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Fidget Cube Fuchsia the strong list, but the need for in depth Lethal Hai Chuan lost their lives which is not surprising. So Barry unparalleled brothers can be said to be genuine Tianbang strong descendants, but Barry Asahi has died, can not cover them, so not as strong as the other Tianbang strong heirs, but the Barry unparalleled fusion of the obvious fidget cube pictures His father left the esoteric stone, heritage of his unparalleled war Ji , should not be underestimated. See Baili unparalleled so spirited to come forward, Yuqing soul and rattan boat face disastrous ugly ugly, they have self knowledge, Baili unparalleled chaos to the Great Plains of the three hundred years of rapid strength to enhance the rapid rise Human hair means that this year, although he did not how shot, do not know how much he has improved, but the light fluctuations from his body to see, they are far from his opponent. Rattan boat, Yuqing soul, I do not want to bully you one by one, the two come together by the death Halberd a distant way forward, Barry Lang unparalleled shouted. Yuqing soul two fidget cube fuchsia red eyes gnashing teeth Road, self evidently not hide in the past, both stature flashing, also came to the central ba.ombat effectiveness recognized strong. Seeing the ten emperor into the twelve lords star, Zhanmeng that even the rock face is great change He was aghast to stare proud wind, suddenly understand why the proud wind coming out today Into the lords level need to condense soul Dan, she is not World of Warcraft, condensate Soul Dan which is one or two days of things This kid must have been in a few days before the break through the barrier, knowing that today will fidget cube bisque be Jin order, this dare to come out against them, she probably is with great grasp of Even want to get the rock, the world is not stupid strong, could not help but excitedly have to fidget cube by antsy talk up. The original chase cloud crown already know that they can become lords ah Ha ha This war is really afraid of the League of Nations to be annihilated I really want to see the true strength of how to trace the crown, do not know if she can win the rock, I bet she can Cut, you also need to bet, abnormal God is blown out of God Oh, right, right now has been upgraded to the metamorphosis of the lord Now such a turn of events, who can win more unpredictable. In this piece of naughty sound, the moment has been fully.

of the mountain are filled with a strong chill atmosphere, and Bi s Bloody war, coming soon. Before sunset, the king of the mountains in the influx of a Unit of the flow of people. This is destined to be a sleepless night filled with fighting, any person may Shu as an enemy, even if there is no hatred between each other will fight. Qin Shuo a pedestrian, this time are also ready to go. Red clan have more than a dozen are unified, naturally divided into more than a dozen teams, each other to pass information between each other and found the energy of fluctuations, will immediately tell other people, King Mountain Fan difficult not broom Very broad, pass on ridicule Lingzhu can be ridiculed in a timely manner. Big command, you really want a person action Bring us not do Stop in the jungle before the proud wind raised his head, worried asked. Seeing a pair of black and bright eyes looked a little sad to come over, as if he left her blame like, Qin Shuo heart jump, almost could not help but be soft hearted Over the past few days, he more and more can not resist the arrogance of the eyes, as long as she exposed this vision, even if the stars of the sky he.an a call, this surprised to look at her. Under the cloud crown fidget cube fuchsia That the recent fame of the rising star That is the metamorphosis lord it I heard that this kid was only twenty two years old, will be able to display the chaotic level of esoteric power, but also the son of Tu Long command to fight the war to get on the ground, and really epigenetic awesome ah. Lord of the level factor, the proud wind has been a small celebrity fidget cube beige figure, and esoteric chaos level, the southern mainland any strong can not be taken lightly, while many of the northern mainland s strong, who will be amazing peerless talent endless. She and the wind pro Yin fidget cube fuchsia Fu s brother s relationship has been real fidget cube widely known, the Haichuan big lord in her name followed by the crown word, also congratulate her Jin order, will not make people feel strange. Proud of the wind heard this is a faint smile, tired of a deep stare at them This would also like to thank the three sent me a gift if not the gift, I m afraid I can not successfully grasp the chaotic esoteric esoteric, It is only right at the most dangerous time that the most potent potential will be exploded. Haichuan three heart startled, natura.muffled among the Pan Yu s body has been split apart to explode Blood spilled sky This thrilling scene, straight people feel breath holding back in the throat, can not wait to whistle immediately howled to roar out loud Scarlet blood has just splashed out, has been out of the golden Tigers out of the formation of Gangfeng rolled fidget cube lightgreen up evaporated, the energy cleared, I saw that a figure full of overbearing momentum. Arrogant wind red silver gun, long body standing proudly, lips also hanging a wisp of faint smile, eyes calm, casually waved silver gun received potential, as if no cost what effort, the rising sun fidget cube fuchsia will dazzling brilliance Spilled on her, it seems that people would rise to a kind of worship of the impulse. Bang Bang Several times muffled, that metaphor Yu fall into the corpse fell into the mud, this sound makes a lot of people woke up. Second second My God, spike That, that is not the general lords, it is to list the strong Even if the qualifying only in the ninety eight, but also to the list of strong ah How it was spike it Hundreds of thousands of spectators blankly Leng Leng journeying innocently, his head humming, feeling as if in a d.

Fidget Cube Fuchsia is a special treasure to hide the breath of treasure. Although the mind was proud of the black and white air was not reversed light, Qin Shuo down also restored calm, to conceal the magic device level. Not his letter but his brother, but the quasi king device is too expensive, and God knows what will provoke a great uproar, and say it may not be believed. Lords treasure device Everyone on the spot a case of cold lump, is a mine was scared silly appearance, they finally understand why so surprised, even if Qin Shuo has deliberately said that a layer of low, they still do not Dare to believe. Nine refining stunned The little brother chasing clouds, Could you be 10 Star refining device division Mody Nine refining reminded, Qin Shuo brow is a challenge, and finally remembered the more important things, once again with the singular glowing eyes staring proud wind Chen asked little guy, this ring is really you refining it Some time ago refining Some time ago, that the depths of the mountains issued by the terrorist forces, from the hundred miles to the king led almost all of the master have felt the power of heaven and earth is too strong to stimula.nge let us have to fear, power Strength can be imagined, although he has fidget cube stress relief a good thing, but still can not play all the power, not to mention the big lords, the lord of the peak he can not hurt the strong spirit of the cloned speed and not on them, Those who catch up with the strong deity, he can not guarantee their own, however, the lord of the peak below, that is, any of his killing Barry Qing Xiao naturally know this, it did not require that a few people with the boat to the boat. Soul Dan fragmentation of the sound came again, fidget cube fuchsia the spirit of water avatar look cold to the two of the body readily throw off his hands back to the body arm, not stained with a trace of blood, stature flash, Back to the hundred miles next to the Qing Xiao, the body instantly turned into an ice fog, into the hundred miles Qing Xiao body. Three strong list to fall Just a moment of time, the three strong list will be a cloned to have been pinch to death, again let Zhanmeng people feel the unparalleled panic and pressure The second war, the outcome has been divided With the end of this war, the parties once again broke out of the hills of the cheerful applause and applause Well.