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Fidget Cube Hong Kong d gently stroked her UFA, that Chongni to the extreme gentle action, only to see Qin Shuang, etc. Familiar with the burst of Qin Shuo people stunned. God, when even the big guide will make such a move This is not a counterfeit, right Cold and strong was some unreasonable man, once exposed a modest look, not only makes it big Duo glasses, but also so many onlookers woman heart racing, the strength of the men so powerful, actually there will be such a time, if he is so treated A woman, that woman may really die of happiness Proud wind really happy dead. The father s big hands could not rub her head, slightly rough fingers also touched her face, that steel like strong body wrapped tightly around her, bringing a great sense of security. To his arms, she can completely relax, he is so powerful, it seems that she can put all the disasters are blocked, unprecedented peace of mind. Two people who did not speak, quietly enjoying the warmth of this moment. Such a scene filial piety filial father scene, making the other surprised people at this time invariably accepted the facts , but also have listed the clues. So, he is actually the father and son palpable The.the skirts, a little head to take out. Small nine Proud wind shines, pleasantly surprised exclaimed, this little thing actually actually wake up Could it be her Jin order energy makes small nine advance Jin order However, a small nine actually little to ignore her, but can not wait to twist small body, then proud of the wind from his arms off, swing a few, flew directly to the front of her place, and then saw the little The body suddenly swelled up The sky seemed to be shaded in an instant A few seconds, the small nine snake has changed from a form of ferocious horrible Hydra Wong body Nine ferocious head in a huge black cloud, unable to issue as thunderous roar sound, as if to devour the whole world. Little Nine How do you Proud of the wind Shengjiao a shock, she felt the power of nine small soul seems almost out of strength from time to time, little guys very emotional fidget cube violet excitement, but it never appeared the case If not sound, a wave of extreme black breath from the Hydra Wong s body broke out A black light beam, an instant sky Black clouds, the clouds cover fidget cube hong kong the sun, the sky dark down the whole child, the pressure seems to collapse at any time, large.

ing proud of a pedestrian along the mountain road quickly came to King City gates before. Before the gates quite lively, a large circle wearing armor, dressed in strength, the typical penance of those who are seven thousand seven hundred eighty eight people gathered together, looking at the height of the fighting, but also from time to time to talk to each other Laughing head on the foot of some, see, fidget cube in stores this is almost the North Rangers team. Tulong clan out of the movement is not small, attracted a lot of forces to visit the strong, but their number is not much, each team is to bring about 10 or so subordinate Bale. Although the number is far less than the former Barry door to see, people can come here are lords, tens of thousands of lords to bustle together really not much, the arrival of a few wind proud of the wind did not From the attention of any person, the peak of the lord master a lot of places, a few ordinary lords, like a drop in the ocean, very inconspicuous. Arrogant wind and others just arrived here, have not had time to look at the situation, the sky above the Yin Fu s abruptly distant Qing Yue shouts. Whistle clearly not loud, but like t.tuation between the two sides glared. Just in the East Lin and Huang Jing Jing Huang Jing confrontation caused the shock came to the sea is coming three ears, buy fidget cube ebay because there is no found to Qin Shuo, the three rooms will inevitably appear a hint of discord, no one wants to get And Bi, however, and Bi s only one, how can they not produce a gap As a result, the strongest of the three in the sea and the sky at the same time, a large lord launched an attack at an extremely fast pace toward the side, there is no meaning of waiting for each other, resulting in the first time since they patrol scattered. And has been dormant in their side waiting for the opportunity to seize the opportunity to Qin Shuo this gap, facing the slowest pace behind the other two large forest lords is a fierce blow, the success of the hit Haichuan three never dreamed, actually in fidget cube hong kong such a critical moment by the sudden attack of Qin Shuo, you fidget cube olivedrab want to come back again where there fidget cube hong kong is time They furious roar turned around to fight back, but a step late, then the two sides had a great frontal collision, but the forest lords seriously injured, greatly reduced the combat effectiveness of the th.t be injured, cut into two sections can be re coagulated H into the dregs, because he has always been amorphous water To a large scale fighting, the Bailiao Qingxiao call such a water body and then a hide, basically he did not have anything to do Is simply a killing machine Haichuan large lord again could not help envious eyes enraged. Will not hurt, there are terrible attack power, is a group of activities of the soul of the water, close to him will be able to freeze, as long as the energy is not exhausted will attack the opponent tirelessly There are more terrible than this humanoid weapons it Big lords of the sky regret Unfortunately, this water must be heaven sent water Lingzhi party into the body, or get the hands, we are afraid that the red goddess of a large lord not a fire The Great Lords of the Forest looked at us as if we had invited him into our camp, and the great lord of the red would go to the king s collar until we ask him to make the spirit of the fidget cube gif monster. Haichuan big lords glanced at him What do you think the red fireball strange fire is what This juvenile spirit of water avatar although powerful, but also hurt us, red fireworks stra.

Fidget Cube Hong Kong ll Mom, Mom you better. Proud wind showing a trace of a smile, touch the small nine of the head and said Now, do not think anything, concentrate on coping. Hydra Huang Huang shook his head, the pupil of a stare, nine skull again stand up At this point the sky, the two pass off the dark Leiguang already formed, that deep incomparable energy than the previous three Thunder that makes people feel more horror, in the tens of millions of watching, one after the other, the A proud wind and a small one nine one beast down Under the cloud crown A scream sound, the proud wind just feel the power of two very horrible landing down, pupil shrinkage, relying on a small nine of the body is a hemp, like thousands of Road sharp knife piercing the body like, eyes of a black, Immediately appeared a brief dizziness. But then she will feel the body of the magic energy of God, Yi Chan fiercely, issued a very eager fidget cube antiquewith to shake, crazy to spin up Magic fidget cube hong kong Energy around the emergence of a small whirlpool, like a bottomless pit like, the impact of the power of all poured into them This huge thunder energy, instantaneous energy will be absorbed by the magic of God clean. Proud wind f.ul to the king class impact must be experienced, only esoteric to reach the rounded wishful state, to enter the king level. The legendary level of the North people do not understand, because the North territory has a repression, even if fidget cube order the esoteric reach the wishful level, still can not break, so the North did not have a king. Upanishad is divided into the entry level, chaotic level, into the micro level, breaking the military level, Mahayana level, wishful level. The first three are usually the lords of the strong, the latter three are generally large lords can achieve the level, but there are some exceptions. The mainstream of the world practice law is to break the rules, only to grasp the rules in order to thoroughly fidget cube hong kong Jin order, if the rules are not fully understand the profound meaning of the flesh, the energy can not be strong again into the next level, want to become a lord, then esoteric Comprehension at least to break through, into the military level break. The esoteric break into the military class strong, but may not be a big lord, Tianbang strong esoteric basically breaking the military level, but the physical energy can not break the barri.