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Fidget Cube Lightgreen mewhat slightly blame, but proud of the wind was able to hear from the deep concern, his face could not help Yangqi a ray of delighted smile. Flesh and blood are said to be nature, is indeed the case, even if do not know her identity, he will not help close to her, worried about her. Qin Shuo walking in the North territory for many years, the strength of the basic things have encountered, in the proud wind to become lords swept Bailimen attacker when aware of the bad, Haichuan three small eyes of the family V, Qi Will allow such a genius to survive Although Qin frost did not say, but he was able to think of what the wind encountered in the city, but wanted to be this little thing smart enough to successfully get rid of pursuers, but as long as the thought of her three big lords to kill, he will Could not help but pinch a cold sweat. Stroking his head proud of the wind, looking down at her, but she was also found with a very strange Qin Shuo eyes, his head shining staring at him. The dark Xingmou bright at the moment was amazing, which glittering attachment of the shiny crystal, so he could not help but feel my heart Yi Chan, tall and vigorous body sli.rong Countless people in the wind proudly waved, excited Witnessed a miracle, a rising star rising brother, how proud Heaven and earth double list, but countless strong desire to break into the first place, among which there will be a world of respect for the qualifications of the people, the North kill the heavy, respect for the strong This rule also with the brutal competition More prominent. Young lords of the strong, how many have had, such as that 16 year old into the lord of the class of stars, can be reached into the twenty year old list is unprecedented Xinghui lord to the gods did not comprehend the esoteric, although he into the lord, but not a strong background life experience, compared to Qin Shuang and other big lords of the colorful euphonite background sent a length, so he was Will go to the gods to find a better environment for cultivation. When he was 22 year old can not comprehend the esoteric, which is not allowed to say, and to the gods to practice conditions on the North and fidget cube sienna the different, not the same, people naturally see the subject. This war, as long as the proud fidget cube lightgreen wind is still alive, then from the north after the mainland on t.

from the very large, enough to have about twice the general territory, a variety of natural landscape landscape readily available, will start fidget cube lightgreen looking at the novelty, can only see more boring, and the North in the Each collar has a strange risk, but proud of the wind they are the lords of the esoteric, the South China s odd adventure like tourism like. Want to reach the king of the center of the king of the main city center to proud wind and other people take the speed of the lord treasure device, have to fly more than ten days, but the date of the unearthed is already to determine the time to go early or still have to wait , A few people do not worry. Fengyun Fuyuan quite high concentration of spiritual, but fidget cube rosybrown the best practice sites, recently they have experienced several World War II, own a lot of experience, they stop and feel the practice. Qin cream practice there is little progress to enhance the strength of the sword, and Sima Yu Rong actually in the ten days broke through the lord barrier, began to condense Soul Dan will become the lord Barry Qing Xiao is holding a hundred miles of unparalleled cohesion of the esoteric stone, realized to the esot.den war Union to the extreme moment, an instant understand the intent of the wind proud This kid is simply insidious Even so Collateral The Haichuan large lords when the gun Section II large lords when the gun Qin frosty stunned surprised a moment, facing the pair of proud wind is harmless look to his clear eyes, burst of violence Khan. If the war fidget cube whitesmoke within the League of Pride forced Haitian vowed when the only exclaimed, and now he is definitely a five body cast it This kid fidget cube online india is the biggest difference compared to Shibo, is this brawny black brawny skill Not to say that Qin Shuo than her stupid, but the act of people more open and above the Qin Shuo, encountered things are generally positive impact, but that requires a very powerful strength, but also encountered strong will inevitably suffer, proud wind insidious cunning Let her in a variety of torrents like a duck. Do not kill the knife, do not need too much strength, as long as the carry around at any time, gun , what is she terrible Today s gun, it is Haichuan big lord Qin Shuguang put on a serious look, said the hearts of Antan and her stay with them for a long time, fidget cube clicker sooner or later be to be the one t., this absolute defense is a time limit, a day can only cast once, and can only maintain 10 minutes, although the metamorphosis, not Guards ah. Qinshuang touches the tip, Oh laugh speed In addition, the back of this Teleport is also a number of restrictions. Proud of the wind nodded, looking down a property, the surface smiles thicker Teleport, a certain distance range of instantaneous movement, one day can display four times although only four times a day, but this teleport is fixed as long as the point Can be immediately sent, but also can bring the staff within the 10 to move between the North and the South set the point between the mainland, can be directly sent over, and the mainland Chuan Songzhen the same ah. This is a good thing life insurance, but fortunately Just not been taken away, there is this property, as long as fidget cube lightgreen the mainland fixed point, who can catch you Section II Flame Double Dragon Ring There are restrictions on the number of teleport nodes. The maximum number of nodes that can be set is 10, however, there is no restriction on the location of the magic ring. As long as the node is set, it can be teleported in the pa.

Fidget Cube Lightgreen t get out, but also lost the human form of state and the ability to speak, but also imprisoned for a thousand years, do not know this and Bi after the absorption of Yuet Wah will continue to trapped him, fidget cube golenrod which What a painful thing Really want to do so, can not grasp the fidget cube lightgreen power of and fidget cube lightgreen Bi, is not worth it. Kill him, it seems only to be taken away. Since the know and his pick does not come out, people are unwilling to empty handed, the goal of competition has become a natural rat, as long as the Blue Crystal Rat Wong in the collection, the underground city to open the occasion, still can bring people in, On to more than a big mouse. Haichuan three eyes suddenly sharp up at this moment, Qin Shuo also Lengheng soon as, lips slightly Yang, the body of the radiance of the fire to expand the circle twilight. The momentum of both sides rising sky, this will be the real desperate fight However, at this time, has been in the next play to the present Mantel suddenly burst into a joking laugh, said Three adults, this red lords secretly attack you, means rate of contempt, really do not Moral, against such a person, why should you and his moral The strong are watchin.aging mother s son, I will he die Chop the ice lord these few words of sonorous and powerful, domineering, the heroine of the arrogance of all do show. Snow God bow Crisp sound of drinking sound, cut the ice hand a move, a silver ice cold bow suddenly appeared in her side This huge bow was so high, snow white as feather like arm wing gorgeous exquisite, like an angel wings, the fidget cube camo surface of the flow of a touch of silver light, the bow is also an faint feeling of excitement conveyed, do not need to personally Opened, a silver light storm has appeared in the bow when the automatic cohesion Everyone slightly surprised a moment, the collective exclaimed, eyes swept the extreme envy of the color. Is indeed the daughter of the big wind cut the lord, this magic device others really dreaming can not imagine But the envy of the envy, and no one dared to beat her idea, her strength is not to say, in the Northern Territory offend the wind big lord, that is really live impatient Proud of the wind also fell into a dismay, this Need for Life Lords treasure device, and her function of Ray Yan Sunburn guns are very similar to the use of methods are very similar, is sim.