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Fidget Cube Cyan re, but dangerous, once the chop ice lord found that I can not protect you. Qingtu lord not wait for him to say, Mantellun good or bad is a Tianbang strong, solemnly promised things he is not afraid that he would repudiate, quickly answered would like to His Royal Highness ordered. The sky gradually dim down, a touch of gray shrouded the earth, the night came as the chaos of the color seems to be clear in the uncertain future. Section II, the dark night Days of blink of an eye that is, King of fidget cube lightsteelblue mountains around the atmosphere tense day by day. Haichuan big lords, big forest lords, the sky lords to come as scheduled, they took their brigade troops, in the proud wind and other naked eye can see a high mountain stationed down. If the Qin Shuo certainly avoided, but have flames Ssangyong ring, they can no longer find his breath Haichuan three wandering around looking for Qin Shuo, and ultimately no fruit. Any of them want to break his head can fidget cube cyan not expect Qin Shuo will be large La Shua to stationed in their eyelids, and come to the King of the mountain as much as it is unimaginable, gathered at the foot of the strong parties like the stars in the sky, they.he southern continent for hundreds of years, almost no one can cloud Brother compared to, really Jiaoren have to admire. Paused, and he sincerely said You can come to help at this time, really happy for the brother, the love, Yin Fu s note down, but things should not interfere today, Yun brother, you do not want to let The coronas are drawn into it. While talking, Yin Fu Qinshuo glanced at the side of a glance. Proud wind heard Yileng slightly, Mouguang gently flash, secretly exclaimed. She really is a good brother, this man is a smart, actually see her and Qin Shuo is not a real father and son relationship This place so many people, it is only he reflected from the previous look of Qin Shuo Qiao out some clues, so will say the crown under rather than respect. Yin Fu of the move is naturally proud of the wind to consider, after all, the King is now leading the enemy is not a massacre, but a group of masters, in addition to the chaos around the Great Plains and the Dragon Loot clan, several small teams have been framed by the North Attack, their captain strength is at least the esoteric, the Dragon command is a military level strong, Qin Shuo not shot.

It is impossible to identify all 11 out. Proud of the wind is basically not out of the camp, there is no sword to practice this time she has been accompanied almost in the side of Qin Shuo. She had already recognized the father, she likes to hold him an arm by his shoulder sitting next to the campfire, squinting to listen to his fidget cube kickstarter edition story about his own. In fact, these are the Qin Shuang said long ago, however, listening to the voice of men mellow low mellow, feeling the body of his stalwart uploaded to the warm, proud wind there will be an unspeakable feeling of happiness. Qin Shuo also exceptionally intimate to her, proud of the wind sent out after the flames Ssangyong ring, he was her kind of special favor more and more known for a few days to get along, he even surpassed her Qin Qin original fidget cube Shuang Qin disciples, even if the mouth Do not say, Zhou trapped people can clearly feel. The team all spray amazed, they have never seen the big commander to reveal the kind of warm smile, never know the big command of the soft eyes will be so charming, never know that the big commander would actually Chongni to twist the rafters of a person s head , fidget cube cyan Louzhu someone s shoul.inghe lord have produced some changes. If this is really a crane crane lord of the ghost, the team that dead brother must also be under his hand, the internal kill each other but this is the most taboo thing Rangers team To make fidget cube cyan such a thing to really dry knife million cut is also inadequate But the Green Crane lord is indeed a fine old guy, although in the proud wind suddenly launched a little under a few flaws exposed, but immediately calm down, empty. No, there is no evidence of arrogant wind, at this moment, their own can not be revealed first, as long as he insisted that did not do, she took his no way. The face of the round road projection from the surprised eyes, Qinghe lord heavy exhaled breath, like a kind of patted his chest sighed chasing the fidget cube cyan cloud crown really fidget cube darkorchid joking, but this joke can be a little funny, I am a little timid, can not afford your scare, sow discord is how much blame a charge, how can I bear a small pawn from the bear fidget cube uk for sale You are the king of the consul, can not do the blood. People, let the next when the scapegoat ah He responded quickly, so quickly to find a suitable reason, the guilty of the gaffe caused by shirk to shock, but.s Put in the eyes. Yin Fu of the lips of the Yang Yang with a ray of a unique smile, staring proud of the wind in the eyes reveals a touch fidget cube near me of trust, he and a little contact with the wind, but very clear that she is not afraid of death betray friends and relatives, She will not show up here, take the initiative to recognize and their brother relationship, she has done so now he has guessed about some things, waiting for the proud wind to open. For a while, the crowd shouting a little small, and that standing in front of the Green Crane Lord smiling and stepped up to come to hand over enthusiasm It is difficult to catch the cloud under the accessible affairs, the pro life, really let us admire ah No matter how late, until we command to take the culprit after the crime, and then put you under the banquet to entertain you Dragon command is also distant Road The two coronas, if I personally shot just for a moment Kung Fu, decided not to hinder you, the two think Dragon command fidget cube cyan to eat a big loss on the back, this time well behaved, and no Qin Shuo nodded, no one dare hands free. Should be Proud wind heard righteousness nodded, a deep smile but flashed in th.

Fidget Cube Cyan seeing success in front of the ramp but it blaze a Cheng Yaojin, the mouth of the duck I am afraid we should fly Listen tide pavilion first issue version www.tingcHaoge.Com Several of the northern clan commander looked at the face at this time Mantelon, hearts burst of fast, have voted proud of the wind to the eyes. Mandelen had just act that people really feel angry, and now proud of the wind out of their breath, all hearts are very happy Make a 10 Star refining device division, on their clan also has its own great benefits, to the Pride of the wind and ink cold sword than to the Green Deer Lord and Mantelon that villain is much better. Rattan five unabashedly to her thumbs up laugh Crown, the kind Some people are afraid to waste their efforts, ah Tianbang strong East Lin is also a slight smile, said lightly self inflicted, people can not blame, you can start mixing device refining apparatus under the crown, so many pairs of eyes looked at, I believe there will not be any abnormal conditions, And all the friends involved in the fight for the enemy Everyone has to punish it Dong Lin its very bold, often a word, a faint eyes will make people feel a kin.hinking in the future must be proud of the right arm of the wind. In fact, these years, he has always been. Proud of the ice to re armor of the wind had just turned around, exhaled breath, patted the shoulder of a small nine, eye dew a gentle smile, this little doll finally grew up, ah The other lips do not have to say, go, let them experience the strength of our experience Lips slightly raised a curvature, proud of the wind to a vision to the direction of the distant Zhanmeng, this time, that one of the Feiyun Lords and even the two rock face are gloomy ugly. In fact, with the vine and others died, Zhanmeng can be said to have disintegrated, and this two is not chaotic on the power of the Great Plains, they have no way to command siege, but due to the previous command Haichuan lords, they Also did not dare escape. fidget cube logo Proud of the wind to a cemetery distant to that side soon as high drink Even the rock, Feiyun lord, this is the last battle, and you together on it Section III This is the last battle Loud He Sheng among the mountains could not reverberate, surprisingly arrogant overbearing, heroic thousand Originally proud of the wind has been the focus of.