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Fidget fidget cube instructions Cube Instructions It is impossible to identify all 11 out. Proud of the wind is basically not out of the camp, there is no sword to practice this time she has been accompanied almost in the side of Qin Shuo. She had already recognized the father, she likes to hold him an arm by his shoulder sitting next to the campfire, squinting to listen to his story about his own. In fact, these are the Qin Shuang said long ago, however, listening to the voice of men mellow low mellow, feeling the body of his stalwart uploaded to the warm, proud wind there will be an unspeakable feeling of happiness. Qin Shuo also exceptionally intimate to her, proud of the wind sent out after the flames Ssangyong ring, he was her kind of special favor more and more known for a few days to get along, he even surpassed her Qin Qin Shuang Qin disciples, even if the mouth Do not say, Zhou trapped people can clearly feel. The team all spray amazed, they have never seen the big commander to reveal the kind of warm smile, never know the big command of the soft eyes will be so charming, never know that the big commander would actually Chongni to twist the rafters of a person s head , Louzhu someone s shoul.and his ratio. Into the micro level, chaotic level Proud wind hear drowsily, blinked asked Upanishads also graded Sima Yu Qing Barry are holding the belly laughed, rare to ridicule proud wind. Rookie You rookie Esoteric classification do not know, but also metamorphosis lord it These three are the days of the list of future generations of master, a lot of understanding of these, proud of the wind age is too small, no contact with how the North territory of the Xeon master, knowledge of nature without their profound. Brother, even you make fun of me Proud of the wind also looked at the side of fidget cube unboxing the Qin Shuang blush blush blushing neck, can not help but look through the eyes You do not tell me, back I asked Daddy go Qin frost is also shocked to see the master of the Mistress of love and miss also know how much he will love this daughter, and if proud of it, I would like to say, The wind really ran to sue him, Qin Shuo does not break his fidget cube mediumaquamarine ass strange. Sima Yu and Baxi Qing fidget cube instructions Xiao together also come together, the three together to explain the esoteric wind esoteric grading. Esoteric is the soul of the realm of the greatest means, but also the state of the so.

pikes, and the rules of the heavens and the earth are drawing on the left spikes a little sword that is twice as big as any other battle , Twelve lords star gradually formed. The soul of the state up, Jin order on a lot of difficulties, but the strength of the growth is also very frightening, proud of the wind in the sword of God with a royal armor when God fidget cube instructions can counter the Jiuxing God Emperor, some master of the beginning of the lord is also regrettable that she can not, can Emperor of God in nine swords, with a lot of perverted cards, but no way to contend with the peak of the strong lords, and even Jin order are very difficult, it is because the lord level of energy is too great The energy needed, a full twice the level fidget cube inen of the past Heaven and Earth will eventually uphold the difference between race, Xiongpang beast must have sufficient potential to practice their own to achieve, from God Emperor into the lord, then only when the big lords into the king will be re emergence of heaven and earth rules driven beast Jin Order, ordinary talent of Warcraft, no matter how driven by the human order can not be driven into the king, even if his master is a big.an a call, this surprised to look at her. Under the cloud crown That the recent fame of the rising star That is the metamorphosis lord it I heard that this kid was only twenty two years old, will be able to display the chaotic level of esoteric power, but also the son of Tu Long command to fight the war to get on the ground, and really epigenetic the original fidget cube awesome ah. Lord of the level factor, the proud wind has been a small celebrity figure, and esoteric chaos level, the southern mainland any strong can not be taken lightly, while many of the northern mainland s strong, who will be amazing peerless talent endless. She and the wind pro Yin Fu s brother s relationship has been widely known, the Haichuan big lord in her name followed by the crown word, also congratulate her Jin order, will not make people feel strange. Proud of the wind heard this is a faint smile, tired of a deep stare at them This would also like to thank the three sent me a gift if not the gift, I m afraid I can not successfully grasp the chaotic esoteric esoteric, It is only right at the most dangerous time that the most potent potential will be exploded. Haichuan three heart startled, natura.y easily win The Tu War Such a contrast between the moment simply can not be accepted Cold eyes glanced at the pit lying among the red man blushed, proud wind faint snorted, lifting the armor of the fall to, turned toward the millet Moon walked, beat Tu war, but she did not seem more excited , As if this is simply a very common thing, not worthy of pride. On the proud wind, this is indeed a matter of course, is not unexpected, she can leapfrog challenge master is not a secret, fidget cube snow esoteric entry level can beat even the rock, esoteric chaos and how can not beat the butcher Back up the proud wind, Qin Shuang the first laugh beam from the thumb chasing the clouds, powerful ah His call also makes the surrounding viewers have awake, could not help but send out waves of amazing voice, fidget cube mediumpurpul surrounded by the planes are more in the identity of the strong, of course, can not blindly worship, but it No way not to praise. Less than a month, then jump from the esoteric jump to the esoteric esoteric chaos, but also a solid state, the progress of this terrorist speed, really is a super genius Little things, you can really line ah Qin Shuo rare ha ha smile, feel comfortable.

Fidget Cube Instructions rst of burning pain in the waist, almost could not help but scream out Below the crowd is also a call among them have revealed the shock of the color. Esoteric chaos class There is no mistake ah From the door to the end of World War II, only how long time Counting her into the lord even less than a month, even so there is such a big upgrade Chaos is known as a genius, and her one, but have to be dead alive Is indeed the esoteric chaos class strength Looking up at the sky Qin Shuo Mouzhong also shining in the same shock, followed by, then gently exposed the eyes, softly whispered I really is too small to see her ah Arrogant wind shot a solid knot in the target, Minato black eyes fine Mang explosion shot, mouth soon as sharp high drink Give me go This He Sheng resounded through the sky, from the sky, the mountains have been issued numerous road quite magnificent response. Go on Go on Go on This strong unparalleled He Sheng, deafening, the tone of the distribution of the deterrent domineering almost exactly the same as just Qin Shuo Chasing cloud junior, you fidget cube instructions can not too arrogant Tu war full of red, angrily shouted. In front of so many people face.ited for so many years, looking for so many years, A bad news Prudent wind lightly shook his head, hesitated for a moment, then went on Also, she asked the man back to the ring, is that you forget her to marry her another person, your Life is long and long, and she wants you to have a good life. However, nine refining is proud of the wind in the words to hear, the sad sad sky laughing. She thought she was dead, I can like other people This voice with unspeakable choking and sadness, red haired man looked up to the distant side, it has always been cold in the red eyes glowing a few brother Different colors, like crying laugh, exudes not to say the sad. After a while, he slowly opened his mouth in silence I vowed, in addition to life and then love will not marry any woman, the heart of this situation, the world can learn, such as oath, willing to fly ash annihilation Hear this cold but reveals a very strong re oath, everyone could not help but shocked. God order mate death and then resumed the spouse is a normal thing, every master of the order of God s life is very long, in addition to the kind of fidget cube by antsy body has fidget cube instructions been to the old state, no one can say.