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Fidget Cube Darkred der, Even if there is such a big command time, if the other woman saw that the crazy into what. This makes the Qin Shuang could not help but sigh sigh, the real kinship really wonderful, if it is others, he will certainly feel not convinced, but this person is proud of the wind, it can only feel helpless. Flesh and blood close relatives is nature, this is no one can match her, he understood that Qin Shuo is not left him, he treat him equally well, but there is a more proud of the wind a special feeling. Among the red clan, most people have completely accepted the pride of the wind, this time her strength is better than most of the players, only in the nine refining, leaf removal and easy to remove Billy outside the system are under the command, Is not her opponent. Since ancient times, the strong respect for the strength of nature can be glory and respect. They recognized the proud wind not only because of her strength, but also because she sent the urgent need of Qin Shuo hidden magic rings and her in the King of the Peak for the Qin Shuo come forward to defeat the enemy, they worship the Qin Shuo, naturally proud of the wind grateful. And Sima Yu an.extend the past to the north. Fire eyes Beamon Yuejing Yue scared, the more playing the more silent, at the beginning of time he can feel the wind was knocked proud wind wind dizzy, affecting the speed of flying, can be dozen dozen fidget cube darkred down, this guy fidget cube darkred simply put his Fist as a runaway accelerator, completely no longer ignored, and have actually run more and more spiritual This is simply playing the small strong strong ah Damn Is the metamorphosis lords, damn metamorphosis Huo eyes Beamon finally understand why the wind known as the metamorphosis Lord Other do not say, this guy is the ability to be beaten metamorphosis metamorphosis ah Punched a punch to the present, no big wind proud of the wind, fire eyes Beamon own fist some pain, and his fist gradually slow down, hanging behind the proud wind, eyes staring at the front, depressed do not know fidget cube darkred What is good. Continue to chase it, in addition to superficially beat her punches seemingly nothing too much harm, so to give up, he can not be reconciled. He depressed here, do not know proud wind is extremely depressed, while beating while running, this task is not generally difficult Since the mainland has never b.

, this is actually not a good thing to refining their own use Looked at the side of the three looked at his head to the north side of the proud wind, eyes a little more crystal luster, look at each other, are showing a touch of knowing smile. Also, she is such a person ah Otherwise, how can we have been deeply attracted to people as genius, so proud of them Genius are arrogant, not easy to convince people, it is impossible to just impressed by the fidget cube darkred strength, at least Qin Shuang and others on the thousands of lonely cold like a cold sword that are holding the Competition Competition mentality, while the proud Wind, they will not have such a hostile feeling. Shi Bo is really a good fortune ah I believe he saw your gift, but also to see your people will definitely be surprised to have lost the eye drops on the ground Qin Shuang touch chin laugh Pride, In this case, you quickly give this treasure a pull the wind from the name of it first name Proud wind Lengle surprised a moment, but also chuckle, yes, this magic device, but has a device soul, how can not name it. Think about it, she would be a wave The treasure is called Flame Ssangyong ring it, as the so.Sima Yu dissolves in the side of the snappily turned a supercilious look chasing the clouds, you metamorphosis is to show off Absolutely show off Everyone in unison laughter. Now proud of this line of young people in the line, also he did not break the lord, and this has always been known as the genius of the Sima Yu Rong was hit hard, fidget cube with different colors the greatest tragedy genius is met metamorphosis, this is really not at all wrong. Farewell, proud wind does not hesitate, readily waved, a few people income FY Fuchu, he also sideways into the night, taking advantage of thick, proud winds on the stealth fengyun house from the side of the wall next to the whipped out, North Pingtian Mountains flying out. This battle, the proud wind know that they may be some people to the eye, especially the three big lords, she collided with their camps, and several times with the help of the bottom of the Willie to fidget cube darkred solve the door with Haichuan Bailimen Things, as long as the individual will feel uncomfortable, not to mention they are still high on the big lords. And she now show the strength of the big lords have been able to produce a panic, just like the original gods Lingbing to k.ening, with a single step to accelerate the boots a micro hard, proud wind to feel the scenery in front how to buy fidget cube of the flash In the past a large, the whole person s speed actually raised to a very terrible state Side of a move, the sky changed to leave a series of blur, proud wind of the body has come to the opposite of the rock Even in the eyes of rock horror, pride in the hands of the gun ruthless ruthless in one hand, against his head is a shot to drop, would have been to Mannano direction of the rock, suddenly like a broken line Of the kite, from the air Zala Too fast Proud of their own blow to the wind was very incredible, pleasantly surprised. The world martial arts only fast is not broken, really right Although she hit the strength of the rock has not yet kill even the rock, can rely on this speed, come back a few dozen guns drop down, afraid he is not a mire Even the rock was proud of the wind hit his head shot of blood, his face ferocious blue, uttered an angry scream, Zala fell unwilling to jump after the ground, waving the hands of the Spike wild lance, once again toward the proud wind rushing Attack esoteric in full swing, turned into a thousand l.

Fidget Cube Darkred him speechless Pielepiezui, the father usually looks very smart, how this section is to turn the bone But bend it Even Qin cream can guess, she exported so called, fidget cube golenrod he actually did not expect. Recognize ass ah, he had her father is good But think about it carefully, combined with the present situation, the idea is indeed easy to cause ambiguity, I am afraid that she is in order to rescue him for Qin Shuo, so it pulled so a lie. fidget cube palegodenrod But now this large crowd, and she is not good to take off the mask, now she is man, was recorded look back to those who compete with her device to see the trouble. Qin Shuo strength is not afraid of being heard of high strength sound, she was scruples on the strength of her mastery of sonic esoteric, did not dare to directly explain her sound is Qin proud of the wind, that the sea chuan that also hung it. Proud wind can not help but rolled his eyes, worth mentioning, to solve the matter and then he fidget cube yellow and black privately to say, this stupid father is simply stupid Back she must take off the mask to frighten him Thought of this, proud wind from Qin Shuo arms drilled out, light laughs If the old words back to say, I first taught the lessons.e magic note strange appearance, can not help a slight surprised a moment, softly call Little Young How do you Hear the sound of a sudden call, proud wind Teng surprised, the body shook a child wake up, this note of their own changes. Brother, I I like insight into the esoteric insight , fidget cube a vinyl desk toy rubbed his eyes again to see the battlefield, everything becomes so clear, proud wind suddenly affirmed their own speculation, pleasantly smiled. Qin Shusui twitch to exclaim, Sima Yu, Barry Qing Xiao was still looking at the field in the fight, hear the remark is not from the shouting of silence. Stare. Insight into the Upanishads, but known as the cultivation of external esoteric ah This esoteric meaning is quite difficult to comprehend, but once comprehend can make people strength like rocket offical fidget cube like rise The reason is very simple, insight into the esoteric insight into other people s attack trajectory, and esoteric display is the attack trajectory In other words, people with insight into the meaning of the esoteric people can learn all over, in addition to some of Warcraft talent skills can not be imitated, as long as she read, she can learn in the pa.