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Fidget Cube Gear out of business, so that adults get into trouble. Proud of the wind do not want these days are Zhanmeng human revenge, among the three major lords of the joint venture, and hand, to ensure safety. Since the pride of the wind is very sensible to the boat, the attitude is quite polite, Haichuan large lords are also a lot of comfortable, chilled face showing a slightly relaxed demeanor, nodded and said No problem, the two can freely choose Tent. A touch of biting gnashing teeth staring at her Zhanmeng people, proud wind awe inspiring smile, is very cool and Qin Shuai step forward into the three major lord associates. You have to go back, after five days is the war, less ghosts thought Our lords camp, not anyone can come in Haichuan if the white fidget cube gear war Zhimo a few people, waved, immediately But also with the other two big lords turned back to camp. Next to a small team of people are coldly came over, even the boat to the rock and others sub man made a gesture a few, please This blunt deportation attitude, simply let Lian Yan several extremely Xiufen, but the face of a hand can pinch their big lords, but also how Lian Yan and others were forced to leave ange.. Her quasi king class war armor is like the artist s most perfect works, the body of the beautiful lines of the highlights, if wrapped in black robe in the proud wind is very drift through the handsome, then it is vigorous and cold. Beautiful Stunning eyes from the crowd broke out, both men and women almost gave birth to this idea. From the crystal point of view is always better to see the reality, this unique body unique fighting armor, wearing a proud wind who can indeed be called beautiful word. Armor completed, proud of the black eyes frowned, a single step to accelerate the black cloud group suddenly zoom, behind the war wing open, the wind To flash, stature will be in the face of Tu war came out, immediately From a burst of surprised voice. Lord fidget cube 2017 of the peak level of ontological strength She did not use the esoteric, how could there be such a fast speed ah Is king class war can enhance the strength of the body armor No wonder she can leapfrog challenge the strong, even the third place with the rock are planted in her hands, deserved reputation Surrounded by the planes are the first class strong, strength is better than a lot of people pr.

holding his abdomen soul Dan, in his body through, from his back out The spectators were shocked by this twilight No one can think of such a situation Zhou Liu did not even struggle to struggle, actually like a string of candied gourd like past through to the past Zhou Liu in what Why he did not get out of the way Fujitsu Qi and fidget cube gear other Zhanmeng everyone staring horror night Do not close to him His body is the soul of the water Zhou fidget cube cost Li throat caught in one hand to tremble, abruptly with the final strength of the roar of a warning sound, is flying to the side of the summer and Wumeng mind whistling , Quickly Zhaizhu the car Water of the soul These words suddenly let countless people into a huge shock among the Legend can freeze everything, and even freeze the soul of the soul of the water ah No wonder even Zhou Lulian resistance are not, he is simply frozen ah The soul of the water avatar, fighting naturally no doubt No matter who is near, as long as he fidget cube uk for sale is close, I am afraid he had to kill Once the soul is frozen, even urging the soul of Dan blew can not do it The sky above the spiritual water cloned coldly a fist, only to hear snapped to cry Cui Xiang.oud of the wind, of course, there are many people who can see out. The wind fidget cube gear did not use any esoteric esoteric, armor is purely after the armor of the upgrade, coupled with accelerated warfare and accelerate the combat wing, the speed of Judah from the Bailey than the kind of ignorant lord of the strong peak, Almost close to the esoteric entry level, plus she also know how to use the esoteric, even the strong as the rock, how could her opponent Tu war listening to the ears of the marvelous sound, the eyes of the dissatisfied and disdain of the meaning of thicker, and this brats but also relied on a little talent to scare people The third list and how And the mainland can be compared to the strong north To the list to the strong north, to the well known fidget cube benefits clan, even a small capital can not do Berry as natural by human relations is not Tu war crown, please Far, proud fidget cube gear wind that clear voice is already passed over. Tu war eyes a condensate, lips Dangqi sneer, body slips flying out of the hands of copper ring knife in the air at random across an arc, attracted the air could not fluctuate, with the power from the Qianjun, then to the front Pride wind knife Pixi.eric entry. Previously he can not integrate the specific physical fitness esoteric stone, but now it is, but his posture is clearly not suitable for the use of Fangtianhuaji such heavy weapons, he is a hundred miles speed is the type of shenfa esoteric, and Defensive Defense. Proud of the same wind as a sword to enhance the strength of practice, fidget cube turquoise as the four swords lords. But now she understands that the energy level of the lord after all, is not a decisive factor, practice to the lord class, the soul of Dan formation at the Star Array to automatically draw external energy, do not need to deliberately absorbed. Lords strong, important in the comprehension of esoteric aspects, these days, she has been in the garden of the style of playing Yuhuan guns, sentimental chaos esoteric power tips. As a result, Qin Shuang three and Mansano, a small nine strong strength of the pride of the gun has become a practice gun object, and made everyone complain incessantly, to get back a few days, as long as the wind proud of the gun, as long as the Garden, and immediately Baotoushucuan back to the house, running a left As for you, obviously the strength of more.

Fidget Cube Gear nderstand this, his face black and ugly, but the two are good or bad lords, soon restored calm, both on as one, stature flashing, Shua Appeared in the air opposite the wind on the battlefield. You brats fidget cube buttons You just just Jinjie lord, dare so wild with an enemy two, we and the rattan boat Yuqing soul that the two waste can be different, you want us to do stepping stone, I m afraid to dig their own graves Feiyun Lord holding a spear, snapped. Even the rock is also a cold voice, flash in the hands, awe inspiring and lifted a green black lance spear, mouth shouted We are the top ten list of the strong, you kill that you can kill you think you A leader into the lord of the class of the world really invincible it I do not believe the two of us together but also fight you a junior You two idiots, really is, as always, stupid ah Confront the confidence of the two full, proud wind laugh a cry, eyes reveal a bit joking When I said I want a person to deal with you two Do you think I am as fidget cube white and blue stupid as you guys, want to join hands, so easy The voice of a fall, a very high speed of the shadow of the wind From the two behind the Lord Feiyun hit, the two lords just.will fidget cube gear no longer be able to mention and cut the wind against the idea of the enemy. Lord of lords lords lost Green deer Lord heard secretly scared, the heart has been speculated that a trace. More than just lost, Mantelun shook his head, took a deep breath, the sound brought a deep fear cut the wind with only one stroke to defeat the lord gun lord, and that a considerable understatement , According to my father said, cut the wind from start to finish have not moved, nor used the power of the soul of the father and even suspected that the wind may be cut is not a big lord, he has broken through that barrier, The sound stopped short, because the hearts of fear, Mantelon did not go on. A move Could he have been His Majesty the king Green deer lord aghast down a breath of cold gas, chatter mixing the next Road, but the North territory is not a bit of repression, can not upgrade the king Why Indeed, the North territory is a bit of repression, big lords can not be promoted, but who do not know the actual age of the wind cut how much the north territory of historical records when he seems to have existed if he came to the North Mantelen slowly said Green.