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Fidget Cube Green And Black the mixing of the energy of the sky, as if aware of the pride of the wind, crashing sound muffled, the power of the terrible thunder will be lasing down lasing Oh, my dear Too messy Far to see she actually rushed to Tenrai, tens of thousands of onlookers almost scared daring Tenrai ah Everyone shunned by the tenrai, this person actually seems to be afraid to be rushed to the mine like rush to go Since the beginning of the wind proud of the order, one after another screams as if never ceased, the most battle today who can not be shocked that the mainland, I am afraid everyone will call him silly X. Seeing arrogant wind rushed silver Tianlei, Qin cream, Barry Qing Xiao, who can not help but clenched his chest skirt, spectators were all aghast of the color, even the Big Three lakes Haichuan also refused to take To curse the proud wind and life and death. That road makes the world color of silver lightning, shining a face a silver color, people heard a burst of open like a day like the sound, although the lightning did not fall on them, everyone can feel the body burst of Tingling. Thunder in this thunder, the proud wind looks very small figure, they were.e young man slowly out of a finger, that handsome degree of sub no under his face raised a ray of faint smile, lips gently brought back An arc, Heimou among the Jiliao joke meaning projection, followed by is pop To cry, the air suddenly heating up. A bright bright red flame jumped fidget cube green and black out of the young man in the black robe on the index finger as if the elf general naughty beating, and that the temperature of the flame, immediately to the surrounding crowd s eyes produced a thrilling change. Just settled in Mantel behind the blue deer lord pupil abruptly a contraction Shenhuo The most close to the proud wind of several clans of human speechless exclaimed As a lord, only Shenhuo can let them have the feeling fidget cube green and black of fear, and must be a lord of the strong use of Shenhuo, if God Emperor, then rely on the power of the soul they can resist. Jie main fidget cube green and black level of the strong fire of the soul by the soul of the power generation, the temperature and power to a higher level, stained with a little, the body must immediately give up a little slower to hurt the soul of Dan only a dead end. But the esoteric master can be used in various ways to avoid the first Shenhuo attack to.

hen the powerful. Qin frost see proud wind of this expression, could not help but smile, whispered to her gestures This is a big three lords around the side of the three big lords around, you can not help, Although a lot of strong, but like my uncle and Uncle that day is not a list of Xeon strong, just how many people use My uncle who can top ten of them And our clan perennial campaign Quartet, compared to these pilgrimage stay in the territory to live on the lord of the actual combat capacity I do not know how much high, if not three of them official fidget cube the number of one too many of our clan a destroy the past will be able to destroy them Qin Shuang speaks high heeled, long narrow minded eyes, tone, with a hint of deep pride, it is a sense of belonging and a fidget cube with lowest price sense of team. Proud wind heart slightly shocked, touch the nose smile, which is also down, know that the big command is Qin Shuo, the other two identity will be made clear. Second, the command is nine refining Shenhuo nine refining, ranking days list the third, four command is brute force Wang Ye, ranking day list 15, which in Haichuan, who can not find the team, Tianbang master more love Freedom, they pref.d fight against him Cliffs on the small clan has been a collective stunned, and looked at the eyes like a proud wind is like watching a live dinosaur They are less master of talent, there are so many days of material and adults to the auxiliary, but now just enter the micro level, this kid was a little more big ah, is actually esoteric chaos, and esoteric chaos no problem, actually also And mad of the fire eyes Beamon dry up Now the two are fighting on the sky without the effort and mind to manage their ideas. Mad after the fire when Bi Meng Meng proud hatred of the wind has risen to the extreme, a leap forward, then hit the punch to the proud wind rage By this time, the proud wind he has no escape the meaning. Mouzhong burst of light flash, proud wind a loud shout, the hands of the silver gun then whirl up, not to display any marksmanship esoteric trajectory, as clutching an ordinary stick, fiercely against the fire eyes Beamon Of the head smashed down attack invisible However, at this fidget cube violet time of the invisible but even more proud of any previous moves the wind The whole silver gun on the agglomeration of all her strength, there is no star million points.hinking in the future must be proud of the right arm of the wind. In fact, these years, he has always been. Proud of the ice to re armor of the wind had just turned around, exhaled breath, patted the shoulder of a small nine, eye dew a gentle smile, this little doll finally grew up, ah The other lips do not have to say, go, let them experience the strength of our experience Lips slightly raised a curvature, proud of the wind to a vision to the direction of the distant Zhanmeng, this time, that one of the Feiyun Lords and even the two rock face are gloomy ugly. In fact, with the vine and others died, Zhanmeng can be said to have disintegrated, and this two is not chaotic on the power of the Great Plains, they have no way to command siege, but due to the previous command Haichuan lords, they Also did not dare escape. Proud of the wind to a cemetery distant to that side soon as high drink Even the rock, Feiyun lord, this is the last battle, and you together on it Section fidget cube green and black III This is the cheap fidget cube last battle Loud He Sheng among the mountains could 6 sided fidget cube with case not reverberate, surprisingly arrogant overbearing, heroic thousand Originally proud of the wind has been the fidget cube mediumblue focus of.

Fidget Cube Green And Black on into a violent state attack power to fidget cube fuchsia enhance, but also make them into a state of mind not clear, the case of things to kill, when the group war will even attack their own people, and so on If the state cast out, in case of sudden burst out of the other strong, then finished. Is hesitant between the fire eyes Beamon but suddenly hesitated. He suddenly found that the speed of the front of the proud wind actually twilight to speed up Fire Beamon had to watch the side of the wind proud of amazement, while also hastened to speed up, and soon two of the Benxing speed increased to a very terrible state Before he can catch up with the wind to hit her a few punches, but now, he seems to be faster than the speed of the wind a little bit faster than the proud wind, proud wind also occupied the advantage of escape, he can barely with the , You want to chase to her already impossible Moreover, she seems to be just familiar with this speed, there are more and more fast trend God Fire Beamon this time is really scared to be cracked the liver What a joke Is this guy I was chasing a breakthrough Spit out the question in the mouth, the fire can be clearly clear Beam.. Her quasi king class war armor is like the artist s most perfect works, the body of the beautiful lines of the highlights, if wrapped in black robe in the proud wind is very drift through the handsome, then it is vigorous and cold. Beautiful Stunning eyes from the crowd broke out, both men and women almost gave birth to this idea. From the crystal point of view is always better to see the reality, this unique body unique fighting armor, wearing a proud fidget cube green and black wind who can indeed be called beautiful word. Armor completed, proud of the black eyes frowned, a single step to accelerate the black cloud group suddenly zoom, behind the war wing open, the wind To flash, stature will be in the face of Tu war came out, immediately From a burst of surprised voice. Lord of the peak level of ontological strength She did not use the esoteric, how could there be such a fast speed ah Is king class war can enhance the strength of the body armor No wonder she can leapfrog challenge the strong, even the third place with the rock are planted in her hands, deserved reputation Surrounded by the planes are the first class strong, strength is better than a lot of people pr.