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Fidget Cube Khaki ome people so bold, Yin Yang Mian under anyhow, is the top ten list of the strong ah They are framed by the king of the collar what good Advantage that it may be more, such as carving the territory Pride wind narrowed his eyes, faint smile, was about to say anything, the other side of the hills suddenly came a burst of fierce Hoho fighting voice. Four people can not help but frown raised his head to listen to the ear to the sound of the transfer of weapons close to the hills, evidently 6 sided fidget cube like someone on the side of the hill side of the run, is the top of the hill to escape. Ha ha ha, King of the little bastard who can not escape Our lords have been with the northern clan Dragon Clan King of the strong go to the King of justice, and today is the king of your collar to destroy the day A full of wild laughter Sound came from the side of the hill. Add insult to the bastard, you despicable Angry young roar sounded the same, can not help but let fidget cube khaki a proud micro wind frown, eyes a cold. Dragon clan Go to King Hill King brought out fidget cube palegodenrod what happened Section II, the emergency situation, Dragon Clan Aware of the development of things like some serious, proud of a wind.ouds in the projection down, still standing in the high altitude arrogance and below the Hydra Wong s body, bring a survivor feeling. Crossing robbery success Breath out from the chest, the responsibility of hanging the heart as if suddenly loosened. Small nine in the halo of the body into a staggering change, already on the fidget cube khaki sturdy Hydra body re expansion of the king more than doubled, the day is really like a big day off the sun. The small fidget cube khaki nine of the head, the original a little bit of silver angle, at the moment is completely long out, each root of a silver horn is contained among the palpitations of the terrorist forces, I believe even a large lord, if the small nine The top of the silver corner, I am afraid it will not be better. Little nine, Xiaobing, you obediently here waiting for me Rest assured, I will not be something Bento touch the small nine of the head, proud wind instantly lifted the armor of Xiaobing, wait for others to see her look , Then light a drink, a sudden step, the speed esoteric facilities to open. Proud of the wind turned into a fiery red streamer, like an arrow, straight to the top of the sky flying over the radio Silver in.

also not much use, even endless space, can be a lack of life can not be loaded with crystal life, and large space ring is not very different. It is strange that the two tranches of the dark stall properties turned out to be blurred, but with the pulse of the soul of the device and a slight flash of gray luster, as if the property is still forming among the like. Proud of the wind, I think this ring although exudes the color of the king class, can feel but there is no pressure on the monarch, ah, and obviously is 12 files, but only nine properties, is not where the problem Into a defective Sima Yu dissolves some puzzled staring ring, frown asked. Qin cream in the next pick. Smiled fidget cube khaki and said I do not like this, I have heard the father said, monarchs are possessing the soul of the treasure device, not the device soul, their power is only in the best master treasure device fills the soul to really shape the total A process, only the soul into the shape of human practice, can be called a real king device, or can only be said to be quasi monarch device, or called the Need for life master treasure device. Need for Life Lords treasure Proud wind could not hel.d Barry Qing Xiao is their own requirements into the pride of the wind in the House, the North team to accept a person is not easy, those who accepted the pride of the wind, but did not accept them they will not stay in the team naturally Emboldened by embarrassment. Proud of the wind to see the way they are pleased to feel very pleased, but do not want to disturb their father and daughter, proud of the wind directly to them open and out of the power of the FY, either at any time they come and go Yin Fu is always to visit the proud wind, brothers, the two reunion after quite pleased, but cut the wind in the hundreds of thousands of years ago has been expressly provided that where his disciples and the breeze has a direct relationship with the person for any reason not to participate and S Bi competition, Yin Fu is also not openly violate the wind cut command can only be proud of the wind must be careful. In such an undercurrent of the case, the time passed by, a blink of an eye will be to the date of unearthed. Tonight the moon is very hazy, as if the sky shrouded in a layer of black veil, the sun sets, the mountains into a darkness, the mountain foot.rmth Yun brother also assured that, regardless of our identity, Yin Fu s attitude towards you There will be no change. Listen to the two said, Yin Yang gently smile, a few strands of joy jumped on the face. However, then here, the distance came to the place where people began to stir around, fidget cube khaki and they do not want to help the wind proud fidget cube unboxing of his son, in their eyes, proud of the wind means the meaning of Qin Shuo, Qin Shuo so A fixed sea here needle pestle, that he does not shot, but also enough to deter people. Yin Yang Mian, you do not feel lost as a strong list of the face of it Not far from the Green Crane lords flesh do not laugh suddenly fidget cube reddit said see chasing the crown of the father and son under the strength of two hurry Know the pro, want them to help you King of the siege, do the loss of mind to have someone else to clean up, it seems that some of the less well The crown under the wise and decisive, know that you do other lords loved ones things, I m afraid may not help you This provocative provocation is provocative, not only to the top of Mao Shuo smashed the top hat, and almost all the people from the shock has just been suppressed by the anger, the.

Fidget Cube Khaki e years, in addition to Big Brother, the most important person for me, Now she has something, and I hope I can help. Silly boy, a friend for the two ribbed knife has always been a matter of distinction, how to deal with the cloud I Barry door, I do not know it Big Brother is not an unknown reason, will not blame you. Barry peerless moderate Rubbed his head smiled and said I say you, I want to go, but this time I have to spend some time to rectify Barry door, take off the body, and to recover the crown of the current strength of the cloud, in fact, Can not help her how much, you have to follow her, but for a heart and stability. Barry Ching was his mind, Junlian slightly red, Barry unparalleled good, in fact, he just do not want to leave the arrogance of the wind. Warriors big brother assured, I know the danger of this trip, as long as people do not mess with us, we decided not easily provoke who. Standing proudly wind not far away, said softly Besides, who says he can not help me Xiao is a good partner fidget cube launch date of my refining device, ah, there he is, I refining the lord of treasure quality will enhance a step it As for the fighting and promotion, package in me.t familiar figure, the fire clear Beamon eyes wide open, very anxious to think. Just that punch and the power of the previous one can not be the same language, and played solidly ah But also contains the speed of esoteric and attack esoteric, the two kinds of esoteric superposition, that is, with the esoteric defensive esoteric chaos level lords have to see the Hades, this kid hard down, actually like nothing like people jumping, but also climb Up and run, but also too incredible it In fact, not to mention that he proud of the wind feel very surprised, did not think the abdomen hard fidget cube dice stress to suffer the fire eyes Beamon punch, in addition to being playing a little dizzy and pain outside, actually no harm to the body of the soul Dan Dressed in lord treasure weapon combat clothing, red phosphorus war armor, proud of the wind defense only Austrian broken military level lord to break, but the fire Qingmimeng such a strong punch in her body, directly to the power to spread fidget cube 2017 to Meat off, shattered body and soul Dan can still. But now, so close to a punch are not effective, that her flesh off has been able to unload the impetus, the degree of tenacity is simply comp.