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Fidget Cube fidget cube lime Light Blue able to pull him down to it People are discussing here, Tude to hear that a cold hum from the back of Mantel passed behind, Puff To cry, the air came again a frightening sense of hot and dry, people could not help but turned to look at the past. I saw, that Mantel blue deer behind the Lord, but also out of a hand, a handful of blue flame cheerfully jump in the palm, but this group of blue flame flame than a proud wind that finger Much more, that dazzling glaucoma shine the entire island on the lake all the faces are some green. Qing Lu Jie main provocative glance toward the proud wind over, apparently want to compete. Proud of the wind slightly fidget cube maroom narrowed Heimou, lip wrinkle Yangqi touch of sneer. Seen overconfident, and fidget cube light blue really have not seen the stupid to this point He actually want to fight her Green deer lord is not a lord of Warcraft, but with the Green Fire God deer signed a contract of the magician, so get the green deer Shenhuo, from the well known, but green fire deer no matter how powerful is the lord of the class of Warcraft, Colored sika deer but also a difference, how can the red blood of the king of the red lotus fire par Really funny Proud.a dozen fighting wing bar into a hedgehog Front of the wings with explosive energy, just listen to bang To cry, even the body fidget cube royalblue with the soul of rock Dan was blown to be smashed To list the third lord, fall See such a decisive scene, every corner of the mountains, fidget cube rose the unprecedented loud cheers instantly sky The end of World War I, Drifting shake the hearts of the sky, Manzanuo Feiyun lords over there to see this situation, know that there is no hope of survival, mind a burst of chaos on the spot. Mansano comprehensive strength of this on him, among the hundreds of years of chaos in the desert, his ruthless Li is not blowing out, he quickly seized the loopholes, vampires sharp slender nails flying dung, from Feiyun Lord of the head severely Pixia Fear screams, his body was torn in half instantly Blood rain sway, Feiyun lord soul Dan prolapse, fear to want to escape, but Mansono mouth a suction bite the entrance to melt clean Vampires and other species of different flesh and blood souls they can take out of the lord of the vampire, the peak of the lords of the soul of the power but the nourishing, although now signed a contract with the proud wind can fidget cube light blue be.

ve also been staring at this vision to see the ambition to make scattered. Just around the occasion of a silence, suddenly heard a man behind the Dragon commander laughed The adults can be really funny ah, you say my father is a big bullying small, oppressive Yin Fu of it, but you are not yet large Your age is afraid than my father, a few big long live it Do this from the mouth of the matter, is a mask can cover up to live it Crown under you whatever the outcome is also a master, in front of so many people , Said to do a set, not afraid of the world heroes ridiculed it fidget cube logo Chapter VIII of the situation change The first section I was his son 2 Suddenly ridiculed voice so that people around a burst of consternation, the strength of this black robe man so strong, actually there are people who dare to run out of a strong challenge This man really great courage Proud of the wind just to export, then cut off by the Dragon command, it is secretly unhappy, this time they listen to people slander Qin Shuo, even more intolerable Which is not a long eyed guy, actually dare to say her dear father Daddy cold and handsome strength of my home when the strength of a good.oment of the ice cutting Lord, he knew he was hopeless, when he felt the beauty of life, extreme regret why they want to covet faith, that provoked to not mess with People, when people are blinded by greed when the eyes, how could think of this day Gorgeous silver light accompanied by a small tornado, the piece of land on the plants and trees completely engulfed, until the wind was dispersed, the ground only a terrible pit, Green Crane lord the whole person has disappeared, snow and ice God bow directly to his bombers kill steam, nothing left. Chop Ice Lord with the most violent and most direct way to end the fighting This farce ended with the death of the Green Crane Lord. Stay in the mountains of the crowd slowly dispersed, and people look to the king fidget cube light blue s eyes have been completely different, it seems that overnight, the king s position is not the same. Proud of the wind and the Yin Fu together, reunion, inevitably some cold between brothers Xuan. Yin big brother, you can hide enough deep enough, ah I worry about a vain fidget cube light blue white Proud of the wind laughing ridicule Road. Yun brother, you know I do not mean. Yan Fu s blink, handsome face raised a ray of ext.rogant wind a silver gun, at the foot of a sudden Yi Deng, Like a red lightning piercing out Not flash does not avoid, straight to the direction of the Pan Yu rushed past You re kidding Positive hard regret Including Barry unparalleled, including many lords of the strong peak of the appearance of a change, have unbelievably exclaimed, feel this is proud of the wind is impulsive, and her speed advantage, obviously you can slowly consume dead Pan Yu, she is anxious what ah But the next second, their look is a fidget cube moccasin change, the pupil was horrified to burst while shrink, because they found that at this time from the proud body of the rising power of the sky is actually not entirely under the metaphor Yu And moves after the first arrival in the metaphor of the million stars fidget cube light blue fall before the first step to the front of his eyes Silver Gun flashing, scatter out to go forward Covered with dark gold god of the guns Hongyu moment as if turned into a golden Tigers That gun extremely fierce, shaking heaven and earth, unavoidably directed at the power of the overwhelming silver soul waves Xiangxiang head on Pride of the cold wind Li drank with sounded Overlord gun Tiger M.

Fidget Cube Light Blue ten to Qin Shuo say, opposite the crowd was relieved, Qin Shuo since willing to unreasonable, it is much easier to handle. Has been grieved Haotian lord also said crown, that my son was killed by them, is not it should also seek them to seek justice Lanyue lord stared at Yin buy the fidget cube Yang and his son immediately followed I think the daughter of the same pearl died in their hands, should not let them pay for life A rise of two voices, is a series of grievances, which mixed with anger and anger almost heaven to poke a hole, and now the king of the collar, can indeed be caused by public outrage, confusion scenes in the Ping Long command to drink Only then slowly corpuscles. Dragon command to see the Qin Shuo, there are some fear in the eyes, the tone is also very respectful, crown, and now things we have already made it clear that you conscience, said the king is not the collar off Ranging from Qin Shuo openings, has been standing on the side of the proud wind Qin Shuo but suddenly nodded, outraged, said Of course the destroyer This kind of person is off on the 10,000 times is not enough pity Dragon command, you can cut Mo soft, and so on must take them to play e.ven the residue is not enough solution to solve the hearts of all hate Chapter 10 of the situation The first section exposes conspiracy Proud of this sudden wind out of the sentence, the people scared half to death Suddenly fall into a strange field of silence This guy is not a brother and Yin Fu it How to say such words come Stunned stunned proud wind Zoran standing figure, people confused face looked at each other, do not know what medicine to sell proud of the wind gourd. Proud of the wind is the look magnanimous, chuckled the crowd in front of a glance Do not look at me so, do not I say wrong Specifically to find your attention to the loved ones to start with, I do not want to discuss justice, do not want to take revenge for your wife, children, clan relatives and friends it This is a stimulus to the words, people have to wake up, the mood again high. Who do not want to We certainly want to take revenge Kill them Damn bastard, my brother s life also The rumbling of the shouting, the scene boiling up, but Yin Yang and his son is as one, both smiled, no one speaks, still an understatement look like a steady, as if it did not put this little frivolou.