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Fidget Cube Lightcoral irectly smashed his one arm, and severely beat on his shoulder, the bone around the shoulder almost all the broken in that moment a clean, that huge force is the direct smash into the fidget cube in stores mountains Wall, resulting in a large crack, that side of the mountain wall at this time seems like a spider web like, fire clear Beamon half of the body blood dripping, even the state of madness have been lifted Both lose However, the fire Qing Beamon in the end is the lord of the peak level of Warcraft, crazy after the strength of amazing, proud wind accounted for the King gun tactic and the lord of the treasure of light can be hit hard, but the fidget cube moccasin body is now empty, the power of the soul Consumption was clean, action difficulties, the armor of the body are all lifted, even the ice of the masks have fallen down and restore the appearance of a small LORI. The fire Qing Beamon hit under, actually can move, he desperately to withdraw from the Shek Pik come out, but turned around and ran, intended to kick off Proud of the wind did not combat, but she is a phantom teacher, no Eudemons armor and Eudemons, a small nine out of the armor, into a black hair Heimou young man, keep in.is obvious, and now dare to say that half is not a word it would be dead, maybe five days later there is little hope. See they died down, no more words, Haichuan light hum soon, this turned around to see the proud wind This deal, do not know whether the crown is satisfied Section III on the eve of World War II Proud wind heart in fact some regret, if the sea, huff off this war UNITA, Barry door of the trouble to solve the whole, but the rattan boat this old guy is too crafty, this way, let them escape The unharmed. However, she certainly can not say these words, too much to extremes, Haichuan, after all, is a high status of the great lord, he even his son are disposed of, this time if not to his steps, and so on, maybe he will turn against people. On the condition is not based on the basis of failure, the scale of control should be properly, get the fish die is not fun to break the network. Proud of the wind indifferent smile, compliment the sentence, complex and said You this piece of camp is our people stationed fidget cube for adhd in the place, and now our team because it is because we have a lot of people, We have to share a tent is enough, these days we will not be.

at him, like a silver dragon guns, she picked up a random, wanton and free and easy, taking advantage of the Tu war after a move, Strokes of the moment, physique twist, the body rotated over an incredible point of view, the hands also play a full force of the powerful momentum moves. Dodge, out of the gun, at one go As if nothing to consider the use of any moves, nor through any hair move, as a shot swept over This seemingly wanton idle tricks, which contains the strength and accuracy of the degree of close proximity to feel the Tu war burst of panic, he clearly felt a huge force has locked him firmly locked, only in time straw Moved a bit of the body, to avoid the most powerful silver gun tip, and then heard pop To cry, the whole person was severely shot in the gun Upan invisible You this kid, esoteric also into the chaos level How is it possible Tu war could not help but horror to utter a cry, could not believe their own fidget cube peachpuff eyes However, he can not believe their own eyes, but can not believe that it fell like a mountain like strength of their own Although the gunpoint to avoid, wield the power of the same can not be underestimated gun Tu war feel a bu.rogant wind a silver gun, at the foot of a sudden Yi Deng, Like a red lightning piercing out Not flash does not avoid, straight to the direction of the Pan Yu rushed past You re kidding Positive hard regret Including Barry unparalleled, including many lords of the strong peak of the appearance of a change, have unbelievably exclaimed, feel this is proud of the wind is impulsive, and her speed advantage, obviously you can slowly consume dead Pan Yu, she is anxious what ah But the next second, their look is a change, the pupil was horrified to burst while shrink, because they found that at this time from the proud body of the rising power of the sky is actually not entirely under the metaphor Yu And moves after the first arrival in the metaphor of the million stars fall before the first step to the front of his eyes Silver Gun flashing, scatter out to go forward Covered with dark gold fidget cube lightcoral god of the guns Hongyu moment as if turned into a golden Tigers That gun extremely fierce, shaking heaven and earth, unavoidably directed at the power of the overwhelming silver soul waves Xiangxiang head on Pride of the cold wind Li drank with fidget cube floralwhite sounded Overlord gun Tiger M.Moulin, the other is wearing a pale gray shirt silver Dongpeng. Arrived on the ground when the proud wind holding a bright fidget cube lightcoral light fidget cube gadget flashing like a heart like action, light twinkling rather restless small crystal heart, Dong Lin pale calm as usual, but Mantelan has Is Menhen fidget cube lightcoral retrogression of that one, his face was not very good at this time, obviously, Dong fidget cube lightcoral Lin s strength over him, so just hit him at a loss. Mantelon You still do not speak moral Say good things actually dare to openly violate the fight for the crystal heart Iron capacity can not help but angrily staring Mantelun curse Road. His Royal Highness, but is afraid of the wind under the coronal missed the precious crystal heart ran, and now something in her hands, which you see my eyes. I do not know, Mantelun face the same, bitterly sleeves, sitting back to their own stone chair, ironic smile Now the wind has been under the crown of the crystal heart, the Royal Highness to see you How to refining the monarch. The implication I do not believe you can come up with a king device If a person really dead shameless, how Lai can also rely on the responsibility, proud wind has long been expected this.

Fidget Cube Lightcoral y a laugh The original is a small lord of the lunar month, ah, the father is the eighth strong list, great ah No wonder so pull, but also kill What about us , Her tone surprisingly surprise , Qin Shuang a three, can not help but provoke shoulder laughing together. Pride wind is really a bad thing To put it so loud, not clear the shabby people Mody Three people feel funny, Lhasa month leading fidget cube lightcoral the main side of the party when it is absolutely frightened, and they stared at one by one aghast look at the proud wind, Barry Qingxiang just call them proud of the wind heard crystal clear, Follow the clouds The name, and then look at the body that dress, as well as the strength of the lord class, lunar collar all the people feel a while scalp tingling. You you are that metamorphosis lords Riverside little main trembling Road, the surface of a pale color, joking, metamorphosis of the lord some time ago to kill even the rock, a fame, but now to the third list Of the strong ah This guy is also stronger than his father, he actually said to lord lord to kill her, almost Jiaoren laughing out of the front teeth Good. Proud of the wind does not deny that she wa.h as Man Sano, it can be said to be one of the best among the World of Warcraft. However, this is the first tenrai, it almost broke a small nine defense. Damn, this head Hydra Wong in the end is what level of Warcraft Than I was robbed of the power of the thunder of the year even stronger Nanbu Cheng is really a king class Haichuan big lords frowned far away. That is not possible, north of the territory which can accommodate the king of Warcraft level robbery robbery come Or that the beast is not early into the fidget cube sounds king of the lord it Sky lord shook his head But he s robbery than mine To be much stronger, the blood of Warcraft and the potential certainly above us, the rules of heaven and earth will never judge the error, is likely to be a variation of race. The stronger the potential, the rules will naturally fall strong robbery mine, and the potential weak, then the general mine down robbery. Three lords are all World of Warcraft, but also into the big lord of adult level World of Warcraft, Ray robbery than they would also appalling, the growth potential of natural stronger than them. But then a strong growth potential, once dead, nothing Forest lords gl.