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Fidget Cube Lightpink d of the wind looked around, surprised to see all the clan are from the ground to stand up. Just their consumption is too large, had to sit down and rest to draw some outside energy, it appears that although this power is huge, but it is desperate to kill a blow to play, play a powerful power, but also let themselves into the Jedi if the opponent can not be completely defeated, then they run out of power exhausted. But no such courage to go back to the spirit of a return, they can not play such a terrible blow. Easy to chase the little guy, how do you think this way ah Ye Yi laughed from the sky falling, with a touch of the eyes as a clan proud of the color, he and several other lords, Condensate engraved on the occasion of the first out of the. Strong very perverted Arrogant wind sincerely praise is indeed one of the top ten teams in the north, with which this team is estimated that no team can compare with you. Proud of the wind to hear the team can not help but face the crowd exposed a trace of a smile, so metamorphosis lords pro. Say the word metamorphosis, this feeling quite good. Qin frost a sound of a laugh people outside the sky outside the da.eric entry. Previously he can not integrate the specific physical fitness esoteric stone, but now it is, but his posture is clearly not suitable for the use of Fangtianhuaji such heavy weapons, he is a hundred miles speed is the type of shenfa esoteric, and Defensive Defense. Proud of the same wind as a sword to enhance the strength of practice, as the four swords lords. But fidget cube lightpink now she understands that the energy level of the lord after all, is not a decisive factor, practice to the lord class, the soul of Dan formation at the Star Array to fidget cube mediumspringgreen automatically draw external energy, do not need to deliberately absorbed. Lords strong, important in the comprehension of esoteric aspects, these days, she has been in the garden of the style of playing Yuhuan guns, sentimental chaos esoteric power tips. As a result, Qin Shuang three and Mansano, a small nine strong strength of fidget cube on ebay the pride of the gun has become a practice gun object, and made everyone complain incessantly, to get back a few days, as long as the wind proud of the gun, as long as the Garden, and immediately Baotoushucuan back to the house, running a left As for you, obviously the strength of more.

would only come to the surrounding strong dissatisfaction, more lead to the loss of faith. Well, but they have led to the loss of our faith, is it so easily let them Forest lords and large sky lords also sang a different tune. Haichuan grandfather frowned, and suddenly looked up, said lightly Well, you have brought us so much trouble, should fidget cube demo be directly executed, but look at you without the knowledge and hope in the body, I ll give you a Chance. Five days after you battle Bailimen, not many people went to hit, only the lords of the strong one person one person came up to invite war array, starting from the weakest people, and finally survived, I do not And then pursue. Haichuan this request, suddenly let the war in the half of the strong brush To pale a face This is not to die them You know, Baili unparalleled in the list standings in seventeen, most people may have no Barry unparalleled ranking high ah We do not continue to stay in the Zhanmeng, and I Shuangxialmeng exit Haichuan adults, our strength is low, that they are not rivals, our brothers out There are two middle aged man looks more than thirty years of age immediately stand out, the two brot.hunder irrigation ears Sonic Upanishad This guy will be a rare acoustic esoteric, actually used up until now Knowledge of the strong have screamed out loud. Upanishads within the entry level lord, to speak of a dizzy, as if into a mass of cotton like can not move, followed by Yin Fu saw the flash out of a very far distance, the hands of the giant white bow out. Silver flashing, armor arrows agglomeration of extremely terrifying silver, the soul of the power of agglutination in the arrow that, Yin Fu arm of the terrible moment will be a huge bow and arrow pulled to the full moon form, slender figure in the bow bow fidget cube lightpink when Is good looking, dark luster in the eyes of the explosion burst out A Yinmang out of the void, as if in the air to draw a lingering line, very accurately settled to the other side of the lord of the body A bad man The field shocked the voice of a call Flash Although this man has fidget cube lightpink been reminded, but the strength of that lord is not enough, even heard the reminder to wake up from the sleeping state, but also did not even have time to respond. He stared in horror, bang To cry, the whole upper body burst open Stabbed a bloody lower body can n.wind has become a tremendous horror This little guy to his surprise too This surprise has been called a fright Section III, preparing for war Magic device side of a recognized the Lord, Qin Shuo to the top of the capacity of the Divine Mixture Master, immediately aware of all the rings, but also completely determine the flames Shuanglong ring level, the spot was severely stimulated a bit. Ling associated device, 12 file magic device This magic ring was actually quasi king device Regardless of how powerful Qin Shuo, he never dreamed of, proud wind actually sent him a quasi king fidget cube light blue device magic ring Things are too shocked, leading to Qin Shuo and just nine directly as the same refining, stunned into a bunch of silly wood, even the origins of Magic ring forgot to pursue. See Qin Shuo s reaction, the crowd looked at each other with surprise, his face with a ray of surprise from the heart like the cat was curious, big command so many years of such a state of fidget cube lightpink gaffe few, I do not know Proud of the wind to give him what is in the end You this little devil, how can you give me this thing Shocked, Qin Shuo without hesitation to utter angrily uttered a roar, the m.

Fidget Cube Lightpink people have also looked up, could not help but brow slightly Ting, surprised to stare. The man was a man in a navy blue robe. The man looks about three year old, handsome, is also a feeling very scheming guy. His chest of robes hanging above a sparkling silver medal, badges printed below a refining furnace, engraved with nine stars above, it is through the Babel floor of the refining fidget cube keychain device division badge A nine star refining device division This is actually a nine refining device division A sharp eyed man suddenly saw him on the micro chapter, speechless exclaimed. What, actually there Jiuxing refining device division This is also how ah So they have a Jiuxing refining device division, no wonder so arrogant, good cunning, I thought they would be shot to the side of the six refining device division it. Green deer lord This must be blue deer lord Looked around immediately stunned the discussion of sound, a Jiuxing refining division of the appearance is too surprising, the most important thing is to bring the consequences. Around the eight refining device division is the highest, but the Seven Star, Jiuxing refining device division there is simply over.ecause of fidget cube lightpink the arrogance of the arrogance of the wind to bring the emergence of God If not the bastard repeatedly in a knife along behind them, how can they come to the end of Zhanmeng this end Dead bar Damn Barry door, damn chasing the clouds, all go to death Crazy laughter, the rattan boat in the body out of the bursts of terrible energy fluctuations, causing Soul Dan blew needs certain Time, but soon will burst open, this time Barry door all too late to disperse. At this time, Barry door this side of the camp, but wind To cry, suddenly sprang to a red figure, hit directly in the rattan boat round the rolling body, the impact of his potential life and life block Fujiko boat saw the sight of the people, his eyes immediately protruding, and regardless of the front line blocked, a bloated hand dawdled her skirt, the head of the fierce light as if to fidget cube for anxiety show her thousands of knives million cut Follow the clouds Barry door all screamed. This flight went out to block the rattan boat who is proud of the wind, she was pulling the whole fidget cube release day body has been unable to move the bulging rattan boat struggling to fly to the high altitude, while the pursuit of the one hundr.