton and free and easy, taking advantage of the offical fidget cube Tu war after a move, Strokes of the moment, physique twist, the body rotated over an incredible point of view, the hands also play a full force of the powerful momentum moves. Dodge, out of the gun, at one go As if nothing to consider the use of any moves, nor through any hair move, as a shot swept over This seemingly wanton idle tricks, which contains the strength and accuracy of the degree of close proximity to feel the Tu war burst of panic, he clearly felt a huge fidget cube stress relief force has locked him firmly locked, only in time straw Moved a bit of the body, to avoid the fidget cube greenyellow most powerful silver gun tip, and then heard pop To cry, the whole person was severely shot in the gun Upan invisible You this kid, esoteric also into the chaos fidget cube lightskyblue level How is it possible Tu war could not help but horror to utter a cry, could not believe their own eyes However, he can not believe their own eyes, but can not believe that it fell like a mountain like strength of their own Although the gunpoint to avoid, wield the power of the same can not be underestimated gun Tu war feel a bu.aging mother s son, I will he die Chop the ice lord these few words of sonorous and powerful, domineering, the heroine of the arrogance of all do show. Snow God bow Crisp sound of drinking sound, cut the ice hand a move, a silver ice cold bow suddenly appeared in her side This huge bow was so high, snow white as feather like arm wing gorgeous exquisite, like an angel wings, the surface of the flow of a touch of silver light, the bow is also an faint feeling of excitement conveyed, do not need to personally Opened, a silver light storm has appeared in the bow when the automatic cohesion Everyone slightly surprised a moment, the collective exclaimed, eyes swept the extreme envy of the color. Is indeed the daughter of the big wind cut the lord, this magic device others really dreaming can not imagine But the envy of the envy, and no one dared to beat her idea, her strength is not to say, in the Northern Territory offend the wind big lord, that is really live impatient Proud of the wind also fell into a dismay, this Need for Life Lords treasure device, and her function of Ray Yan Sunburn guns are very similar to the use of methods are very similar, is sim.

Fidget Cube Lightslategray over a clinging proud wind, Junlie excited red, laughing around more than all. ended Ha ha ha We won We Barry door actually won This is the chase under the crown of the credit ah No wonder the Barry Gate so happy, before the war siege siege, in fact, they are holding out of the mentality of death and people do the final desperate struggle, the other so many strong, and Barry door only one hundred miles unparalleled, Which is the opponent Never imagined, arrogance of the wind actually turned the whole war situation all over, she not only brought the strength of the promotion of terror Barry Qing Xiao, their own is three Liantang list of lords strong, of which a more List the third fierce name of the strong, beyond everyone s surprise The battle was also mixed with the king of Warcraft six or nine Tianlei robbery, making countless people feast for the eyes, had fidget cube lightslategray a side case of the fighting has become breathtaking, how can not Jiaoren applause Of course, today s battle is one sided, but it becomes a hundred miles of the performance of the war. Yun adults, this time is really far better than that thousands of dead The rookie first, to list the third Iron.r is now really admire the proud wind, so he hit from the heart that proud wind, then there is compelling power, could not help but want to fidget cube yellow and black help her, but if he heard the wind proud whisper, do not know what will be Mentality. Chapter 10 of the situation The second section of the sudden strong list of days Since some people hold up the occasion, proud wind does not deny, eyes turned nodded, suddenly overstating the voice Yes I do fidget cube lightslategray have proofs, come before, I have to know who is in the dark King of the collar and you, this Fan King Mountain is to expose the conspiracy of this person, but also you a fair Qinghe lord guess speculation, once heard the wind proud of the wind so sonorous and powerful words, still abruptly shuddered Looked proud of the wind over a slightly ridiculous and self confident eyes, green crane Lord under a dead, his struggle to borrow. Is proud of the wind when there is no evidence to be useful, if she really have proof, it simply can not tolerate his sophistry Damn, the second child in the end is how the exposed feet You want to ask how do I know these Proud of the wind as if to see through his ideas, take it lightly laughed I let y.