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Fidget Cube Dodgerblue e of the day Red copper, and a little celestite ore, together as a magic weapon of the main mineral off. The soul of the power of the fire of the red lotus Firelight enough to lead the main level of the following impurities in the energy refining all out, leaving only the most pure source of the purely metal liquid, the bulk of a large volume of liquid metal in the proud wind smelting Under the speed visible to the naked eye narrowing, from time to time there are golden smoke emerge. Sharp eyes of the refining device to quickly lock the mind, those golden smoke Shoulong in fidget cube lightgodenrod the past, once again aggregated into a liquid metal, proud of the wind not to impurities , for them it is extremely useful material, whatever the outcome, what These six or seven of the refining device division which is willing to waste Red Lotus Firelight temperature is extremely high, together with the dark black ore refining furnace furnace consolidation of the role of fire to strengthen the melting of the additional role of melting process is very short, this time refining the magic ring, but the most junior of the smallest things, Like the mansion is so consuming mind, pride an.father and son as the one, smiled, Qin Shuo, who look to the proud wind, can not help but reveal the original smile, looking at the proud eyes of the wind once again filled with praise, more than superior talent and extraordinary strength, which The little guy s mind is really terrible ah Qinghe lord really good memory, indeed, and you ridiculed the person is not even the Lord of the rock, but Feiyun lord.You carefully, in order not to fall to the handle, and even this communication crystal is not imprinted his soul mark, All by the subordinate to do it, so this mass crystal ridiculed natural you can shirk but I coined out of their own However, how do you know it Proud of the wind forced him this sentence, pat palms , Faint smile looked at the Green Crane lord, unhurried said. Green Crane lords face cold sweat oozes and down, looking at the eyes of proud wind full of pernicious, but could not speak, the hearts of cursing the brats is too cunning This is clearly a trap ah Her previous remarks were all made to disrupt his mind, and there was no such thing as a fidget cube dodgerblue mountain license , which was waiting for him to slip the tongue. But she pretended to.

remely rare helpless color, softly sighed relied on life experience rampant, how to have their own battles more comfortable Unfortunately, I am afraid that in the future there is no such freedom.In contrast, I would like to one fidget cube dodgerblue day to reach my fidget cube dodgerblue grandfather that height, and then tell the world, cut the wind is my grandfather, cut the ice is my mother, rather than tell them Yin Fu is cut The grandson of the wind, the son of the ice cutter. They just want to stay away from that person s shelter, do not want to live under the wings of others, including the following I am also the same, when every time the world is mentioned, your name in front of a strong to be added to the prefix, you will feel happy Heard this, proud wind slightly startled body, Jun Ting eyebrows gently provoked, involuntarily looked not far from the Qin Shuo one. The first section, infatuation nine refining Pride of course, listen to understand the Yin Fu Yin words in the meaning, can not help but also consider their own situation. Before seeing Qin Shuo, she bent to find him, did not think about these issues, and now think about it, but psychological played some subtle changes, she is.red to Mantelun, ink cold sword is the real elegance and fidget cube white calm, Toshihaya chic face of the earth, and even a trace of anger did not show up. Ink cold sword lightly laughed and said Manton under the crown of the power of the prophet is really admirable ah, since fidget cube dodgerblue you agree that we come back a cup of soup, presumably other clan friends will not have any views, then we Respectful as from the life. While talking, the ink cold sword side of his hands to bear to the back, turned around and a board and a look to Lang said Mantel crown has promised to continue to participate in this dispute over mineral rallies, you also go to the lake to find a place to rest, iron Uncle, a few of us together to follow the cloud to the lake island. Mantelon and others did not wait for the response, the ink cold has been ordered to complete the end, with proud wind and others fidget cube launch date down, next to everyone is Qiaode stunned, even the export block are forgotten. Mexican cold sword that full of triumphant smile and eyes, such as cunning fox general Jingmang, only to see Mantelun almost spray a blood Damn, when he agreed to come back to participate in the mine to congress it He obviously c.a sound, proud of the wind fidget cube antiquewith to display a long history of the armor of the body armor, black flash, the side of the small nine moment to form a gorgeous extremely black body armor, armor released Dazzling glow enveloped the body, the people proud of the wind was cold and vigorous lining. This time the armor armor of the armor, in addition to a single step to accelerate a pair of local boots, proud of the wind behind more than a dozen dark as prism like gorgeous spikes, these prism like spikes collection and a little, it seems Like wings, but not the wings of the appearance, it is proud of the wind order of the local practice of armor, war wing This wing of the wings of each wing have a proud wind of a man so long, like Peacock opened after the start, the visual effect is extremely gorgeous. What a beautiful battle armor How can I never see this armor Could this be the advantage of the ancient blood of Warcraft The crowd see great joy, even proud wind also with a mask, but also that she is simply cool cool. The first use of combat wing, proud wind is also happy to develop this novel local armor role, the mind of a move, fighting wings on the arbitrary op.

Fidget Cube Dodgerblue erywhere in the trees, for Beamon s fist direct attack will not be affected, but proud of the wind using the Overlord gun tactic is by virtue of the white tree was relieved a lot of strength, not her exhibition skills The best location, proud of the wind naturally to find a little more empty place and then kill, after all, the opponent is esoteric chaos level, can not waste a trace of power, it is not yet known. Two people chased the way to flee, the alarm is extremely large, near the strong hurry to have a lot of being alerted, but because it was clear for the lord of the peak level of the confrontation is definitely not to blame the people, see Usually far away, no one dare to touch their mold head. However, there are some exceptions. Proud of the wind in the two could not live close to a high cliff above, a young man looks up in his early twenties is the wind standing hand in hand. Men s face, such as crown jade, Mou, such as Hanxing, Wu Falls like hair down almost down to the ground, he was wearing a fidget cube dodgerblue large gown gown, waist hanging a exudes the coldness of the cold sword, angular lip Qiazhao A ray of casual chic smile, the whole person as if into t.rsion of the first hair This piece of ore about half a cubic meter, the surface rounded jade, a few pieces of lake center stone wrapped inside, below is the island and the fidget cube darkslateblue whole together, mining island Reiki, which around the mountain of energy from all absorbed into this Block of ore. Half a meter cubic seems small, but as long as the palm of a hand is a very large number of the size of this treasure fidget cube for students nearly ten thousand years is almost unheard of, no wonder Gotta multi strong coveted. You guide the adults, I will this mine into two, we have no objection Proud of the wind looked up and asked around the eight commandments, by the way not far from the Mantelan a glance. Haha, the wind crown, you rest assured that we have, how can we tolerate a small shameless generation of chaos to come We blending, we must talk about fidget cube backer edition a rule, we are eight people vowed not to rally before the mine Turtle interest mine hands come over the guardian, who would dare to move you, we cut him Rattan five patted the chest to ensure that the sturdy. That being the case, I was relieved. Pride looked at the wind around everyone s face, softly smile, this bent over to go. Can not bl.