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Fidget Cube Gray than we are so many, but also so devastated us Qin Shuang three sighed and sighed endless anger fidget cube vinyl desk This is the fidget cube gray retaliation of red fruit Say hard, Qin cream can play Pa knife decision, nor is it not and proud wind a fight, can be a one trick to play, it is no strength to fight back. Chaotic level, the proud wind self conscious gun stronger, though not stereotypes attacks, every move seems to arbitrarily to the extreme, the power is geometric growth. The next esoteric level, nuanced, is to let the gun potential clear up, should belong to the fine, rigorous moves, remove the magazine hundred refining steel, condensed part of the essence, making esoteric power rise again. This day, proud wind in the garden Playing a round of guns, stopped and narrowed his eyes after careful consideration, the hands continue to try to how to streamline the tricks. For a long time, but she smiled and shook his head easy to say, do it hard, everyone knows is such a direction, but can not do ah, understand the esoteric fruit is really anxious thing, I slowly accumulate esoteric Master of combat experience, step by step to first hair Text word Version Then here, but sudde.tracts of dark clouds hovering in the high altitude pool, looming in the bird of light appeared in the cloud. Two lightning abruptly Pixia, straight split in the Hydra Huang around a small hill, the disaster came instantly Was the place where the light split in the mine, a large panic to exclaimed the flight to escape, run a little slower to lose their lives. Tianlei fidget cube gray how powerful terrorist Lord of the characters are not hard to take ah It s mine fidget cube gray robbery This time to mine robbery, to the dead To see such a scene, many of the spectators on the spot looking pale, away from the direction of the immediate immediately to other parts of the fleeing to flee away, this nine day robbery can not see who you are, as long as the Hydra Wong Around, all according to chop not wrong All over the thunder of the void is also proud of the wind to react, Yaran stare stare, horror Ray Ray robbery this little guy Could it be to adulthood, but he is not also the king of Warcraft it Yes, the mother of adults. Mansonuo blinked blood red eyes, as if to see the pride of the wind doubts, understanding of the proud wind smiles small nine and I do not like him because his.

out of business, so that adults get into trouble. Proud of the wind do not want these days are Zhanmeng human revenge, among the three major lords of the joint venture, and hand, to ensure safety. Since the pride of the wind is very sensible to the boat, the attitude is quite polite, Haichuan large lords are also a lot of comfortable, chilled face showing a slightly relaxed demeanor, nodded and said No problem, the two can freely choose Tent. A touch of biting gnashing teeth staring at her Zhanmeng people, proud wind awe inspiring smile, is very cool and Qin Shuai step forward into the three major lord associates. You have to go back, after five days is the war, less ghosts thought Our lords camp, not anyone can come in Haichuan if the white war Zhimo a few people, waved, immediately But also with the other two big lords fidget cube white turned back to camp. Next to a small team of people are coldly came over, even the boat to the rock and others sub fidget cube lightskyblue man made a gesture a few, please This blunt deportation attitude, simply let Lian Yan several extremely Xiufen, but the face of a hand can pinch their big lords, but also how Lian Yan and others were forced to leave ange.y, wind, and soon, then drill into the ground, went straight to the energy center away. Proud of the wind, and others around the strong, instantly tense up, eyes fixed on the Dong Lin awe inspiring standing proudly on the fidget cube gray fidget cube in stores ground below, their hearts are very anxious, constantly scanning the sky, only hope Qin Shuo fast Come on. If you really will be forced to come out of the guy Kleef will be a big melee, where the days of the strong list of more than Donglin and Kleef, there are many master and proud of the wind and others as hidden in the middle of the crowd Word machine action, no big lords level of strength to await them. Clive down soon, the ground will be heard waves of energy fluctuations and collision of the buzzing sound, and soon, at the foot of the ground began to tremble violently With the bang Sound, Dong Lin at the foot of the land at once exploded Flying dusty sky cracked, cracked ground and even spread to the kilometers outside the crowd A very huge giant round blue shadow in the Clive s drive out under the head, angry angry roar, everyone saw, are extremely stunned, this is actually a whole body blue blue rat. Fifth, the arrival of a l.big lords, including all dare not Confidence to screamed up How is this possible The third section of the body of water to kill the spiritual water machine Huge spacious air battlefield, Barry Qingxiao still faintly free to stand, but this long body Yuli fidget cube gray stunning teenager suddenly turned into two people Two exactly the same people One after the other, the cold sky above the sky Two Qing Xiao I am not dazzled, right Baili unparalleled a little dumbfounded, and rafters rafter eyes hard, look again and again, to see or two exactly the same Barry Qing Xiao, They stood there, just like fellow brothers. Strange to the extreme situation, so that the swoop over the summer Xia three also stunned in the air. The presence of many practitioners is not a fool, see the two hundred miles Qing Xiao, the first time, people think of the magic of confusing magic, but as long as the concept read a little sweep of God will find that the two Barry Qingxiao actually have the soul of the entity Can be said to be really abruptly divided fidget cube mintcream into two people Soul split so contrary to the rules of things, almost unheard of, so people will think it is impossible Ling Chi water specie.

Fidget Cube Gray n, the ink cold sword is a timely manner softly, gently patted her shoulder, and said I know your idea, rest assured that my ink cold sword is not the kind of Sipilailian people, you If you can not accept, I will not force you, and we have just met, I feel you are still very vague, tell you just want you to know, this is my own meaning, not the father s orders, so that in the future What s wrong. Said, here, he suddenly frowned, and asked north facethey do not know your body with my Excalibur sword to make it Proud of the wind has a sword thing and did not spread out, so the fidget cube white and blue presence of ink cold sword in addition to the other people do not know. Suddenly the transfer of the fidget cube keychain topic, so proud of the wind slightly relieved, she knew that the ink cold sword is deliberately whom, so she continued to embarrassed, can not help but see him glances, a little more for his goodwill, this man Balmain Delicate Mind is not anyone can have, and the topic of conversion is extremely natural, do not care people do not see any flaws. In fact, heard here, proud of the wind also understand the meaning of the ink cold sword, and he just told her that she meets the standards.e of their own Team people have long proud of the wind, then listen to two clear, of course, no one questioned what, immediately packed luggage on the road, did not exclude her signs, but a very friendly smile to the proud wind of the name of the call. Under the cloud crown Under the cloud crown, welcome to our iron sword clan Joke, this is the Mexican emperor adults personally designated and daughter in law Who would disrespect her Leaving aside this, proud wind and fire eyes Beamon fighting broke out when fighting, but also for everyone to sit up and take notice of this team, a lot of the strong, but also stronger than the arrogance of the lords peak master, ten fingers Breaking With a number of years, coupled with the age of proud wind, these strong almost all of her appreciation of the heart. Those who have been obsessed with staring at the Mexican cold sword of several women are staring with a stunning eyes looked proud of the wind, even if she snatched the eyes of a small main, but also simply hate her. No way, arrogant style of the wind is really handsome men It seems a little cold temperament, slender body, a large elegant black robes, swingin.