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Fidget Cube Insider ss, are quite excited. The first section battle outside the city In addition to the North situation Billboard qualifying competition, other times do not see what the rank class strong against, and Billboard qualifying fidget cube insider competition, non entrants who are not qualified to enter the band, the South strong want to see the general A master duel is tantamount to nonsense, which thousands of years to see the strong list of strong large scale war, attracting so many people flow is not surprising. The southern continent. Up to several hundred million, a mere 100,000 and what can be considered. Proud of the wind is looking at two fidget cube antiquewith people over there, the front of the people what's a fidget cube are looking toward them here, followed by a burst of surprise on the outbreak of the debate sound. Look, three big lords out God, a lot of strong Really, is the big lords Haichuan, the forest lords, as fidget cube gostwhite well as the sky big lord ah They have a hundred lords around the peak of fidget cube insider the strong, right I can see this life a big lord, death is worth Looking back, the Haichuan three really is very majestic in a large group of strong surrounded by the out of this piece of vegetation is not covered by.just esoteric entry Of course, the list of gold content only in the southern mainland, the North a lot of master disdain to the south to find those so called list of master fidget cube insider contestants, they only when the proud wind is also true. Kacha Turtle ore was natural split in half, and that two halves of ore, suddenly burst into a burst of green glaucoma. Glaucoma sky Instant this small lake as if jasper jade in general, strong energy emanating from the two halves of ore out of a crystal green shadow flying into the sky, this moment of explosive power makes the speed of this amazing things fast , And even Dong Lin, who have no time to stop, seeing will escape Crystal heart This is a treasure of crystal heart Ah, or the formation of a fine soul With a few times exclaimed, three silhouettes at the same time toward the top of the sky fly past Two black, a light silver. Bang The crowd has not yet seen what happened, that side came a very terrible energy confrontation, followed by soon as Menheng, three silhouette back to the original place. This time to see which three people, a naturally proud to win the heart of the crystal heart, one is the blonde blood Moulin.

ot necessarily really so accurate, and some strong record of not much, the real strength also has reservations, and the strong who are fidget cube for students at any time with the moment in the cultivation of the, who can not guarantee that one day suddenly Understanding what esoteric or breakthrough. Barry Qingxiao Qingmou also passing touch of proudly, proudly patted his chest full of confidence What to win, the three behind me a person on the line, and you wait for the cloud directly on the last bar. Uh, six did not expect the hundred miles will actually say such words, the door is all surprised a moment, and some shocked brother and looked at him incredibly, they are the two young master, not always quiet Autistic low self esteem How come back this if the two ah Proud of the same stare stare the wind, this kid really seems to be her bad What time is also raging Barry unparalleled heart brother, holding his shoulders frowned Qing Xiao, do not force it, if not to the big brother, in fact, one person I can get rid of those five lords, the lord of the peak below for me There is not much threat. Big Brother, do not worry, I have this grasp Barry Qing Xiao solemnly This time I.felt a burst of cold wind blowing behind, could not help both face upheaval, hastily flashed to the sides However, they flash fast, but it has been late Two dark dark lightning like a lightning strike in the two body, Feiyun lord and even the rock only feel the body slightly Yi Chan, followed, the body s power to a very alarming rate began to flow That Road, see the dark shadow of success to see the light settled, not anxious to start again, gently flash, stopped Feiyun lord. At the same time, the wind proud of the wind with one hand, silver poison feathers rifle, the first step fierce a stepping, figure Ge over the void, catching with the rock. Gun Ying burst flash, even the rock had to take the fight against the Weaponry fiercely a confrontation, the two sides each flash back out Ji Zhang, even the rock in the end is the lord of the peak level of strength, strength and speed is indeed better than proud wind A chip, back of the impulsive power also spent a lot of strength had just unloaded, but after this disturbance, even the rock and Feiyun lords will be fully dispersed. This is a vampire kiss Even the rock uttered a roar, looking down at the body.able to pull him down to it People are discussing here, Tude to hear that a cold hum from the back of Mantel passed behind, Puff To cry, the air came again a frightening sense of hot and dry, people could not help but turned to look at the past. I saw, that Mantel blue deer behind the Lord, but also out of a hand, a handful of blue flame cheerfully jump in the palm, but this group of blue flame flame than a proud wind that finger Much more, that dazzling glaucoma shine the entire island on the lake all the faces are some green. Qing Lu Jie main provocative glance toward the proud wind over, apparently want to compete. Proud of the wind slightly narrowed Heimou, lip wrinkle Yangqi touch of sneer. Seen overconfident, and really have not seen the stupid to this point He actually want to fight her Green deer lord is not a lord of Warcraft, but with the Green Fire God deer signed a contract of the magician, so get the green deer Shenhuo, from the well known, but green fire deer no matter how powerful is the lord of the class of Warcraft, Colored sika deer but also a difference, how can the red blood of the king of the red lotus fire par Really funny Proud.

Fidget Cube Insider fidget cube amazon lingering not see the glow, Jingnu extremely Unsuccessful Proud of the wind has not yet encountered a cold hair, actually on the first plot I have always been the father of the Eudemons of adults, and his father, but a genuine adult magician, you have heard of magic fighting division does not call their own Eudemons What is your own too careless, strange What do other people Feiyun lord opposite, wearing a black cloak, handsome elegant blonde blood pupil smile Zhuo Li, it fidget cube insider is Jin Jin into the lord of the peak after the Mansano Mansano had just mixed in the group of Eudemons, almost no one found him, this time fidget cube release day he stood up a separate, they once again attracted fidget cube insider a dismal eye, his special hair color and eye color difference with the general World of Warcraft fidget cube test great, one You can identify his body petals. Feiyun lord and even rock eyes slightly trembling, staring at Man Sennuo body, the heart completely at this moment did not the end, despite the two gods machine Miaosuan, but also in the face of the blood of the vampire, But also did not expect, in addition to Hydra pride proud of the wind outside, there is still so terrible a lord of the peak of the sturdy.of his pursuit, but not really like her, with Hugh how to get along, so shrewd A man, not long will understand that she did not mind for him, and how will allow himself into an embarrassing situation Think of here, proud of the wind is no longer embarrassing down, and provoke frowned cold hum said how they do not know the day I also use the sword to deter them, in fact, I also know that they may be on my hands, Has been very careful to use their own mansion, but did not expect to actually encounter the first fire Jingbei Meng, the invisible state of my mansion to see through it chasing me to play one night Mohun Jianmou passing in the Hanxing, twilight look to the distant, British gas blooming forehead between the sudden existence of a bit sharp evil spirits, a flick sleeves lightly The three big lords, courage is also not really Small, not even the face of his father do not give, I think they are impatient to live But there is no evidence, nor is it their hands on, they can shirk that is the fire Jingmimeng own move hands, if the Mexican emperor adults to come forward to control, and always lose identity.Now the fire clear Beamon is dead , Do not di.