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Fidget Cube Europe attention, so a drink, naturally more boiling, numerous strong crazy shouting up, proud of the wind loudly applauded At this fidget cube europe moment, to create too many miracles of pride in their hearts seems to have been omnipotent, even if she boasted the sea. To an enemy two to just enter the strength of the lords of the two top 10 list of the master list, actually no one think it is wrong. Manshanbianye passionate applause sound, only to see Qin Shuang, who staggering. Metamorphosis of the highest state, is the metamorphosis of a matter of course, Silently looking at the proud wind, Sima Yu Rong rolled his eyes and said, next to everyone heard this, agree to nod. Indeed, now proud of the wind is no matter how metamorphosis, I am afraid people will say, That has always been a metamorphosis lord ah What can be strange When the metamorphosis into a matter of course, proud of the wind naturally formed the Wal Mart. At this time, as long as the wind proud to defeat the Lord of Feiyun and even rock the top ten to the top ten list, sit real metamorphosis lords these four words, from Megatron Quartet famous in the world Even the rock and Feiyun lords of course, u.ay of laughter, the king of the main entrance of the collar, a silhouette elegant silver pole came out. This is a stunning woman, silver haired silver eye body white body fidget cube kickstarter youtube tight dress, her posture graceful lips smile, a long silver scarf in the snow white neck called a circle, floating in the back down to the waist, With the walk pendulum, it is truly beautiful. This woman who is born with a kind of noble and elegant, do not fall under the vampire, and the body there is a mysterious world of Warcraft coercion, Mantelen and her one, even the tip of the iceberg is difficult touch. The emergence of women, so that countless people poured a cold lump, stared straight in the eyes, as if even the eyeballs must stare out like Mantelun, long time no see, you d more and more arrogant, ah Even the guy who blame his aging son dare to cover up, your beast collar fidget cube europe is not life too long Come near, silver haired woman Lengheng I heard, raised the snow high neck, bad tone asked. At this time, has not moved Yin Yang Yin Fu and his face could not help Yangqi a touch of faint smile, Yin Fu on the front of a woman facing the worship, confirmed everyone s guess. Mother adults.

Ying Peng Come up with this weapon, cut ice lord is clearly to get out of his hurry Mantelon, you are not relied on the strength and background of the beast collar is very arbitrary Dare I stopped to try Chop ice lord soon as sneer, silver pupil pupil of the Hanmang burst flash, the hands of the lord treasure device Guanghua Big release, just stab people get stared Back Hurry back See this piece of silver Mans, fool also know what will happen next, the original crowd together around the hasty aghast to recede, God knows how much ice bow power In case of radiation from the aftermath of H die, it really wronged vomit blood This female bandit Mantelon heart, although the ice chopped ice lord apart from anything else on the hands on behavior is extremely angry, but at this time, he had to shelter edge, and cut the ice lord positive conflict, obviously not a wise Move. Under a last resort, Mantelian face unwilling to anger to bounce back. Silver arrows with a palpitating force, leaving the giant bow, hurricane shot out It was too fast too fast, like a beam, severely bombarded the body to the Green Crane Lord Qinghe lord despair of the eyes of dew, in the m.d of the wind looked around, surprised to see all the fidget cube with different colors clan are from the ground to stand up. Just their consumption is too large, had to sit down and rest to draw some outside energy, it appears that although this power is huge, but it is desperate to kill a blow to play, play a powerful power, but also let themselves into the Jedi if the opponent can not be completely defeated, then they run out of power exhausted. But no such courage to go back to the spirit of a return, they can not play such a terrible blow. Easy to chase the little guy, how do you think this way ah Ye Yi laughed from the sky falling, with a touch of the eyes as a clan proud of the color, he and several other lords, Condensate engraved on the occasion of the first out of the. Strong very perverted Arrogant wind sincerely praise is indeed one of the top ten teams in the north, with which this team is estimated that no team can compare with you. Proud of the wind to hear the team can not help but face the crowd exposed a trace of a smile, so metamorphosis lords pro. Say the word metamorphosis, this feeling quite good. Qin frost a sound of a laugh people outside the sky outside the da.of them You have that situation House, you want to touch it very easy. Proud of the wind slightly flashing eyes, but shook his head wrong, after tonight s things, they buy fidget cube desk toy will be strict precautions, easy to mix, looking for a single start with the difficult. So close, if I use mine guns, that energy beam will certainly attract their attention, they found even more bad, we can only wait for the arrival of World War fidget cube europe II, do not do anything. Can only wait Qin frost staring eyes silent. Yes ah, while so, while practicing. Proud wind Hey smile, blink of an eye on the Qin frost In fact, there is no positive opportunity to win them, to tell you a secret, tonight s epiphany I broke the lord Of the barrier, the cyclone began to form the soul of Dan, as long as the soul of Dan condensate can be successful, can use the power of the soul, my combat capability will have a leap, then, what list the third strong Humph This is not exaggerated, once you can use the power of the soul, just to create the power of the soul with the Shenhuo, attack power will have to go to a higher level, the lord of the fidget cube europe strong level in the divine power to create the fire in front of fear, B.

Fidget Cube Europe on mind fidget cube lightcyan is in all likelihood, if not the case, absolutely not a sudden acceleration of reason what People can be forced into the plight of the outbreak of potential, and proud of the wind talent, the outbreak book fidget cube of this potential seems to be taken for granted In fact, this time there is no arrogant wind break to the chaotic level esoteric, but the flight esoteric and speed esoteric complementary effect is extraordinarily sturdy, proud of the wind master the flight esoteric, the speed infinite close to the esoteric chaos level, this cast out , Just let her feel high spirited, very chic, but the idea of mind a little bit. Finally no longer be beaten Seeing the speed of the wind more and more arrogant, the fire is more and more eager to Beamon, so do not go ah This metamorphosis lord really metamorphosis to the extreme If the moment she realized what Han, bass to run out of shadow no more, and he also how and large fidget cube europe forest lord accountable I can be considered a large forest lords sit down well known figures, most people will not me hands, gambling had to watch Huo eyes Beamon eyes passing a hint of color, head suddenly raised the bloodthirsty luster.m something laughed You can be considered keep open to see the moon, take it, This is the soul of the fire than refining the soul Bead, he was the strong peak of the lord, the soul of esoteric energy, can digest how much to see your own. Esoteric is a kind of soul perception, and the soul is closely related to understand the esoteric World of Warcraft lord soul, esoteric meaning of esoteric meaning more directly than the esoteric stone, even if not the same kind of Warcraft can also be used to add the Eudemons of the esoteric comprehension. This is proud of the wind first discovered the benefits of esoteric soul, after the addition of a way to enhance the strength of Warcraft. Aha, thank the owner fidget cube backer survey of the gift Arthur looked very excited, could not wait to rush to hold proud wind pro one, but after all, the colored heart no color gallbladder, touch bald smiles Master assured that with this soul The ball, I will not be long before you can enter the lord class, get the soul heritage will have that eye, the time to use my local armor can become the eyes of the mask armor, I believe will help the owner. Fire Jing Beamon local armor is a mask armor, Yasisi f.

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