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Fidget Cube Lightgodenrodyellow l of Dan has been condensed successfully, but I do not know why I can not get the power fidget cube lightcyan of the soul, Jin order rules did not come, really anxious. Proud of the wind look slightly into a sort of anxious, softly sighed. This is the soul of Dan formed after the Run time, so that solid solid solid formation of the soul, buy a fidget cube into this state has been basically completed. Qin cream is a slow face, spit breath, to catch her shoulder comfort Road Do not worry, since the battle is one to one, fighting nature can also deliberately delay, and so we first go out, explain them, try to consume is, and once you reveal identity, I do not believe they can not hold back indignation Curse, to the time inevitably some inevitably wasted time. After he said so, proud wind mood slightly improved, nodded light laugh Then we go, these days should come a lot of forces, the day has not bright, outside to quarrel, it seems fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow very lively. That s not, the foot of the mountain are people, the hills are also occupied, the three major lords will be around the camp to reduce the range of 100 meters to 20 meters, or else from the outrage will result in their loss of faith. Frost laughing her.den war Union to the extreme moment, an instant understand the intent of the wind proud This kid is simply insidious Even so Collateral The Haichuan large lords when the gun Section II large lords when the gun Qin frosty stunned surprised a moment, facing the pair of proud wind is harmless look to his clear eyes, burst of violence Khan. If the war within the League of Pride forced Haitian vowed when the only exclaimed, and now he is definitely a five body cast it This kid is the biggest difference compared to Shibo, is this brawny black brawny skill Not to say that Qin Shuo than her stupid, but the act of people more open and above the Qin Shuo, encountered things are generally positive impact, but that requires a very powerful strength, but also encountered strong will inevitably suffer, proud wind fidget cube lightslategray insidious cunning Let her in a variety of torrents like a duck. Do not kill the knife, do not need too much strength, as long as fidget cube for stress relief the carry around at any time, gun , what is she terrible Today s gun, it is Haichuan big lord Qin Shuguang put on a serious look, said the hearts of Antan and her stay with them for a long time, sooner or later be to be the one t.

touch of blood floating smell. Proud of the wind the team to keep the southeast direction, moving back and forth between the number of hills, and strive to the first time the energy outbreak of Bi feel the movement. Touring the beginning of less than half an hour, they have seen dozens of large and small fight to fight, this time the mountains give the impression that only one word, that is, chaos. A small hill can see several teams also in the search for the clan and the forces of the team, hit with a statement immediately hands on situation has occurred, there is a special attack on the past strong clan, they know about their own Strength is not enough to compete with the Xeon master and Di Bi hopeless, focused on the staff here to ambush all parties to patrol the mountain team. Murder arson gold belt, the lord of the characters who have some good things, as long as a few votes, but also earn pots turn over. fidget cube cost But there are easy to see such a general strong leaf leader, very few people dare not long to come to provoke them. Listening to not far from time and time came the melee sound, proud wind slightly frown, whispered Qin Shuo said Brother, we are.he southern continent for hundreds of years, almost no one can cloud Brother compared to, really Jiaoren have to admire. Paused, and he sincerely said You can come to help at this time, really happy for the brother, the love, Yin Fu s note down, but things should not interfere today, Yun brother, you do not want to let The coronas are drawn into it. While talking, Yin Fu Qinshuo glanced at the side of a glance. Proud wind heard Yileng slightly, Mouguang fidget cube antsy labs gently flash, secretly exclaimed. She really is a good brother, this man is a smart, actually see her and Qin Shuo is not a real father and son relationship This place so many people, it is only he reflected from the previous look of Qin Shuo Qiao out some clues, so will say the crown under rather than respect. Yin Fu of the move is naturally proud of the wind to consider, after all, the King is now leading the enemy is not a massacre, but a group of masters, in addition to the chaos around the Great Plains and the Dragon Loot clan, several small teams have been framed by the North Attack, their captain strength is at least the esoteric, the Dragon command is a military level strong, Qin Shuo not shot.eng heard I Haichuan is what people, when you know that a junior has asked why the truth Good to say why Otherwise I took you to the Emperor in front of adults, let him give us a comment on the management of the identity of the emperor to adults, must not be tolerated you vexatious See Haichuan angry, everyone heart fiercely, Qin frost is also a bit worried to look proud of the wind, although Haichuan due to the Mo Di did not dare to kill the pride of the wind, but the people caught tied up or no problem. Proud wind but did not seem to Haichuan s anger in the eyes, laughing soon as cold vexatious If even the desire to take our lives and other major events are vexatious, I really do not know what the eyes of adults in the sea is called rational When he finished, proud of the wind and partial over the Qin Shuang puzzled and asked Brother, just those people is not to say that we are under the sea of war crown MENG Hai tian of life, to take your life, after Haichuan Big Lords will have heavy Oh, can fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow I hear it wrong Proud of the wind out of the word, that side of the crowd is surprised, Haichuan spot surprised a moment, Haitian fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow and others face all of a sud.

Fidget Cube Lightgodenrodyellow kill people, we stealth behind the scenes, the most incompetent can get out. Is the emergence of this cloud, causing my brother died, let me ruin , Also made his Royal Highness lost face, we can not let her If it is in the past, Qing Lords lord how not to speak with Mantelun, but now his identity has been greatly different. On that day, after watching the arrogance refining the monarch, the presence of the majority of refining device division has not a small harvest enhancement, he also greatly enlightened, the use of turtle interest treasure successfully refining the lord treasure. Once refining a certain level of things, you want to re enter the realm of the more simple, fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow and now green deer lord has been able to Kei is a ten star Shenhuo device tent, or to Mantelun s arrogance, nor Will go to rescue the Green Crane. But this time, the requirements of the green deer lord has fallen empty. Mantelun blood red eyes swept through a few strands of complex Jingmang, shook his head slowly said Green deer lord, I fidget cube lime advise you to dispel the idea of it, I come here to remind you to see you in our commitment to all beasts Tortoise ore to help us refining the lord.strong, Oh, the great lords arrived, and Bi is not we can compete for fidget cube lightgodenrodyellow the got. Surprise sounded in succession in all directions, Zhou has been a strong rush to this time the accumulation of the number of people already over a million, and suddenly the big lords have suddenly became the focus of attention. Handsome man ah, Proud wind seems to have heard the screams of women, silently to write a curl one s lip, on their own father, too strong charm quite helpless. The appearance of a large lord makes the chaos of the scene briefly stagnant, Qin Shuo four heart and Bi also refused to personal grudges, eyes a turn, fell to the ground lying on the inability to move the Blue Crystal Rat emperor body. Section VI, to expose I do not know when the night sky becomes clear and bright, hazy moon finally jumped out in the dark clouds. Moonlight in the night sky, only a few people parked, the most central is the four big lords, not far from the surrounding Dong Lin, Ye Yi and others, that eight injured Tianbang lord has retired from the down, stop In with them not far from the place. Four strong when the world s strong lords, is a vs three confrontation with the si.