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Fidget Cube Dimgray device for the king, but life fidget cube mintcream is not a thing that after thousands of years of Reiki Run to form If so, they will kill hundreds of millions of people, to supply blood and blood resentment of the formation of violent soul, Yunqing Hong dark magic hall that the death of sickle, device soul is so come. At this point have a fine soul, proud of the wind, of course, there will be refining the confidence of the king device. Think of here, fidget cube order proud wind took a deep breath, readily a move, two red balls and an oval sized white gem in the hands together, these three are in the ancient traces of the collection in the fidget cube instructions out. Red ball is the black warrior s eyeball, white gem is flying ants the source of life power, the original arrogance of the Shenhuo can not melt them, but now, the soul of the power of the fire, but it is to allow them to expose the original appearance The Fingertips pop up red lotus fire, flames parcels in the past, only to hear Chi Chi Wing Hard to melt the sound, three samples of very ordinary ordinary gemstones, but also with the Turtle Porcelain oyster spirit in general, emitting a burst Strong light, but these three things did not become a fin.nd of inexplicable tremor has emerged, this this guy called him Even proud of the wind behind her edge from the edge of the forest can not help but exclaimed chasing the cloud crown, you fidget cube dimgray you are the crown of the son Oh my god She actually has such a father Yes, I am his son, Proud wind a faint smile, suddenly turned around suddenly flew Qinshuo spacious and solid mind, the rise of blinked Yes ah, Daddy Hey, called the father slightly Chapter VIII of the situation change Section II cattle fork flashing father and son two Seeing proud wind threw himself into his chest, Qin Shuo almost conditioned to reach out his hand, this will be for him a little like a little guy to hold fast, and the feeling of the strange sense of the chest more and more concentrated. At this time proud of the wind looked up, suddenly to such a sentence, his stimulation is not small For so many years, Qin Shuo very few people so embrace a time, proud of the wind short of a large portion of his body, his head just rub in his chest, so he had a very rare soft state of mind. Small home fidget cube dimgray V move two, more attracted his mind to rise a strong impulse, could not help but han.

he same, his face has long been red, orange, green, blue, green, blue and blue to change the wheel, it is truly wonderful. The next two episodes or dismantling the segment, the second quarter is not a lot, the third section we can see up in the morning, someone asked me how the previous chapter only two, depending on the number of words, ah, 9000 words two Section of a certain word, not a word on the less, and some coherent plot I do not separate several sections, two different centers to write two things, I will sub section to write The third section of the recommendations the use of turtle interest Baolian refining device In the face of arrogant wind knowledge adviser irony, Mantelun hearts more and more angry, how he said is also the first Duke of the beast collar, when such a disgrace Ink cold engraved and his identity on the other two choke him no problem, but now let him lose face or such a simply never heard of the membership by the nameless pawn Boy, even if you really Shenhuo device division, but also the best not so arrogant, in front of my beasts lead, a small Shenhuo device division seems to be nothing Strength is the premise of everything.touch of blood floating smell. Proud of the wind the team to keep the southeast direction, moving back and forth between the number of hills, and strive to the first time the energy outbreak of Bi feel the movement. Touring the beginning of less than half an hour, they have seen dozens of large and small fight to fight, this time the mountains give the impression that only one word, that is, chaos. A small hill can see several teams also in the search for the clan and the forces of cost of fidget cube the team, hit with a statement immediately hands on situation has occurred, there is a special attack on the past strong clan, they know about their own Strength is not enough to compete with the Xeon master and Di Bi hopeless, focused on the staff here to ambush all parties to patrol the mountain team. Murder arson gold belt, the lord of the characters who have some good fidget cube coupon things, as long as a few votes, but also earn pots turn over. But there are easy to see such a general strong leaf leader, very few people dare not long to come to provoke them. Listening to not far from time and time came the melee sound, proud wind slightly frown, whispered Qin Shuo said Brother, we are.proud of the soul of the wind power to But this a lord of the peak of the soul Dan can let him reduce the power of the soul to take pride in the wind, but unfortunately even the soul of rock Dan proud wind of the war wing to rotten rotten, or else he is one of the Dayton. Combat wing armor of the attack power, proud of the wind is quite satisfied, even the rock anyhow, is a lord of the peak of the strong, in an instant to the slaying into slag, the power of no less than the ordinary lord treasure The terror of the combat wing is not only the power of flight stabbing, each spike in front of a bomb like attack like energy, this is the most terrible place, piercing the body and then explode, which bombardment from the internal bombardment, Than the external bombing do not know how many times stronger. Ancient magician of the Royal Armor is powerful, these local armor is simply Guards, no wonder even the original God should be coveted. Proud wind secretly sighed, mind fretting, more than a dozen combat wing fly back, re coagulation Behind. A high cheers among the Barry people quickly rushed from the camp rushing over, the first hundred miles clear jumped.

Fidget Cube Dimgray , hit by a junior hit, has enough shameful, cost of fidget cube and now proud of the wind is also so drink ring, is clearly a trick to beat him Comparison test, was hit from the sky battlefield to the ground, even if defeated If the wind was so proud of a move to commit suicide, then he also how the future in the north on the mainland mixed down Get out Tu war roar heard, a strong sense of humiliation to his full blown At this time he has even forgotten the deterrence of Qin Shuo, the brain will only be proud of the wind to shake the idea of his body surface suddenly raised a layer of silver armor like defense layer, the people immediately by a mass of silver Firmly wrapped, it is the defense against the esoteric Soul of the war clothing. Comprehend the soul after fidget cube dimgray the war clothing, you can rebound to a certain extent, attack power, and to resist physical damage, one to come out, proud wind to feel the gun startled, it seems to be unloaded But Overlord gun tactics can really be so easy to swing it Proud of the wind again in the eyes of a contemptuous flash, would like to fight with her clothes on the defense against the soul, but also underestimate her Ten days ago, perha.sank, bang To soon be hit fly out Fire eyes than at this time the psychological can be fun Chasing a night of anger seems to have vent completely out, anxious to laugh three times the sky, the brats, and finally bear fruit to eat my punch I was finally killed Cool, extremely cool It is too cool Can not wait for him so cool enough, fire clear Beamon suddenly saw that distant place, a shadow suddenly jumped up Then continue to fly toward the north again Uh, Beamon fiery fiery eyes surprised That figure seems a bit familiar correct Is not that just where the brats fell down God read the study, the fire clear Beamon found there is no corpse, that is just jumped up that guy, is definitely proud of the wind ah Fire eyes Beamon also refused to take so fidget cube dimgray much, hastened at the foot of Yi Deng to speed up the pace to catch up, the distance of the silhouette has become a small black spots, and then slow on some, I m afraid we should out fidget cube shark tank of the scope of his induction. Listen fidget cube dimgray to the tide Court the first version of the text version of www.tIngchAoge.com It is her This this guy actually did not die How could this Seeing the wind in front of tha.