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Fidget Cube Joystick d. Proud wind refused to take a look at it that day list lord, hurried to the sky that red figure looked at the past. I saw a red Mei Mei Shuo red fine armor, red hair red body looks like a vigorous body burning like a wisp of his face with arrogant sneer, whole body of the high handed momentum unreservedly extroverted, like an unbeaten God of War , The face of this handsome more and more extraordinary look of his voice. And the opposite of the big lords Haichuan three, this time it is face livid, looking ugly, the forest lords of the green with a hint of hatred to the extreme of Sen Han. Looked carefully to find that the forest lords of the arms and legs have to go completely charred, this one leg was extremely odd shape of the softly hanging, it is clear in the short term fighting can not be restored Proud of the wind and poisonous frost as one, the eyes reveal the color of surprise, Qin Shuo succeeded The fact is obvious, Qin Shuo, if not hit the big lords of the forest then he is not so arrogant to a three standing in front of three big lords. Great lords Really a big lord. That is the red lord To an enemy three also hurt fidget cube joystick a large forest lord, too.territory, and also spent eighty nine days just to get, I m afraid to keep up with World War II. Condensed soul Dan to be so long This time it was proud of the wind staring eyes screamed, and opened a joke, most of her success in grasping into the lord on top, no way Jin order, it is not true break The food That may not, to your little metamorphosis of the talent, chances are rub, to soon as condensation finished Qin Shuang touch the fortitude of the chin, he laughed. Proud wind silent turned a supercilious look, rub to cry You and Lei Yufeng that buddy is a brother Qin Shuang know the situation is tense, they will no longer joke, pat on the shoulders of the wind stood up, went to the door to the door. Sitting cross legged far proud of the wind smile. Looked Qin Shuang, proud wind heart slightly warm, her brother for her care really like brother like them, the North territory, although not see distant friends and relatives, but his friends around, she will not Feel lonely. Four lords of the peak of the strong, if not smooth Jin order, I m afraid it will be a bitter fight ah With a break situation, and only by then time to act by the machine Secretly.

ion to the integration of the big lords of the colorful Ouyi stone guys, very few years, seems to have not seen a few years, did not expect to see a man today, the king brought the collar To get really worth, even if not grab and Bi, to see what the mainland is also a master of what good. The masses of the few on the quality fidget cube springgreen of fidget cube joystick the boss of the massacre, the wind from the surrounding pristine talk about the sound of his general situation, but the nose out of gas, more disdain. What an incredible genius of shit Clearly there is no monkey in the mountains, said the king Real talent very early because of the situation forced to go to the gods of the continent, such as Penghu fidget cube order et al, each rookie list in front of thirty basic people will not stay until after a million years, so the list of strong and long live or so Simply can not be called any genius, very low gold content. Go with the practice of natural down, thousands of years to understand chaos what a great Even the kind of thing Haitian, less than 10,000 years of cultivation of soul strength can also enter the chaotic level What s great Qin Shuo obviously do not think this man fidget cube chartreuse is too genius, after lis.der, Even if there is such a big command time, if the other woman saw that the fidget cube joystick crazy into what. This makes the Qin Shuang could not help but sigh sigh, the fidget cube colors real kinship really wonderful, if it is others, he will certainly feel not convinced, but this person is proud of the wind, it can only feel helpless. Flesh and blood close relatives is nature, this is no one can match her, he understood that Qin Shuo is not left him, he treat him equally well, but there is a more proud of the wind a special feeling. Among the red clan, most people have completely accepted the pride of the wind, this time her strength is better than most of the players, only in the nine refining, leaf removal and easy to remove Billy outside the system are under the command, Is not her opponent. Since ancient times, the strong respect for the strength of nature can be glory and respect. They recognized the proud wind not only because of her strength, but also because she sent the urgent need of Qin Shuo hidden magic rings and her in the King of the Peak for the Qin Shuo come forward to defeat the enemy, they worship fidget cube joystick the Qin Shuo, naturally proud of the wind grateful. And Sima Yu an.ite ore, red copper mine, there are a series of ancient ruins found among those who varied Refining the device minerals, and finally also the peak of the fire than the Mongolian lord eyebrows took out the fidget cube joystick inner alchemy, in front of the refining furnace furnace platform shaking a full row, this satisfaction clap their hands, spit out breath. In order to refining the monarch, proud of the wind, but all the Laodi turned out, she can get the best minerals and materials, all placed fidget cube for stress and anxiety in front. She intends to refining a magic ring to Qin Shuo, and rings are auxiliary type, the more natural the better nature, the type of mineral nature to more than, in addition to high grade minerals, there are some unique mineral essential. Everyone only see eyelid violent jump, mouth twitch, everywhere panic. Which in the end is where the prodigal son ah Deliberately out of scare people is not it These good things, just one is a high price She she her, she actually took out a bunch At first they also know that surprise, to be later all become numb, but looking at the colorful mineral pile, unable to long upset, breath to see so many rare treasure, can be considered feast fo.

Fidget Cube Joystick Zhou Liu s soul Dan has been crushed his life and life. The other two lords face aghast, seeing the cold ruthless avatar as slaughtered chicken slaughtered Zhou Liu, two only felt a burst fidget cube sides of chills back Wumeng two is not a fool, naturally know the avatar and the relationship between the deity, the two with their fastest of the fastest in the world, the two of them are not fooled, Speed, divided into two directions, enterprises imprisoned from both sides of the spirits were bypassed. This time, they can only gamble back Ling water avatar who stare, then that person is a dead end, but at least there is another person can break the line of defense, and spiritual water behind the hundred miles to clear up the avatar to clear up the power has been depleted, naturally not their opponents. They think is very good, but the fact is severely smashed the two dreams Ling water avatar looked at them indifferent toward both sides flew, but fixed standing in place, raised his hands cold. Two blue and black light flash, Wumeng and summer suddenly felt a sudden cold body, a sharp abdominal pain in front of a black, incredibly toward the middle of the two water spirit.your Highness. A few days after the tour is a great opportunity, if His Royal Highness is willing to help me this busy, then I can vow life for the beast lead effect, also would like to offer this fidget cube kickstarter shopping thing hands, Green deer lord as if determined what determined, close to the space necklace light flash, a black light from the projection out, straight into his palm. He carefully spread out his hands, the palm of a distribution of strong energy fluctuations in the black flowers slowly emerge Su flower shape like this from the less eye catching but there is a layer around a layer of pale silver gray film, which symbolizes Big lord class strength of color, the North territory of any who can not ignore In this little floral appears, the air seems to moment a little dignified, Mantelun breath of a stifled, eyes reveal the colors can not believe. Lethal Sea Flower tightly pegged to the green fart lord, Mantelun shocked speechless, the eyes raised a touch of greed can not be covered. Lost the soul of the sea flower, growing in the sea of dangerous sea Lethal among the sea, hence the name. This flower is the famous heaven and earth relics, set the world from Jingh.