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Fidget Cube Images desperately shaking his head angrily You lie to me You lie to me She did not die You are lying to me right The power of a very powerful force is extremely frightening, proud of the wind felt a burst of strange pain in the shoulders, the hearts of horror. She was also wearing a lord at this time the treasure of the armor it, Nine refining actually be able to break through this layer of defense hurt her easily And this is not considered a deliberate attack, but under the control of emotion, showing the strength of his own strength, how strong it Tianbang third, not blown out of the ah adjoin Qin Shuo Although the hearts of the news for a sinking, but still did not ignore the slightly changed eyes proud of the wind, generous hand then grabbed the arm in the nine Lianlianjiu On, gently lift, let him involuntarily let go of his hands. Nine Lianhongmou has been slightly tears, Zhefan crazy behavior is instinctive reaction, even he did not control, until the calm fidget cube images down, but also found himself unconsciously to spend a very heavy road. Some sorry to see a proud wind, his astringent sound I m sorry, I was too excited, but the news to me like a fidget cube images thunderbolt, I wa.led the seven lords turned into the first seven streamer rushed out, they cut straight into each other s clan, as if seven extremely sharp benefit scraping, such as into the unhindered, wherever he went, standing The sword provoked a bad call and Xueguang Although the number of the other side, the lords of the strong level will be more than a dozen people fills not all of the northern clan are so strong, their leader is an esoteric strong, easy to attack the leaves and others first strong moment Reaction less, the team immediately played a chaotic whole team offensive suddenly a lag Proud wind look eager, is also want to rush forward to ramp up in a sudden a hand to her pull. Some of her dissatisfaction frowned, looking back, surprised to see her frosty eyes frolic Qin smiled, You can not go, Uncle, we know what we do, at that time will dodge, you go together , I m afraid will suffer together. Oh Listen to him say, proud of the wind suddenly depressed half of the consumer, according to words stopped, replaced by fidget cube images a thick curiosity, Qin cream in the end to do what On the wind under the eyes of pride, Qin frost smiled, suddenly stepped forward, Yan Xiao.

ght from the waist, the face of the expression like a wake up like, the whole people seem to Gongqian a lot of pride toward the wind down The strength of the fidget cube mediumpurpul strong crown, In the future I will not be so groggy, the crown of strength in addition to the talent to come and efforts are inseparable, just a dozen days, will be able to consolidate the level of chaos, display Anjin, the next hard work must be Others more than ten times, not a slack, Tu war admire. Understanding of esoteric virtue is talent, and the level of consolidation is with the hard training, practice, pride today to beat him, because he is more than pay the effort. The so called genius, in addition to talent, but also sweat, Tu war at this time has been completely proud of the wind to wake up. It seems that you have not to the point of hopeless. Proud wind indifferent smile, the results really unexpected, but in any case, this is a better ending. Really want to and clan clan dry will inevitably from the chaos, when the rumors to use the situation, the king led the assassination of the Quartet strong things actually sit real, this Yin Fu s father and son is not a good thing. Thought of t.oud wind that stare at the fire that Beamon constantly close to the fist, the whole person s nerves Tension to a limit, the body s power seems to have risen to an extreme, no longer thinking about other things in his head, leaving only one idea Hurry up, get out of here, get out of here At this moment, the world suddenly become blurred, as if everything is like a group of five elements of water, let her arbitrary. Esoteric trajectory seems suddenly blurred, and proud of the wind do not know how to take a step toward the next, free to let the terror of the fist wind to wipe her body flew in the past Really escaped Seeing the fire clear Beamon crossed the side, proud of the wind in the eyes of a bright, heart surprise spread, and curiously frowned I just do not seem to know how to get away, just want to get away, so out of the way, finished gold did not follow the esoteric trajectory. I seem to understand what to understand, but carefully read a vague, clearly understand the esoteric, this time seems to have become esoteric, and must be Yee battle soul directly to the outside world feel the action, strange feeling. Attack invisible, anti boundless, this.er, as can not become a big lord. Like the arrogant wind uphold the meaning of the sea after the fidget cube on amazon plug in God Emperor into the lord of the barrier, as there is no understanding, still can not Jin order. So that esoteric is a prerequisite, but not with this condition will be able to Chen Gong. Master of the esoteric level should be understood in the Mahayana class, that the other three major lords is broken military grade, Mexican emperor, the lord of the beast should be in the wishful level, as that wind cut, no one knows fidget cube olivedrab his strength, so I can not say. Qinshuang said here slightly sighed lord peak, there are very different, and now proud of the wind although you can win the lord of the peak can be Uncle, Uncle, as esoteric army class master, Can kill you. Qin Frost, then just here, proud fidget cube images of the wind suddenly felt a four fidget cube steelblue red light from far away in the forest shot over, could not help but startled, looked up looked. That among the forest, a golden shadow Biao Fei to the speed of fast, it is a middle aged bald Han, pair of eyes like eyes, eyes fixed on the wind and other people s pride Fengfu. Proud wind aghast a stare really kill over Section III to kil.

Fidget Cube Images nk you Barry door master tolerance, I discuss such as properly, most of them are willing to belong to Barry Gate, while the main door to send people Supervision vowed, and another thousand or so do fidget cube powderblue not want to go down, in the camp center, let the door handle When he finished, gray fidget cube nz robe man waved, Zhanmeng army Kankan separated into an arc, which will be part of the mountain exposed part of the team. After all, is the power of hundreds of years, even in the chaos of the Plains, where people eat, still some loyal cronies do not want to die. Baili unparalleled nodded, head Hanguang flash, cold Yangshou waved his hand Kill Plagiarism does not remove the root, the spring wind and health, this truth will not understand, of course, will not be remnants of the remnants of sin, endless troubles, not soft hearted. Gray robe man, who seems to have expected the outcome of the early, slightly nodded, million camps in all directions appeared at once hundreds of Tu Shen arrows, facing the center of that solid hurricane shot out, wind , Tu Shen Jian pierced the voice of the void is chilling, directly in the bursts of anger screams, they shot into a bunch of Xue Mo Lo.and touched the proud wind of the head, since once again to see her, he seems to like this action, but only to the proud wind of a person. Seeing proud wind from a little God Emperor step by step to become so powerful, Qin Shuomo exceptionally pleased on the hearts of the feeling that it feels better than their own to enhance the strength but also happy, when she said to go beyond their own, apparently not an empty word, Now she is not toward this goal of continuous efforts According to this rate, less than a decade, she will catch up with their own Proud of the wind just walked back, but the voice of butcher far from chase the clouds crown, please wait Everyone can not help eyebrows a pick, turned around and looked, have been lost in this way, this man want to do Need to know the northern border is like this, into the king defeated Kou, once lost, fidget cube on sale you want to let others think it is difficult to it I saw the butcher slowly climb up from the ground, step by step to walk proud wind front, suddenly, bowed his head, bowed deeply. Proud wind stunned fidget cube images to blink of an eye, everyone was surprised to see Tu war. Thanks to the crown under the advice Tu war strai.