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Fidget Cube Lightgodenrod followed by Shi Shi fought in the northern continent to understand some, Baili Xu is the former Northern mainland famous sun clan big command, but unfortunately later fall. Qin cream in the north to clan situation to walk for many years, the history of the clan more clearly. Barry Asahi is four hundred years ago, the days of the list of the eighth strong reputation, due to his wife seriously injured the need to Lok soul of the sea in the treatment of Columbia, celibacy before the break from the sea Haitian never return, Babel assessment, his life Card has been broken, it should be dead in the Lethal sea. Lethal sea is the North territory of the first odd risk of land, both said the broken soul, the world smell all the discoloration, it is reported that the soul of the ancient sea of Loushu numerous, there are all kinds of terrorist storms, frost, natural disasters, , A large lord rushed into, a careless also has to go back to death without burial. The so called nine big lords of the North, that is, to dominate the land Bale, since ancient times, there has never been any big lords dare to break the soul of the sea idea, Barry Asahi Although the days of.s have been wiped out, completely turned into a dust, the ground appeared a kilometer Width of about 100 meters deep pit, this piece of deep pit above the towering old trees are also no longer exist. Pride of the wind instantly frozen Throat Gulp, swallow a mouthful of saliva tightly pegged to the horror fidget cube official video of the earth scars Road, the hearts of the shock is simply incomparable terrible Instantly beheaded thousands of adversaries, on the broom breaking class esoteric lords of the strong, but also so, right This is just a few dozen people together, if the whole team, that attack power will be geometric growth may even the big lords of the strong can threaten, but these people s own strength, but only in God Emperor peak level fidget cube lightgodenrod ah the immediate scene has been completely subvert the God of God, but the Lord of a lord of the argument Is not a lord better than the gods of the truth has changed, if a mess of the team, even if there are thousands of God Emperor, may not be able to kill a lord level strong, if these people a war round to challenge the lord, It is impossible to win each other, the key lies in their cooperation and unity. When hundreds of people s.

rst fidget cube lightgodenrod bird s mind, almost no one close to that group within the energy of dry rice, this time fidget cube lightgodenrod the man suddenly appeared, quite a stand out. Clive, did not think he has come. Ye Yi face muscle contraction was a bit, softly Road. Proud wind noticed his look, brow micro wrinkles, You say he is the fourth day of the ranking of Clive Four commandments, and you have a holiday with him It is not we and he have a holiday, but he has been on the uncle and his ranking to heart.Qin Shuang smile a cry Road, the Clive and Loijin, are extremely militant, due to He is also the Dragon for the Jurassic, then the same for the variation of the Dragon s uncle ranked high he was very unhappy, once threatened to challenge the red maple uncle. But before he went to fidget cube pictures the red maple collar, and Shi s unearthed news to the north of the strong are the only way to become a king, he naturally will not let go. Here, proud of the wind to understand what they are worried about Ye Yi, Qin Shuo and Nine Lian once there, maybe this person will be inserted horizontally, take advantage of this opportunity to challenge the world Jie main gathering. Did not wait for them to think about it, the.prise , the public eyes turn, falls on the main body of the nine refining. At this time, he seems to have become a wood man, silly Leng Leng looked at the ring, nine refining eyeful is the incredible color, followed by his slender body trembling up, the cold red eyes Tude also burst into a daunting light, any who can see the excitement of his heart. Slowly, his eyes turned to the proud wind of the body, suddenly one step forward, grabbed the proud shoulders of the wind. Where did you get the ring The owner of the ring, she said, is she okay A strong miss the eyes from the eyes of the red eye on the shot burst out, proud of the wind feel the front of the man is so pleased, but also fear, he is happy for many years to find the people finally have the news, but also afraid to get Is a bad news. Looked at his eyes, a little proud of the wind in the chest could not bear, but still Chen Sheng said She died, not long after you left to die Impossible If not finished, the front of the red haired man too excited roar shaking her interrupted by the next, nine refining the eyes of this more red scarlet, the body exudes unprecedented terror Breath.of treasure, but the lord of treasure and ten ming device division, although the value of high, compared to this risk is not worth fidget cube fake vs real it. Green deer lord startled startled, did not think Mantel would actually say such words, could not help but urgent His Royal Highness, it is not funny three headed character, as long as His Royal Highness fingers can pinch her a move, how will Is there any danger His Royal Highness in the world today, so ashamed in front of the strong, clearly provoke out of her calamity, fidget cube lightgodenrod do not be angry less angry You know what I am not afraid of fidget cube darkviolet her, I am worried about cutting the wind To kill her is easy, but many experts here, is known to trouble on the big Manteln brow wrinkled, rarely put away the spoof Despotic state, cold channel My father had told me very seriously, this is only one person north can not go to provoke, and that is cut fidget cube gadget the wind, even if he and a little bit of the relationship between people, we must try to avoid and Of the conflict. Sigh, mantelun again you think why I fear so cut ice, in fact, really hands, although I lost her, it may not be able to take your brother to escape, cut the ice is the wind cut daughte.

Fidget Cube Lightgodenrod Summer is also nodded nodded agreed, in the hands of a sledgehammer, then the direction of the hundred miles Qingxiao smashed in the past This time, if in the vicinity, you can see the difference between the two Bailiqingxiao, in front of a look fidget cube yellow and black chilled, the body up and down an icy, looking like a machine in general, while the back of the face is slightly pale, the body Strength has been completely drained. Obviously behind the Barry Qingxiao that is the deity, while the front of that one is only his spiritual water cloned only. Spirit of water cloned, let them experience the power of your knowledge Rear of hundred miles please Xiao faint clear drink, the body abruptly floated back, and the front of the Tsing Yi stunning young look forward to flash, like From the arrows like flying over Zhou Li Chong in the forefront, to see such a scene, sharp eyed and cried That is his deity behind I stopped this, you kill He has not yet said the word export, Zhou Liu s eyes suddenly convex out Moment, he just felt like the body falls into an icehouse, the body odd cold stiffness, can not move it Then, a hand suddenly inserted into his body from the front.ste a lot of time, and Huimen Beamon s leg was also injured, of course, catch up with her. However, a fidget cube sizes night in the past, the fire clear Beamon s legs hurt almost the same, and so he completely healed, once again display speed esoteric, will definitely be his catch up Smelly boy, I d like to see how you can run a while later I want to beat you into a patty Fire clear Beamon hold fire roar came from behind, looking at the leg has healed a half Of the hole, his heart is very anxious, whatever the outcome is to live tens of thousands of years of the strong, catching an esoteric entry level kid also chasing for so long, it is too shameful This is so you catch up with me to say. Pride Lengheng heard, also in front of distant cried. Having said that, some arrogant wind or the feeling of the poor. Royal armor of the armor of the accelerated combat boots with combat wings, always go hand in hand, but it is still not esoteric fidget cube lightgodenrod chaos class strong opponent, which is how proud of the wind did not expect. In fact, after understanding the esoteric classification, and then thin a thought, it is not difficult to understand, to the two local fighting armor is not diffic.